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  1. Hi, Just wondering whether there will be any moves to actually fix the asian continental qualifications in Fm2019, the same issue which is in fm2018 and was never fixed, don't want to invest in fm2019 if they are going to do the exact same thing as fm2018 and not bother fixing it. Malaysian Super League to be exact. Thank you.
  2. Isn't this the right area to ask for a fix considering this is FM2018 Bug
  3. Continental competition problems again? Seems to Be the same problem that arose when i played in FM2018 and they still havent fixed that Glad i havent taken that risk and purchased 2019 yet
  4. Hi, The issue of unable to qualify for continental competition after first season is ongoing though this would be sorted out before fm2019 was going to be released Any idea whether they are going to bother fixing it? Thank you
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