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  1. Hi all, Sure this has been answered a number of times, but can a tactic just be 'found out' after being successful for a while? If so, is there a way to tweak that will address this? I have a system I use for my Sunderland save and have performed very well. In my first season in the PL I managed to scrape into Euro Cup and had a wonderful season (not so much in the cups). Now I'm getting laced all over off Brighton and the like and I've not changed anything in my system, the players are pretty much the same as the season before too (one or two loan players added and that's about it). Don't feel like I've struggled so much in finding a tactic to work in any of the FM's as much as this one. My online Spurs game, I'm getting hammered every other week, can't find a suitable formation that works for me, looks like I'm going to be saked...... is this years' edition the most difficult 'tactically' or have I just not found the formula yet? Cheers,
  2. Downloaded the v4 and haven't used it due to the fact that the forwards didn't look like a normal 4-4-2 formation, looked more like a 3 up front with the right hand striker not being there. Is this right?
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