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  1. I'd give it a go, the only game I really have going at the moment is for a sign-up, so I have time for another game.
  2. This isn't a bad idea actually, fashioning yourself as a saviour to the fans by rescuing their clubs from lower divisions. Maybe have to earn the right to go up the leagues, first taking a side back from the BSN/S to the the BSP, then once that's done move on to taking a team from the BSP back to League 2.
  3. South Africa's lower divisions only have 8 in I think (judging by the league tables from Hawkini's sign-up).
  4. You know what bugs me about the editor? The different scales. Attributes are out of 20. Relationships are out of 100. Languages are out of 10. Most annoying.
  5. A quick couple of questions about the editor if anyone can help - Is there anyway to quickly delete all players from a team or nation, or do you have to do it one by one? And is there a way to delete records (most goals, biggest win etc) from clubs' and nations' history pages?
  6. Not too high, certainly not the 3000 that has been suggested. I've started a similar game recently, starting in the BSS with a created team with the best possible trianing and youth academy, with no staff or players. It started with 1000 reputation, took two years to get out of the BSS, three more for promotion from BSP, and I've just had a consolidation year in League Two. Reputation has only risen to 2200ish in this time.
  7. Here's an idea I was thinking about yesterday for a holiday game, but couldn't really think of a proper way to carry it out or present it. If anyone else is interested in giving it a go feel free to, as I think it could be interesting if done properly. Obviously the likes of D-Beck, Colin Kazim-Richards at Fenerbache and Robbie Fowler at Queensland Roar are the main ones at the moment, along with Tyrone Mears and Matty Derbyshire on loan at Marseille and Olympiakos, but after a few more seasons it would get more interesting as more names make their way abroad and regens start coming through elsewhere.
  8. I like the sound of the Useless Follower challenge, could be a bit of a more light-hearted game than most. Though 1 PA is probably a bit low, maybe a random value of -2 or -3 would be better for it to still be low, but allow some variations.
  9. I like the idea WW. Maybe one team with just central positions, no wingers or full backs? Or a side with only left-footed players?
  10. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5402079...652082804#5652082804 Made a bit (a lot) of a balls up with the links here. This is the section with the mistakes. Thanks in advance. FA Cup - Runners-up FA Trophy - Winners STAR PLAYERS Top Scorer - Febian Brandy - 62 Most Assists - David Beckham - 25
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