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  1. Here's the initial overview for my England game. Getting through the qualifying group of the champion's League was easy with very little trouble, but the second knockout round was as far as we could go. The international cup didn't see us do much better, getting eliminated in the fifth round. I make that 45 points overall, 10 points for last 16 in the cup, and 35 points for last 16 in the champ's league. Here's a round-up of the competitions. International Champion's League Final Spain 3 - 0 Italy Raul (2), Torres Top scorers 1st Didier Drogba 19 2nd Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 17 3rd= Mario Gomez 16 3rd= Thierry Henry 16 3rd= Alessandro Del Piero 16 [b]11th= Steven Gerrard 13[/b] International Cup Final First Leg Spain 0 - 2 Morocco Konko, Baha Final Second Leg Spain 3 - 3 Morocco Torres, Villa (2) - Baha, El Hamdaoui, Boussofa Spain 3 - 5 Morocco Top scorers 1st= David Villa 7 1st= Nikola Zigic 7 [b]3rd= Steven Gerrard 6[/b] 3rd= Ismael Bangoura 6 3rd= Felipe Caicedo 6 3rd= Luis Suarez 6 3rd= Artem Milevskyi 6 3rd= Robinho 6 3rd= Nabil Baha 6 The 2010 World Cup went a lot better for us than these competitions, reaching the semi-finals before losing to Brazil. We did however beat Portugal in the third place play-off as revenge for the defeat in the Champion's League. We even won a penalty shoot-out against Argentina! So for the second season I'll be sticking with England.
  2. FAROE ISLANDS Team Name - Faroes All-Stars Primary Kit Colour - Purple Secondary Kit Colour - Yellow Players GK - Michael Bisping, Dave Grohl, Kenny Florian DR - Josh Koscheck, Matt Skiba DL - Christian Cage, Dan Andriano DRLC - Brian Fallon DC - Roderick Strong, Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos DMC - Georges St-Pierre ©, Claudio Sanchez MRC - Nate Ruess MLC - Paulo Thiago AMR - Claudio Castagnoli AMRC - Austin Aries AML - Johnny Whitney AMLC - Forrest Griffin AMRLC - Dwayne Johnson FC - Chris Jericho ST - Fedor Emelianenko, Bryan Danielson, Frank Turner, John Cena
  3. I'm not going to bother with posting screenshots. Since my efforts are so disastruous I'm just playing for funsies rather than having any actual impact on the competition. I'm pretty sure when you see my results you can trust my 'achievements'. Edit - WIll add some in after I play next actually, didn't realise this would actually earn me some points. 2010 started with elimination from the International Cup in the fifth round. James Milner scored England's only goal as we got thumped 4-1 in Ukraine. The first knockout round of the International Champions League started better, Jermaine Defoe scoring twice and Gareth Barry bagging the other in a 3-0 win in the Czech Republic. Back at Wembley though the team collapsed, conceding four second half goals. Luckily Jonathan Woodgate and Owen Hargreaves' goals in the first half were enough to build up a big enough lead to narrowly scrape through 5-4 on aggregate. Rivalries from 2006 were renewed as England drew Portugal in the second knockout round. There was no sense of passion this time though, as England flopped to a 4-1 defeat away, Michael Dawson scoring our only goal. At home we drew 2-2, of course nowhere near good enough to rescue the tie. RESULTS International Champions League Round 1 Leg 1 v Czech Republic (a) 3-0 (Defoe (x2), Barry) Round 1 Leg 2 v Czech Republic (h) 2-4 (Woodgate, Hargreaves) - Woodgate's first goal, Robinson's 50th cap, Rooney's 75th cap Round 2 Leg 1 v Portugal (a) 1-4 (Dawson) - Beckham's record equalling 125th cap Round 2 Leg 2 v Portugal (h) 2-2 (Owen, Defoe) - Beckham's record breaking 126th cap, Hargreaves' 50th cap International Cup Round 5 v Ukraine (a) 1-4 (Milner) The 2010 World Cup is next, then I have to decide if I would to try the next season again with England or move to another country. Or return to FootMan 2007.
