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    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    Good season there HunterKiller! Good that the first half of the season didn't affect the second, but you really seem to have hit your stride late on. Hopefully you can integrate your youth well this season without a drop in performances! Thanks Sanno11, hoping for similar success this time! Shame that FC United aren't elegible this time, they really did have a perfect structure in place.
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    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    That's tough Kazushi80, better luck in whatever country you choose! Germany does seem to be very difficult due to their 17 and up rule
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    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    KETTERING TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB Transfers - Profile - Squad - Facilities I've chosen to start with Kettering due to the facilities they have, much better than the other promoted clubs. The squad is also thankfully large (if you count the U-21 squad), although many players are on non-contracts so I'll have to make decisions there. Here's hoping to a great career! Do note that two transfers were done prior to my arrival at the club. Board Objectives Avoid Relegation from Vanarama Conference North Reach Third Qualifying Round of FA Cup Don't get outclassed in FA Trophy Personal Objectives Avoid Relegation from Vanarama Conference North Reach Third Qualifying Round of FA Cup Do well in FA Trophy Have good Youth Intake
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    FM16 Youth Academy Challenge

    My most enyoable FM save so far was with FCUnited back in FM12 in a youth challenge, getting them up to the CL spaces. Having purchased FM16 last night, I hope to begin a new adventure today!! Currently holidaying through the first season
  5. FC Fakel Voronezh | Season 8 | 2021-2022 | | Squad 1 | Squad 2 | Facilities | Finances | Transfers | Russian National Football League: 4th In one way, we regressed this season, finishing with one point less and one spot behind. On the other hand, we got promoted after one of the closest promotion battles in recent history as far as the Russian First Division is concerned. We began very well, playing like a Premier division team and in most games getting the points. But in certain games we dominated and only got draws, and those were the points that ended up costing us automatic promotion. The team started to struggle a bit more as time went on, but we managed to secure our play-off place with time to spare. In the play-offs we would face Krylja Sovetov, who had finished 13th in the Premier Division, just 2 away from safety. This would be a massive task, with everyone basically giving us no chance, including Krylja's Head Coach. But I thought we could challenge them, and hopefully beat them, if we were lucky. First up was an away leg, were I felt even a 1 goal defeat could be good if we managed to score. Krylja Sovetov 0-1 Fakel Voronezh I was not expecting this. We were massive underdogs, and gave them a very good game, deservedly taking a lead ahead of the second leg. Mars Yurjev, his inconsistent self, broke a goalscoring duck at just the right time, as his placed finish gave us real hope ahead of the second leg. Fakel Voronezh 4-0 Krylja Sovetov (5-0 on Aggregate) The second leg started off very slowly. 0-0 at half time and the game could go either way. But then the team responded to my team-talk and we began the second half with a bang, but in the 50th minute who else but Alexandr Chekalin popped up to score and put us 1-0 up in the match and 2-0 up in the series. Could this really be happening? Well, 5 minutes later the wizard of Voronezh, Chekalin, was at it again, grabbing his 20th goal of the season to put us 2-0 up on the day and 3-0 up on the series.. Surely we couldn't be caught now, even with the away goals rule? Surely now was time to shut up shop and defend our lead? My players had different ideas: In the 61st minute, Yurjev scored to put us 3-0 up and I couldn't believe my eyes. And the disbelief increased when Chekalin got his hat-trick in the 78th minute to put us 5-0 up on aggregate. That moment was when I realized we were going to get promoted, and in quite some style. An obliteration of a current Premier Division side showed that we are more than ready for the step up. Our second