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  1. I'll add 800 points to McBride's rep I think!
  2. yeah it's impossible to run one with a full league of chairmen. 10 ish would be a perfect number though
  3. yeah I remember! Always such a good prospect but it's impossible to get them past the first few games of the season..
  4. Did you run a chairman game a few years back toon?
  5. Dallas doing terribly! 4 goals in 10 games isn't bad though. Can we see the attributes?
  6. Name: Brian McBride Jnr Position: Striker American, English 2nd City of birth: London FC Dallas Height & Weight: 187cm 80kg DoB: June 30 Foot no two footers: Right Personality Stats you have 100 points to distribute between Adaptability 20 Ambition 20 Loyalty 8 Pressure 14 Professional 14 Sportsmanship 8 Temperament 9 Controversy 7 110 stat points to go on your Attributes everyone will have 20 Determination Composure 19 Finishing 18 Technique 18 First Touch 18 Anticipation 15 Decisions 10 Positioning 12 1 PPM: Penalty Box Player 2 Favored Clubs: Fulham 2 Favored Personal: Mark Hughes, Jose Mourinho 2 Disliked Clubs: Manchester United, Toronto FC 2 Disliked Personal: Alan Pardew, Lionel Messi
  7. Name: Eoin McGregor Date of birth: 30/04/1994 Place of birth: bath Nationalities: English/gibraltan Height: 5'11 Weight: 80kg Position points: CB/CDM 20 each Favoured Clubs: Stoke, Ajax, Rapid Wien Disliked Clubs: port vale, PSV Liked people (and why): Disliked people: 3 technical attributes at 20: Tackling, heading, passing 3 physical attributes at 20: strength, Stamina, acceleration 3 mental attributes at 20: composure, concentration, leadership Up to 2 preferred moves dives into tackles ditactes tempo
  8. Ah darn! sounds like Los golfos had a good second season haha. I'm still up for restarting though just due to the fact that everyone else pretty much is!
  9. Is that all of the clubs in that code? Might just be blind but i cant see Golfos..
  10. I better hope that slow and steady wins me the race! Middle table finish with what seems to be a tight defence. Not too bad!! VAMOS GOLFOS
  11. Great updates! The two wonderkids look like they'll be terring up the scene. Can't wait for the South American League!
  12. Most highly anticipated forum run game ever, you heard it here first..
  13. big ups to Dave for putting in this serious amount of effort!!
  14. Extremely excited for the start of this!! Keep up the great work Dave, everyone appreciates it immensely i'm sure!