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  1. For my side you can update older game CM 03/04. Game Development
  2. Hey!! MeesterCat, I am agree with you that ignore the doomsayers on the forum, it's actually a cracking version.
  3. [FM13] Will Hughes

    I would affect the idea of making him a wingback. So keep it up.
  4. My favorite games which I was ever saved such are Mario Games, Hudson Soft, puzzle game and racing game but I like puzzle game.
  5. Help - FM on a Mac

    It's seems to involve a load of coding rather than the easier and surely more standard way of installing a program by just double clicking.
  6. I had played that game and my friend also. We have no problem so it means its work on good way.
  7. You will recover your health and expect to take games on a significant role.
  8. Where to buy Football Manager 2010?

    I will go to buy this game on eBay portal, http://compare.ebay.com/like/400307960104?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&_lwgsi=y&cbt=y
  9. You will check the bug on server.
  10. Game crashes every time

    I am having the same problem that I get to see the game for 2 seconds then it crashes every time. Help me please…
  11. Reputation is one of the main factors. You should improve your player’s impression for that.
  12. I also faced this problem but I just restarted MAC and Re-installed game. Now, it’s working properly. Try it hope it will works.
  13. mathday player ratings order....

    Thanks to The Threadstarter, after following your step, it’s very easy to see mathday player ratings order.
  14. You need to sync them to your iPad. It looks like it does this with your iTunes account though, not with iCloud.
  15. fm11 or fm12?

    If you will carry on FM11 then update your database.