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  1. Hi David, Tried to upload three times with no luck, error messages on filezilla. Let me know if there's another way to get it over to you. Cheers, dannyok
  2. Hi David, Having the same issue and ran through most of the steps outlined by Thiago, I've uploaded my save to your ftp. Really making playing this game a grind, it's usually scout reports that do my box in the most due to the number of them I do though other news items also a bit of a slog. Model - HP ENVY Notebook 15-ae015naIntel Core i7-5500U 2.4 GHz16 GB DDR317.3-Inch Screen, Nvidia GTX950M SSD 256 Hard Drive Cheers, Dannyok
  3. Anyone having this issue when re-installing? Gets to 15MB then says that network is not connected? This is really starting to grind my gears SI. Pic here: https://twitter.com/#!/dannyok/status/193676839988903937/photo/1/large