  4. I've been playing this challenge as England, by the end of 2009 we've came top of the group stage with 10 wins and a draw from 11 games, and qualified through the first four rounds of the international cup. Here are our results so far. We were drawn in Group C of the International Champions League, alongside the Cayman Islands, Colombia, Denmark, Honduras, Iraq, Malta, Moldova, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Slovenia. Should be a very winnable group, with Denmark and Colombia the strongest competition there. I haven't been particularly good at any FootMan instalment since 07 though, so there's always the possibility of an upset. [b]RESULTS Date Opposition Score Goalscorers Additional notes[/b] [b]International Champions League Group C[/b] 25.07.2009 v Moldova (h) 4-0 Gerrard (2), Dawson, Lampard Michael Dawson's first goal 01.08.2009 v Denmark (a) 2-0 Rooney, Lampard 15.08.2009 v Sierra Leone (a) 3-0 Rooney (2), Barry Kevin Davies' debut 22.08.2009 v Slovenia (h) 4-1 Gerrard (2), Rooney (2) 09.09.2009 v Malta (a) 5-1 Rooney (3), Lennon, Davies Aaron Lennon's first goal, Kevin Davies' first goal 12.09.2009 v Honduras (h) 2-0 Lampard, Ferdinand 26.09.2009 v Myanmar (a) 4-0 Rooney, Crouch (2), Bent Gary Cahill's debut, Darren Bent's first goal [b]International FA Cup First Round[/b] 29.09.2009 v Aruba (h) 4-0 Barry, Gerrard (2), Bent [b]International Champions League Group C[/b] 17.10.2009 v Iraq (h) 2-0 Terry, Gerrard Aaron Lennon's 25th cap [b]International FA Cup Second Round[/b] 27.10.2009 v Mali (h) 3-0 Bent (2), Gerrard Steven Gerrard's 25th goal [b]International Champions League Group C[/b] 07.11.2009 v Colombia (a) 3-3 Barry, Gerrard, Rooney David James' 50th cap, Gary Neville's 100th cap, Dave Kitson's debut [b]International FA Cup Third Round[/b] 24.11.2009 v Puerto Rico (h) 6-1 Gerrard (3), Rooney, Beckham, Owen Leighton Baines' debut [b]International Champions League Group C[/b] 28.11.2009 v Pakistan (h) 9-0 Rooney (3), Hargreaves, Milner, Owen (2), Gerrard (2) Owen Hargreaves' first goal [b]International FA Cup Fourth Round[/b] 08.12.2009 v Chad (h) 6-4 Rooney (2), Beckham, Owen, Crouch, Lampard Michael Dawson was sent off, Michael Owen's 100th cap [b]International Champions League Group C[/b] 19.12.2009 v Cayman Islands (a) 5-0 J. Cole (2), Owen (2), Defoe [b]January transfer window[/b] David Beckham joins Celtic on a free transfer Once I've reached the end of the season I'll do another update with the necessary screenshots.
  5. :facepalm: Yeah, I feel pretty stupid now. Always read things properly.
  6. Sent off my speech and interview. Think this one will be a close week in voting with how similar each team did for the Amarilla Armada this time.
  7. Still reading with interest, didn't realise it had been a few weeks since I last posted to be honest. It's easy to look at Barca as being the favourites at this stage in the competition, especially with all the other teams involved all roughly the same standard. Will be interesting to see the challenges and whether they're any the smaller clubs can try and take advantage of.
  8. GAMEWEEK 26 [font=Courier New]Fulham 0-0 Blackburn[/font] [font=Courier New]Hull 0-0 Sunderland[/font] [font=Courier New]Aston Villa 2-1 Newcastle[/font] [font=Courier New]Stoke 0-3 Chelsea[/font] [font=Courier New]Everton 1-0 West Brom[/font] [font=Courier New]Man City 2-0 Middlesbrough[/font] ----------- BANKER [font=Courier New]West Ham 1-1 Tottenham[/font] [font=Courier New]Wigan 1-2 Liveprool[/font] [font=Courier New]Aston Villa 1-0 Bolton[/font] [font=Courier New]Everton 2-2 Man City[/font] [font=Courier New]Portsmouth 1-3 Man Utd[/font] Gameweek 27 [font=Courier New]Blackburn 1-1 Portsmouth[/font] [font=Courier New]Man Utd 2-1 Stoke[/font] [font=Courier New]Aston Villa 2-0 Wigan[/font] [font=Courier New]Bolton 1-1 Everton[/font] [font=Courier New]Chelsea 4-1 Hull[/font] ----------- BANKER [font=Courier New]Newcastle 2-0 West Brom[/font] [font=Courier New]Sunderland 1-2 Fulham[/font] [font=Courier New]Tottenham 3-0 Portsmouth[/font] [font=Courier New]Middlesbrough 2-3 Arsenal[/font] [font=Courier New]Blackburn 2-2 Man City[/font] [font=Courier New]Liverpool 2-0 West Ham[/font]
  9. Making my big return to the Armada Amarilla.
  10. Nice, a good week for me there. Over halfway through the season now and it's good to see no-one is running away with it, still all to play for in the second half. KUTGW Plucka
  11. GAMEWEEK 25 West Ham 2-3 Chelsea Hull 0-1 Middlesbrough Stoke 1-1 Blackburn Portsmouth 0-0 Sunderland Fulham 0-0 Bolton Arsenal 2-0 Everton ------------ BANKER Aston Villa 2-1 Tottenham Liverpool 2-2 Newcastle Man City 3-1 West Brom Wigan 0-2 Man Utd
  12. Gameweek 24 Bolton 0-2 Man City Chelsea 3-0 Portsmouth Liverpool 2-0 Aston Villa Middlesbrough 1-1 Fulham Newcastle 1-1 Everton Sunderland 0-1 Stoke Tottenham 2-0 Wigan -------------- BANKER Blackburn 1-0 Hull West Brom 0-1 Arsenal Man Utd 3-1 West Ham Man Utd 2-0 Blackburn Middlesbrough 2-0 Stoke Newcastle 2-0 Arsenal In with an hour spare.
  13. Ouch, not a great performance when I got my chance to be project manager. The two choices to join me in the board room are Andy McMorton (Osasuna) and Jonathan Robertson (Betis).
  14. A pretty nothing week here. I gain a point on Brettney, but Conners gains one on me.
  15. Could be a tough week for Los Toros Rojos with two of our players missing from the cup element of the task. The rest of the teams still involved will have to step up and ensure they get through.