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  1. Hello @Ceching You Out I mean buying in talent makes upgrades to youth facilities less likely. After all, if you're getting the players you need by buying them in ready made, why spend millions on a youth academy?
  2. I always thought it was a combination of finances available, club reputation, and your current dependence on playing youth players or buying in talent.
  3. Hi Michael, great thread. In old versions of FM I had downloaded pictures of every football stadium in the UK, so that when viewing a team or playing a game, it showed the correct picture in the background. I remember I had to add the pictures to the skin's graphics file under backgrounds, but that's it. Is it even possible to do this on FM16? I have just downloaded the OPZ Elite skin and added my files, but it only shows the default image. Any ideas? EDIT: No problem, I've worked it out, thanks to one of your guides
  4. Yes! Love this skin, best one so far. Great work.
  5. Defending seems awful since the update, and crosses to the back post are deadly. Examples uploaded and posted in relevant bug thread.
  6. I go custom and load one whole portion of Europe, depending on my character's nationality, e.g if I make an Italian manager I will load central Europe, a Greek manager southern Europe etc
  7. Just watched my goalie do a 'Bruce Grobbelaar' wobbly legs while waiting to save a penalty, total genius. This game is looking better every year, great effort.
  8. Another similar (same?) question as Chewy: I downloaded 6.0 last year and that is the most recent file I have. If I download 7.0 now, does it have all the images from 6.0 to 6.10 as well as 7.0?
  9. This one is 34 and has been playing for about 14 years after being given a copy of CM by a friend (back when you could do that) I work shifts so end up with lots of time off in the week, perfect for a bit of 'Manager'. This version I have clocked up 730+ hours so far with one save, starting with Staines.
  10. I distinctly remember seeing the blobs in the 2D match representation dribble the ball right up to the goalie and take it round him before putting it in the net. What we currently have doesn't do that, the players don't get anywhere near the goalie.
  11. I haven't seen one since the introduction of the 3D match engine, but can remember seeing it often on the old 2D.
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