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  1. Sorry for over-flooding the page, I hope someone will help me with this... Thanks again!!
  2. These are some highlights where for the life of me, I can't understand why they chose to shoot instead of passing:
  3. I could really use some advice regarding my tactics. I am having the issue where almost every player is shooting from long range. This is an example from my latest matches, although most of my matches are like this. As you can see, most of these are long shots. 90% of the shots that come from within the enemy box are headers from corners or free kicks. These are the players that do this often (practically everyone in my squad, but these are the most usual suspects): Teamwork is high enough in all of them, as is Vision and Decisions generally. Some even have the "look
  4. What do you mean "more accurate data?" Does this mean that if you have average Data Facilities, the Analysis reports could be wrong until you upgrade the facilities? @OP I really don't think you will find an answer . I have searched multiple threads and they all say the same thing: "Better data facilities = More accurate and detailed analysis reports" --> Vague responses. No one cares to explain what the upgrade does with in-game terms. And of course, no one from SI answers...
  5. A dynamic TV deal happened to me in my second year of management. And it was a sweet deal as well!! It has happened twice for me, but now (5th year) it doesn't seem to happen any more. Sorry, that's all the info that I can offer...
  6. Yes I've tried doing that. Sometimes it works, sometimes the player reacts badly. I try to criticize only if their training ratings are 6.40 or lower. But still, when they are unhappy with training they remain so regardless of praise or criticism. Thanks for your answer, but my whole squad has very good morale due to winning matches, and still half of them don't like their individual trainings. So, if a player doesn't like his individual training, does it mean that he won't put much effort, and his attributes won't increase as much? Or does training happi
  7. This is a good point. I often found that if a player finds his individual training wrong, the attributes that are trained won't increase as much. Can this be a sign that if a player doesn't like his individual focus, he won't put much effort to it? Anyone from SI...?
  8. It affects me as well. Do you know if training unhappiness hinders player development? As in, he won't bother with training so much because he is unhappy, and his PA may never be achieved? It's the only reason for me to lower training intensity, otherwise I don't care about a bit of moaning. I really wish SI would explain these things, I hate having to guess...
  9. And, if I may continue this discussion, what size do you guys prefer?
  10. I completely agree with all that you say. I do not understand this feature at all and I save before contract negotiations as well...
  11. Hello guys. So, my board seems to be a little crazy. I currently manage Panathinaikos, and: In the first year I finished second (predicted 5th) and won the Football Cup. (I was banned from Europa League next year though due to financial mis-management) In the second year I won the league and went in the Group stages of Champions League I have won 62 games, drew 12 and lost 7. During these two years the Club's reputation went up half a star (3.5), same reputation as the other strong teams in my league. I have a domestic player bias of 45%. What more do they want f
  12. First of all, I respectfully disagree with the "not using them" suggestion. What if I need that small percentage of boost to win the last match of the League, or a cup final? Suggesting not to use it seems to me like "well, it's kind of random, so if you don't like random stuff don't use it". Feels like hiding the problem instead of facing it and solving it. Second, I meant that the "praise" shout always yields good results, as do those that I mentioned above. It's the other shouts that I can't get them to work no matter the situation. So this advice is good and seems logical,
  13. Excuse me, but I find that weird and frankly, a little suspicious. :P When a feature is implemented, there has to be AT LEAST a basic set of rules for the players to follow them and draw their conclusions, otherwise the feature is implemented horribly IMO. I mean, how did SI create the feature? Didn't they follow some rules to create it? I obviously don't wanna know what each shout does in every occasion on every player, because that would indeed be impossible. What I would like to know though, is how on earth can I start experimenting and write down the results in order to understan
  14. For me it's 60-40. Out of the 5 players that want a new contract, 2 of them didn't accept the "plenty of time" response and told me it's about their wages. Now they want to leave.
  15. I am kind of an old school manager, I restrict myself to players that my scouts have found. So to manually browse the database of "player search" or the national teams feels a little strange to me. But I understand the times have changed. I will follow this advice. Thanks!!
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