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  1. Despite a few poor runs, I did get ITFC up in my first season, won the league on 84 points. I needed to win one of last 2 games and managed to lose the first one 7-3 to Doncaster.....! But got over the line at home to MK Dons. Made a few ins and outs for 2nd season, am trying to get a faster team, as play a high line and often get caught out, have managed to get Garbutt in on a permanent deal, will do a full update at some point - but I had a transfer budget of £0 so have had to sell to buy. Kaziah Sterling for a few £100k my only real cash signing. Have sold Nsiala, Bialkowski and Kenlock for decent money to re-jig the squad slightly. Try and tyake a moneyball approach of selling when an offer exceeds value and then re-invest in young players. I sold Zak Brown as a stickler to the rules when really didn't want to which was a bit silly but he was still a way off playing.
  2. A few screenshots, decent time for an update - 1st January and my 24 game unbeaten run in the league has just come to an end - and I apparently now face an inquest.....board expectations are so, so high it is tough. Happy with how the league is going and just about settled on a strongest team - still questions at CB though were Nsiala does ok but not as well as Woolfenden so am trying to push Woolfie on. It seems as though promotion is the only thing that is acceptable and hopefully I can carry on with recent improved form. January coming up now, so will try and rejig the squad a little bit. A lot of interest in Downes and his form has dropped a bit, despite a good goal return from midfield I feel well covered there so won't worry if he goes.
  3. I've just dropped down to 3rd in the league. P18 W10 D7 L1 (Which was the first game of the season) Goals are hard to come by, have only scored 24 goals in the league, but conceded only 7! Recent form is 1-0, 1-0, 1-0, 2-0, 0-0, 1-1, 0-0. It can't be much fun for the spectators. I'm playing a high energy 433 so it shouldn't be so dull, but it is and is basically working! Edit: And then my next game is a 6-2 win......!
  4. The difficulty I've got is I am playing 1 up front and have 4 senior strikers (I signed Samuel before settling on a formation), trying to retrain Jackson to be an IF from the left which will help - but now Seas is back fit and Edwards playing well there and is my stop scorer! I've played Ben Folami a couple of times too who has done well so Simpson not had a look in but still early days
  5. I always find Dozzell a hard player to get much out of, I am playing him as an Anchor currently as doesn't have the physicality for the 2 midfield roles I'm using (BWM - Downes, CAR - Nolan, Huws, Bishop)
  6. I don't really like 532 but that is a real life bias playing out. Think most of the better prospects are noted in the thread - obviously Downes, Dozzell, Woolfenden are ready to be key players straight away, Lankester is probably the pick of the bunch but long term injured. Dobra, El Mizouni, Clements should be ready to contribute plus Liam Gibbs and Elkan Baggott out of the very young players, A few others like Dylan Crowe and Zak Brown should be able to kick on but most should hold their own in League 1 initially - just too big a squad to give out enough game time for me
  7. Interesting to read those who are managing Ipswich, I also am and am currently top of the league in November. I lost to Burton on the opening day but haven't lost since, although way too many draws and I struggle to score goals. I've tried to recreate a Jurgen Klopp style 433 with wingers and inside forwards and it is going quite well, Gwion Edwards and Curtis Jones main source of goals from the IF roles, but struggling with a striker and rotating between jackson, keane, Norwood and Dominic Samuel (loan) - none are really cutting it so guess the role may be too difficult for them. Youngsters have done well when they played, I sold Judge for £600k in pre season and brought in Joe Riley and Nathan Cameron as back up defenders in areas I was weake. Nsiala struggling big time in a high line as a ball player so I will try and sell him in January. Board don't rate me very highly still, but Sears and Bishop have just come back to fitness and hoping they will help me be a bit more creative - Downes is being watched by everyone and I'll likely sell him in January as plenty of depth in midfield
  8. Any decent deals out there for a new laptop for FM20, I'm not particularly computer literate, other than knowing that my current one is grinding to a halt! Short search and this looks decent - but may not be at that price? https://www.johnlewis.com/dell-inspiron-14-5490-laptop-intel-i7-processor-8gb-ram-512gb-ssd-14-inch-full-hd-silver/p4789667
  9. At what point does he become a CM, as I wrestled with this last season - he played exclusively for us at CM last season, if he does for you too that will be two seasons as a CM out of 2 in senior football
  10. Hi Robbie Dylan is set as English but with 2nd naionality of Jamaica as he has requested - not sure there is anything I can do stop him being called up by Jamaica
  11. I think this may be the hardest 'one club' challenge on Football Manager..... To try and take the amateur club Queens Park up into the Scottish Premiership and compete with the Glasgow giants Rangers and Celtic. This challenge is hard enough as it is, for anyone who isn't aware, Queens Park are hard coded as an amateur club. This means they can not offer any player a contract with any wages, it means that any other club can poach any of your players at any time. Just achieving anything with them is incredibly difficult. Since starting this challenge I have had my best player poached by divisional rivals Stranraer before a game was even played. To make this challenge even harder, it is also going to be done as a Youth Only save, so no signings at all! I haven't played this challenge through at all to see if it is even possible to get through a season and keep enough players intact to even put out a team all season!
  12. This save doesn't appear to really be going anywhere, is it worth applying for higher jobs - you really need to get into a country where there is some sort of continental competition. Feels like you could win another 5 titles and not receive a job offer from elsewhere as the league ranking is so low?
  13. I've started a game with Pafos on the back of this, but will only sign players with Cypriot nationality (including 2nd and 3rd nationality) Have actually managed to win the league in year 1, because the previously unbeaten Omonia managed to lose 3 out of the last 4 and I pipped them on goal difference despite drawing last game to bottle it myself. I'm not sure how much success I'll be able to have with just Cypriot players, and will be looking to improve facilities as quickly as I can to bring through better players. Also, in your league do players get suspended so easily? It is set up on mine that after 2 yellow cards they get a game ban, and then a ban for every subsequent yellow card - I basically have my whole team one game away from suspension after 8 or 9 games. One bad game and you can end up with 4 starters missing for a key game
  14. I think the San Marino challenge may be too much of a stretch for me....so am looking for something along the lines of this with a smaller footballing nation. But to double it up with an Athletic Bilbao challenge where can only sign/play players who are of the nationality of the club's country (but not the leagues). I'm thinking most obvious examples of this are Swansea, Cardiff, Wrexham - can anyone think of any other examples where teams aren't playing in their true home association? And where their youth intake will be players of the correct nationality for this challenge - i.e. Welsh in the case of the Welsh clubs. Ideally I'd prefer to avoid the English league but can't think of any examples where this would work. - Don't play in home association league - Players in youth intake are of nationality of club rather than league Cheers EDIT - Google is my friend https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_association_football_clubs_playing_in_the_league_of_another_country
  15. I got into the PL with Dulwich but it was so hard it's taken the fun away - I haven't played this save for a couple of months as was so demoralising, have only won a couple of games all season and am in to February or March iirc. Will pick it back up soon I'm sure
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