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  1. I ended going for Dolberg for £16.5m rising to £30m made up of loads of add ons for appearances, goals etc - The scout reviews that came back were insane! I have also signed Malang Sarr as a defensive prospect who can play left back for £10m. That will probably do for signings, unless anyone can recommend some hot prospects to secure early. First team doesn’t really need touching after that. Only played some pre season friendlies but really struggling to get a fast flowing tactic that utilises Kane. Trying 3 at the back at the moment as below on attacking mentality. GK – Sweeper Keeper – Attack (Lloris) DC – Central Defender – Defend (Dier/Sanchez) DC – Ball Playing – Defend (Toby) DC – Central Defender – Defend (Vertonghen) WBR – Wing Back – Attack (Trips/Aurier) WBL – Wing Back – Attack (Davies/Sarr) MC – DLP – Support (Dembele/Winks/Sissoko) MC – Ball Winning – Defend (Wanyama/Dier) MC – Mezzala (Dele) AMC – Advanced Playmaker – Attack (Eriksen/Lucas) ST – Advanced Forward – Attack (Kane/Dolberg) Lamela, Son, Rose & Llorente all out injured at start as usual. Any suggestions for team instructions or adjustments to player roles?
  2. Just started a fresh Spurs game with the new data update so I have Lucas Moura in the ranks. £65m starting budget as usual, where is the first priority of strengthening – Second striker and Left Back? Central defence looks very well covered with Foyth and Sanchez arriving and Dier being very capable there. Central Midfield has some ridiculous talent, Winks looks very good already. Attacking Mid positions also well covered especially with Moura added. I don’t really want to go and flash £60m odd on Belotti or someone, I like to try and play a little bit more realistic but struggling to see a competent second striker to rotate with Kane. Ben Yedder has a very low release clause but the scouts don’t fancy him. Any recommendations?
  3. Thanks smurf Is a 2gb graphics card sufficient for the next few years in your opinion or is it worth shelling out to go 4gb?
  4. Regards the geforce gtx cards, is it literally as simple as they get better as the numbers get higher? E.g. 1050ti better than 1050, 1050 better than 960 etc etc. I am currently looking around trying to get the best deal, and see the 1050 or 1050ti in a lot of laptops. Is it best to get the 4gb version of each? Is it a lot lot better? Ideally looking to get i7 (not a U), SSD and 4gb card. Reckon it's acheivable around the 800 price? Cheers
  5. I think I have answered my own question! Refurbished, doh!
  6. Hi Smurf I have been reading this thread for about a week or so before taking the plunge and posting for your opinion. I have come across the attached laptop https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/grade-a2-asus-fx553vd-core-i7-700hq-8gb-1tb-128gb-ssd-geforce-gtx-1050-77408696-1-fx553vd-dm628/version.asp It seems to tick all of the boxes quite considerably - i7 HQ, 4GB graphics, SSD drive. The price seems ridiculously reasonable for the spec, am I missing something really obvious? I do not count myself as being massively tech savvy so would love to have your opinion on this one. Is the graphics card a good model or will that become quickly outdated? Ideally wanted to find something with a 17" screen but this seems very tempting. Hoping with my next purchase I will future proof myself for a good few years and releases. Do you think this would suffice? (Appreciate you can't predict the future regards FM specs haha) Thanks
  7. Hi Please could someone post the following from spurs. Davinson Sanchez Harry Winks Kyle Walker Peters Kieran Trippier Fernando Llorente Danny Rose Thanks
  8. All shots from FM17, some of which I have posted previously. FM16 still looks absolutely fine on the same laptop im using for FM17. I have attached my dxdiag also DxDiagFusss.txt
  9. This seems to be really widespread now from searching the forums. Bearing in mind most players are probably playing on high street laptops with max res of 1366x768 I would think this would be quite high on the list of priorities for a fix? Being a text driven game this is pretty crucial! Still not started a save yet despite hours of tinkering with fonts, font sizes, skins, graphics drivers. Such a shame.
  10. hi mate could you post the bold file too? Cheers!
  11. What font is it you are using on your own skin? Just so I can try it on the Base skin
  12. What size did you change to and which font type? Any chance you would be able to send me the relevant files so I can update the Base skin and try for myself?
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