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  1. With regards to the 125000 players recommended limit. Is it possible to go over it without too much hassle on the following system? i7 860 6GB dDR3 1600mhz Ram (I know it's not running in dual channel mode with this motherboard and setup.) Radeon HD5850 60GB SSD Hopefully the SSD will make a difference. It certainly does with general system performance. And I always thought FM was held back by accessing the data on the HDD.
  2. I don't like the idea of difficulty sliders, although I can see the appeal. I'd prefer to see an improved pointer system, with an improved ass man, also improved scouts would be central to this. The reason I would prefer this to sliders is because I want to learn how to use this game. Not by reading guides, but by playing it, even if it is with in game help. I'd also like to see a better training academy aspect. You may even be able to start out as a coach there. I know I'll probably never see it, but being in charge of younger teams, with more emphasis on the training aspect, almost a side game, or make it into a tutorial. Finally, a limited edition version. With a book, and a huge manual, and a big box and limited edition things!!!
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