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  1. Credit Where Credit Is Due For SI

    I see, a little like the qualification stage then. Thanks for the clarification! Oh, and yes, Kudos to SI for including this already.
  2. Credit Where Credit Is Due For SI

    So how will that work? 4 groups of 6? 6 groups of 4? 24/2 = 12 12/2 = 6 6/2 = 3... then what! I'm assuming that however the groups work then 16 teams make it to the knockout rounds!? Can anybody explain it to my simple self?
  3. Your First 11 [spoilers]

    With Newcastle and just started 2015 - 2016 season. Very happy with my squad at the moment and here's my best 11, though I have very good players on the bench with excellent cover in all positions. 4 - 3 - 1 - 2, Short passing, high tempo! GK - Ospina - Great goalie, aquired on a free LB - Santon - Developed into a cracking player, just rejected a Madrid bid of 17mil CB - Papadopolous - Bought for 13mil and is a real aggresive Vidic type player CB - Collo - Aging a bit now and I may have better players on the bench, but he's my captain...! RB - Walker - Think I payed 17mil for him last season, boy was he worth it. CM (DLP - S) - Witsel - Got him for just 5mil, was pretty chuffed with that signing. CM (DLP - D) - Cabaye - Heart and soul of the team, like to play him in a Carrickesque type role. CM (BWM - S) - Barkley - Not a cheap buy at 16mil but he's put in some super performances and is English, so worth the money. AM - Willian - New Aquisition this season, fantastic start thus far and has just slotted right into the team. CF - Castaignos - Got him on loan from Inter in my second season then bought him for 4mil. Not a prolific scorer but gets bundles of assists. Just keeps getting better and better. CF (Poa) - Sturridge - A first season loanee, 24 goals in that season so bought him for 4mil. This lad, just... keeps... on... scoring. Notable subs: GK - Krul - Strong backup keeper. Classed as trained at club so he's going nowhere. FB - Pieters - Perfect for when I need a more defensive minded FB CB - Bazan - Wonderkid and already becomming a star. CB - Kelly - Strong and good in the air. CM - Delph - Don't really see him having a future at my club but don't won't to sell my English players. CM - Fer - Puts in some good performances and is a rotation option as BWM with Barkley AM - Gaston Ramirez - Just a great all rounder, would really reccommend him to managers a couple of seasons into a save. AM - G Dos Santos - Scores some vital goals but can get a little over confident. CF - Welbeck - Great player to have for when Sturridge is injured or jaded. Have lots of great youth prospects i've been snapping up as well. As I said, very happy with this team and thanks to my improved youth system I can't see me having to make too many 'Big' signings in the future.
  4. Wouldn't have thought it'd matter too much for wingers. Although, i'd be concerned if I had CB or DM with such poor Bravery stats, you certainly don't want players in those positions to be pulling out of a 50/50 header just because they're a scared of a wee bruise or two.
  5. International staff

    How would the players become familiar with your formations and tactics if not for the coaches? I would have thought they'd certainly assist in this side of things. Obviously they aren't there to improve players' attributes so surely this can be the only reason.
  6. Committing a grave sin

    May god have mercy on your soul! *pronounced like physcho from Green Mile*
  7. Should I get fm12 or fm13

    Buy FM12 on the cheap ($15 is good), then, scrape together a couple of dollars each week to be put in a FM13 piggy bank! Surely even if you're at school you can afford that, maybe you buy a can of coke every now and then? Chocolate bar? Cigs (tut tut)? Don't do it! Put that money somewhere safe. Bobs your unkle... Once FM13 is out it'll seem like you're getting it for free.
  8. Very close indeed, although, not the highest point tallies for those teams. I suppose the more teams that are in with a shot then the lower the point tallies would be (after taking points off each other etc.)
  9. Pick a DM for me!

    Also voted for Lionel Blanchard
  10. When Fergie Retires...

    Roberto Mancini
  11. When Fergie Retires...

    Yeah, I would also like to take over Utd in my current save one day. Though part of me wants them to drop down the table just so I could re-build and turn them back into a powerhouse. Currently Mick is in his second season. He finished 4th last year behind City, Newcastle (me) and Chelsea. We're currently in April and five teams (inc. Utd) are in contention. So, he's not done too badly thus far!
  12. As a Utd fan I obviously have concerns for the future of the club once Fergie retires. 'Who's going to replace him?' is an ongoing debate in the locals, Mourinho? Guardiola? Moyes? or is it more likely to come from within Ole? (kind of from within) or even Giggs or Neville? Two seasons pass in my current save and Fergie retires, I get offered the job but turn it down to continue building my Newcastle side into a top European force. Who takes over instead? None other than the one... the only... ... ...Mick McCarthy! Oh right, okay then, interesting appointment! Think there would be a few upset reds should that happen IRL. Anyway, so the question I pose to you all is who takes over from Sir Alex in your saves?
  13. Tycoon Takeovers

    Recently had a takeover on my Newcastle save. Mike Ashley sold to another local businessman, not put any money into the transfer kitty though. If truth be told, it would have spoilt my game if i'd had a bottomless pit of funds. Part of the fun is finding a hidden gem (a mystery to me why people use GS) or developing a youth into a class player. Nope, no tycoon for me thank you very much!
  14. Isn't this offside?

    50/50 to me. Also, that defender looks like he's closing down the player crossing. So, just a second earlier said defender could have easily been playing Fer onside. Either way, tight call and a difficult decision for the linesman. Would you prefer the games officials to get every single decision right? I certainly wouldn't.
  15. FM12 : Should I buy or sell thread!!!

    Neither, go for Gaston Ramirez! Cheaper option, left footed, great crossing, good pace & dribbling with lots of potential. You won't be dissapointed!