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  1. Hi, I have downloaded a separate competition background for the teams which dont have squad backgrounds and that comes up on East Stirlingshire. I have just downloaded your pack again just to make sure that its not something that I missed originally but there is a picture for East Stirling team but not stad. This is by no means a criticism though mate as your pack is great! Keep up the good work. Cheers
  2. Good stuff. I will look forward to it! Im currently playing a game in Scotland, The pics look quality. Im using the g2 fm skin. The only team that is missing in the Scottish leagues is East Stirlingshire on the squad view. Thanks again its really appreciated
  3. I love these Andrew, brings so much depth to the game. Will you be doing any more? Thanks for your hard work
  4. These look great, but the download link says there are no free downloads available in your country.
  5. Excellent I cant wait to see what you produce for the Eastern European countries! Ive noticed a strange one. Orebro from Sweden appear to have SC Bastia of France in the club information background. Cheers.
  6. I really like the Norwegian ones, some spectacular scenery around the stadiums. Any idea which countries you are going to work on next?
  7. Hi Andrew great job again, loving how you have updated some of the smaller Scandanavian countries. Sorry to be so picky but I have noticed that for the Altrincham stadium picture you have a picture of Exeter Citys ground. I only noticed this as I'm a Plymouth Argyle fan, so I know Exeters ground only to well unfortunately! Thanks again for the great update and all your hard work.
  8. Hi Andrew another one I have noticed is that you have the Charlton stadium background for Accrington Stanley. Cheers. Looking forward to the update.
  9. Thanks Andrew you are a superstar! I noticed that the Rotherham background pic is still the Don Valley stadium rather than their new New York stadium. Thanks again for all your hard work, much appreciated, brings even more realism to the game.
  10. Brilliant work mate, will you be releasing anymore stadium backgrounds.
  11. Thanks a great addition, one problem I have is i am playing the game with the FMC skin, and the clock is showing as black digits on a black background making it almost impossible to read. Is there an easy way of changing the clock to white?
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