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  1. Sorry I'm still confused. Say there are 2 Keepers: Keeper A: 15 Aerial Ability, 5 Jumping Reach Keeper B: 5 Aerial Ability, 15 Jumping Reach Which Keeper will be harder to lob? Which Keeper will be more effective dealing with floated crosses?
  2. If a keeper has high Aerial ability >15 and low jumping reach <10, does that mean his Aerial ability is redundant because he won't be able to reach the ball anyway?
  3. Can players with Pace and Acceleration of say 7, still be effective as DLPs? I'm thinking of players aged 35+ with great mental stats, but horrible physical stats, and average technical.
  4. Can "Jumping Reach" be improved by much, or is it tied to the players height? I've tried putting players with lower jumping reach (say 5-7) on a jumping reach focus, but I'm not seeing it improve, although other stats continue to improve. So I'm wondering if there is any point trying to improve it for players that sub 180 cm tall?
  5. Yeah I have the same issue. I just repeatedly tell them I believe in them via private chat, despite the fans hating them and my assistant always telling me to drop them. I'm sure it'll get fixed.
  6. Well I did some googling about this awhile ago and came across a thread "somewhere" on the internet where people had calculated the PA it used, and it appeared to be a laughably small amount. Just how accurate that is I don't know. Of course unless you use Genie scout or something you won't know his exact PA or development potential anyway. In any case, developing his weaker foot won't make him less sellable if it comes to that.
  7. Thanks, I have looked at it, but he's playing attacking and pressing, and I want to play deep and counter attacking. AF seems to be getting in better positions now. Think I've figured out my main problem: Definitely going to have to fix that because about 40% of the goals against me have come from corners. My DCs are fine but the rest of my team is pretty short. Also will Def Set Pieces for match prep every game.
  8. Thanks ModernLefty. I tried some different combos in my back four as you suggested, but it didn't help. My players did fit their roles, but admittedly they were awful. I think my players were just simply not good enough, especially their mental stats. They missed a lot of easy chances, and made a lot of pretty terrible mistakes leading to easy goals. Lack of composure and decision making in key positions. Anyway I couldn't escape relegation, so game over for that save. I've started again and I'm going to try a 4141, and concentrate on getting players with better mental stats, especially composure and decisions. EDIT: Starting over with a 4141 in first season Conceding much less so far: Probably half of the goals against were from set pieces. But I'm having trouble scoring, or even creating decent chances. A lot of my goals have come from corners or free kicks, and one game I won 1-0 courtesy of a 40 yard own goal by the opp CD. AF gets too isolated, not sure what to do about it. Obvious thought would be to have him drop deeper and use 2 x IF... but then I'm back to a 41221.
  9. Second season in Skrill South with Met Police, and really struggling. Hovering just a couple of points above the relegation zone after 19 games. I've conceded the third most goals in the league after 19 games, a lot of them are "over the top" balls or counter attacks. There's also a lot of dangerous crosses from my FB's failing to close down wingers. Often in these situations the goal will come from a rebound or deflection, sometimes it's a piercing long shot. I also concede a lot of set pieces (particularly corners), and I'm not really sure what to do about that, it's usually pretty scrappy stuff, even the odd own goal. Ideally I want to be solid in defence, and then try to score on the counter. It's the defence that's really letting me down. I typically use "defensive" against stronger teams, especially when playing away, as they tend to pile on the pressure. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. The idea I have, is that for instance "tempo", is one of the old sliders, with five notches... "Much Slower .... Slower .... Standard ... Higher ... Much Higher", and now they're just shout buttons instead of sliders. So, "attacking" puts the slider at "higher tempo", and then the shout also puts it at "higher tempo" and so nothing changes. Or are mentalities something completely different to Team Instructions?
  11. So what if you have Overload + Much Higher Tempo? Double overload? Or are mentalities just shout bundles?
  12. Is there any point having, for instance, an "Attacking" mentality and then "Higher Tempo" + "More Direct passing" Team Instructions? Does it stack, or is it redundant?
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