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  1. This save doesn't appear to really be going anywhere, is it worth applying for higher jobs - you really need to get into a country where there is some sort of continental competition. Feels like you could win another 5 titles and not receive a job offer from elsewhere as the league ranking is so low?
  2. I've started a game with Pafos on the back of this, but will only sign players with Cypriot nationality (including 2nd and 3rd nationality) Have actually managed to win the league in year 1, because the previously unbeaten Omonia managed to lose 3 out of the last 4 and I pipped them on goal difference despite drawing last game to bottle it myself. I'm not sure how much success I'll be able to have with just Cypriot players, and will be looking to improve facilities as quickly as I can to bring through better players. Also, in your league do players get suspended so easily? It is set up on mine that after 2 yellow cards they get a game ban, and then a ban for every subsequent yellow card - I basically have my whole team one game away from suspension after 8 or 9 games. One bad game and you can end up with 4 starters missing for a key game
  3. I think the San Marino challenge may be too much of a stretch for me....so am looking for something along the lines of this with a smaller footballing nation. But to double it up with an Athletic Bilbao challenge where can only sign/play players who are of the nationality of the club's country (but not the leagues). I'm thinking most obvious examples of this are Swansea, Cardiff, Wrexham - can anyone think of any other examples where teams aren't playing in their true home association? And where their youth intake will be players of the correct nationality for this challenge - i.e. Welsh in the case of the Welsh clubs. Ideally I'd prefer to avoid the English league but can't think of any examples where this would work. - Don't play in home association league - Players in youth intake are of nationality of club rather than league Cheers EDIT - Google is my friend https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_association_football_clubs_playing_in_the_league_of_another_country
  4. Hi CHarman Have you got any more details on this, feel free to DM me if you can Cheers Joe
  5. Hi ODW, thanks for these - just want to explain my thought process behind how I've done it. Hogg - a mistake, apologies Reynolds - He's been doing the U18s when I've been at Playford Rd this season, he can only cover one job in game so left him there. Buckley - wasn't aware of this, thank you Smith - Hurst had almost implied he was on trial as 1st team coach so was going to leave this until Xmas as felt as though Hurst was looking to replace. Guess that is all up in the air now. Birch - wasn't aware of this, thank you The loans of Drinan, Webber and McKendry aren't 'window to window' loans so I haven't included them as they can all be recalled by ITFC at any point like Chris Smith has been. I note you said you worked at the club last year - if you could drop me a DM with your e-mail address on I'd be happy to get in touch to try and get everything you are aware of in game. Cheers Joe
  6. Nothing I can do with this sorry - I can only set Height, Weight and Hair Colour
  7. Hi Alex I've not seen an end date, and know it can be ended early so don't think this counts as a window to window loan which are the only ones that are included
  8. Hi Rider These are things that have been set by the other club - I think Walters will be there or thereabouts - but agree Pennington sounds too high Joe
  9. Robbie - I'm well aware of all these players and have rated them accordingly - don't trust the scout reports as they are not always accurate
  10. Hi there Nathan Winder is an oversight by me - apologies will try and get sorted for release. Chris Skitt is one where club Dr seemed to sort his role more - he is more of an overseer than involved in nitty gritty - i.e. running on the pitch treating injuries etc. I'll give that one some thought. With regards to Chalobah, he is accompolished to play as a DM which I think is currently correct - I'll give that a boost in January if he continues to play there but comfortable with how it is at the moment with his youth career having being predominantly at CB.
  11. I'm sure that would be great for the Coventry researcher and he'll be along shortly and get in contact. Thanks for all your help on this
  12. Also some 1st year scholars will still be 15 at the start date of the game as turn 16 in late July/August 2018
  13. A story in paper or website showing them where they are? Sometimes a LinkedIn page of the relevant person can help and show them in their job - it's just the Coventry researcher will need to know where this info is from in order to change it. Cheers
  14. Hi JJ Have you got any evidence of this for the researcher as per the OP so he can ensure that this is all correct? Cheers
  15. Hi all Looking forward to helping anyone who has queries with the ITFC data. Joe
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