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  1. I haven't found anything relevant in the FAQ. Can someone guide me here? In particular, I want to change the flag of Cyprus with another one.
  2. I'd like to have the ability to talk to players that have me as their favored personnel but are no longer at my club. For example, this player of mine from a Cypriot club has been transfered (by me) to Bologna and is not a regular starter. He just scored a hattrick on his 3rd start for the club vs Milan in the final game of the season. I should be able to congratulate him etc. Obviously this is should not evolve into an option to poach random players.
  3. Have a custom league (Cyprus) running with lots of dbc files (but no conflict between them) and apparently prize money is now given twice. Not that I don't welcome this since I won the league, but it's my 5th season and it's the first time this has occured. And it shouldn't really happen.
  4. It depends on the language difficulty mostly from what I gather. Adaptability plays a role too, not sure if language influence does. Perhaps it makes it faster to learn if it's influential. What I'd like as a new feature would be the ability to decide to learn a new language that has nothing to do with your location. Be it because you want to learn the language that a lot of your foreign players speak (eg being an Italian manager and learning Spanish & Portuguese to communicate better with your South American players) or because you aspire to manage in a country that uses that language. So being a Croatian or Russian manager by default you won't speak English, but trying to learn a new language would open doors for you. Because let's face it, the top 4 leagues don't really use translators since the managers who are signed tend to speak the language. So this should result into a language barrier for job offers. On my current save I receive tons of job offers from all corners of Europe. English, Russian, Italian, French, German, Austrian, Belgian, Ukranian, Spanish, Portuguese clubs etc. The languages I speak are German, Serbian, French, Italian and Greek, being a Swiss-Serb (combination I did because I love having many languages as I speak 4 languages myself) manager based on Cyprus for 5 years. Spanish and English clubs shouldn't be really trying to sign me...
  5. I don't understand how these small clubs have so much debt. I do realise that there is virtually no revenue, but why spend so much if you don't have it?
  6. well, if it's with elections: pro- new owner promises 'cash injection' or 'new stadium' or 'great players' (if reputation is low or he's not a very good chairman, the players he promises will be bad ) con- might promise a new manager, so say goodbye
  7. ok, if Samb(enedettese) is there, I'll give this a try That's the team I wanted to manage to begin with. Can someone explain to me why despite winning their Serie D group they had to restructure the club and start over?
  8. You need to put Milan's Leonardo in. Perhaps Ismael Urzaiz too. I actually don't have the time to see if there's any big names you've missed but I might do so in the near future if you wish. Those two I've mentioned are musts though.
  9. Can we have an attribute that is related to a player's "football IQ"? Things like creativity, decisions etc are related to this, but I think something is missing here. Players tend to do some dumb things or brilliant things and there's nowhere to show this on the attribute list we currently have.
  10. welcome to Italian football? I had the same "issue" on FM13 where every day a new club would offer a 50% deal for one of my players. But it happens irl too.
  11. A couple of notes on this issue. First, depending on the team, there are various ways of electing a captain. It can be either the manager's choice (which is our only option on FM), a voting by the players or could be the DoF or owner/chairman's decision. Other clubs have policies of longevity. Second, when you go to the select captain screen under tactics, perhaps an addition of two "years at club" columns could be useful. A continued and an accumulated one. Since this is used for the days at a nation I don't see why this cannot be added for this. Surely it might be a minor issue but it's a bit awkward having many players unhappy that player X has been appointed captain when he outdates the rest of the team for over 5 years. So what I'm saying is there should be more things that should be taken into account in terms of selecting a captain, including the possible options of how the procedure is to be done.
  12. I won the louzy Cypriot championship plus 2 domestic cups in 2 seasons, lost 3 super cup finals, reached EL groups twice (advanced to last 32, 2nd time is ongoing) and CL groups once(4th place) and I've received over 15 job offers in less than 10 months (so that's after the championship win and CL presence, 1 draw 5 defeats). Nationality was Swiss and 2nd nationality Serbian (so speak 4 languages + learned Greek) and professional player experience. Got offers from Zenit and Anderlecht too which are more than simply respected clubs in European level. I don't think it's right to complain about the lack of job offers. I was actually going to ask why am I getting so many offers! I understand it has to do with running some 18 leagues (only top divisions) but I shouldn't be getting such good offers such as Zenit, Anderlecht or Elche (Spain's top flight).
  13. From a first look it seems to be fine now. If it reappears I'll post here again. Cheers. Would you reckon is due to making a change through the in game editor? Only change I recall doing is improving the corporate facilities by 1 or 2 points.
  14. Happened two more times, file names on the FTP: FM 2014 v14.1.3.438735 (2013.11.11 09.40.26).dmp FM 2014 v14.1.3.438735 (2013.11.11 23.07.50).dmp I'm concerned as to whether this is due to the in game editor or due to my own db. Using the same db and the same style of play (holidaying almost all games that is) I have not encountered this. Since the in game editor cannot be removed I guess this will be a serious problem when I test my db effects in the future. Also forgot to mention that each time a steam popup appears on the desktop that directs me here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8676-EFLX-7453&l=english
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