half performance was nothing less than heroic, as we look forward to the step up after absolutely obliterating Krylja over the two legs with our resolute defending and ruthless attack. As proof for the strength of the First Division, it was nice to see Ufa also obliterated Kuban 5-0 on aggregate in the other play-off, which means that for the first time since the start of the game, FOUR clubs have earned promotion to the Premier Division. Bring on the relegation scrap! Russian Cup: Fourth Round Back to our usual cup-selfs, losing our only match. I played a lot of the fringe players and whilst some played well, we lacked the killer instinct we normally have and got knocked out in extra-time. Youth Intake Another quality intake, with the best of the bunch looking like quite a player... Victor Tigiev - YP8a (ML) Those stats look very good for a 15 year old, and with that pace and acceleration, he should terrorize the Premier Division for years to come. Mark Safonov - YP8b (DR/WBR) He looks good as well, and having already played for the first team, his involvement should increase next season. Boris Kuznetzov - YP8c (MC/AMC) Another central-mid, but atlast, one with over 10 work-rate!!! That in itself should lead to him becoming part of the squad soon enough. Sergey Podshibyakin - YP8d (MR/AMR) With his complex last name also comes talent, with a lot of his technicals on the verge of making him quite a good player. Pavel Nazarov - YP8e (ST) The striker of the intake, and with those mentals (as well as that decent pace) he has every chance of making it, should his technicals improve Evgeny Vishnyakov - YP8f (DC) A no nonsense center-back, but his lack of any technical ability could seioudly harm his chances of earning a spot in the highly coveted center-back spot. Key Players Alexandr Solodkov - YP2b (DC) Captain again, and while he didn't do as well as last season, still did well enough to help us achieve our goal of promotion. Sergey Vasiljiev - YP3a (MC) A brilliant season for the midfielder, adding 9 assists to his 3 goals in his best season to date. Vital in the AP role in our central midfield. Alexandr Tkachev - YP2a (MC/AMC) Continues to be vital for the team, and despite some of the burden being shared by Vasijiev, is very important for the team defensively and in starting plays. Vladimir Mukhanov - YP6b (ML/AML/AMC) A breakthrough season for the 18 year old as he made the ML spot his own, playing in every single one of our 38 league games. Vital in the play-offs for us, his talent really showing in the second leg. Vitaly Popov - YP3f (AMR/ST) It's not often I would put someone with Popov's stats in this section, but this year there was no choice. With Yurjev and Chekalin rotating their injuries, the burden fell on him to be the mainstay in the team, and he performed very well when given the start, scoring 9 goals that helped us on our way. Mars Yurjev - YP3c (ST) One of the play-off heroes had a great start to the season, scoring 8 goals in his first 9 games. But as the season continued his goals started to dry up. But he recovered to get his goalscoring touch ready, scoring in the final game of the league season, as well as both play-off legs to end the season with 15 goals and 10 assists in 35 games. Alexandr Chekalin - YP1a (ST) The Wizard of Voronezh showed up again when the team needed it the most, scoring 3 goals in the play-offs for a second season running. But his second leg performance was pure master-class, as he scored 21 goals for a second straight season, and also got 10 assists. He is the club's leading appearance maker after surpassing Tatarchuk this season, currently at 259 league games. And he also is the top league goal-scorer, with 123 strikes so far in his career. A club-legend in the making who my scouts still think can improve a lot. Cannot underestimate his influence at the club. Previous Youth Prospects Alexandr Chekalin - YP1a (ST) Alexandr Tkachev - YP2a (MC/AMC) Alexandr Solodkov - YP2b (DC) Sergey Vasiljev - YP3a (MC) Salim Gerasimov - YP3b (GK) Mars Yurjev - YP3c (ST) Marat Khudiev - YP3d (DC) Vladimir Merenkov - YP3e (ML/AML)-NO LONGER AT CLUB Vitaly Popov - YP3f (ST/AMR) Dmitry Zhirny - YP3g (DR) Zaur Cherkasov - YP3h (DM)-NO LONGER AT CLUB Andrey Popov - YP3i (DL) Dmitry Tseryuta- YP3j (DC) Anatoly Gibadullin - YP4a (MC/MR) Denis Suleimanov - YP4b (MC/AMC) Igor Milovanov - YP4c (DM) Humberto Arenas - YP4d (ST) Igor Kasimirov - YP4e (ML) Maxim Tseryuta - YP5a (DR) Maxim Kurdanin - YP5b (MC/AMC) Arthur Dimitriev - YP5c (MR/AMR) Pavel Gerasimov - YP5d (DC) Ruslan Zhuravlev - YP5e (DM/MC) Dmitry Meshkov - YP5f (MC/AMC) Denis Kiselev - YP5g (MR/AMR) Gennady Rybalkin - YP6a (DM/MC) Vladimir Mukhanov - YP6b (ML/AML/AMC) Shamil Gadjiev - YP6c (DC) Anton Abakumov - YP7a (AMR/MR) Sergey Anisimov- YP7b (DC) Artem Svanidze - YP7c (GK) Zurab Chitaia - YP7d (DR) Pavel Plyaskin- YP7e (ML) Gennady Kuzntesov - YP7f (ST) Surprising Youth Prospects Igor Timofeev - YP1 (MC) Played a lot from the bench, with him being a reliable player to substitute Tkachev. Got a 2 year deal towards the end of the season, with his importance for the team balance next season getting me to offer him the two years. Adam Meshkov - YP3 (DL/DR) The biggest mistake I've ever seen an assistant make, as this player who wasn't going to make it has become our star left-back, having played no less than 96 games already and looking set to continue as first choice next season. Arthur Saenko - YP2 (GK) The club's second choice keeper this season, he performed well when Gerasimov was injured. In total he played 14 games for the club between cup and league, and will leave the club in search of first team football as his contract expires. All I can do is wish a loyal servant well, and hope he gets the minutes he deserves. Off The Pitch... Surprisngly, I only finished second in the Head Coach Of The Year awards. As well I got all this nice messages after securing promotion: 1 2 3 4 AND OF COURSE, THE BIG ONE Goals From Last Season Promotion, nothing else ACHIEVED!!! Improve Something if Possible ACHIEVED-Junior Coaching Improved! Goals For Next Season Survival Survival Survival Survival
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    Back Where We Belong

    This sound like a lot of fun, think I will give it a try with Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Canada, Wales, Iraq, or El Salvador. Just have to make a choice now!!!!
  7. Great first season brettney1980! Hopefully you can push on next season when you can register those youths, that is quite an intake! I like the look of Ratinet, that pace and acceleration should provide problems for defenses across France for years to come!!
  8. FC Fakel Voronezh | Season 7 | 2020-2021 | | Squad 1 | Squad 2 | Facilities | Finances | Transfers | Russian National Football League: 3rd What a season. We finally ended our streak of consecutive 7th places. As it happened, we spent the whole season in the top 6, and didn't drop lower than third after the 5th match day. We actually spent a lot of time in the top two spots, to the point that our drop to third at the end was semi dissapointing. Regardless, only 5 points away from automatic promotion is a great achievement. By finishing third, we earned our spot in the promotion/relegation play-off against a Premier Division team. And instead of Mordovia, who are of a much more similar stature to us, we had to face Kuban Krasnodar of all teams. To show you the magnitude of the challenge that we were facing, just take into account that Kuban are our parent club. That they participated in the Europa League this season. That they hadn't been in a relegation play-off since the start of the save. But as the draw set this fixture up, we headed over, determined to make the most of the experience regardless of the result. Before we get to the first leg, let me first discuss some player performances this season: Mars Yurjev returned this season, managing 15 goals and 16 assists in 35 matches. He got injured towards the back end of the season, but had returned to the team in time for the first leg of the play-off. What hasn't been said about his striker partner, the wizard that is Alexandr Chekalin? Another brilliant season from the club's first youngster, scoring 18 goals and making 11 assists in 38 matches. His importance grew once Yurjev got injured, and he led the team to secure 3rd spot. He has scored 99 league goals so far, just one away from the centenary. Could he grab it against Kuban? In Midfield, this has been a season of consolidation for Alexandr Tkachev as he has made the AP role in our 2 man midfield his own. Next to him will be Sergey Vasiljev, who didn't have the best of seasons but will be vital in this games. And at the back, of course, we have the captain and leader if the team: Alexandr Solodkov. Our skipper had another amazing season at the back, also chipping in with the odd goal. With him on the pitch, we are that much better and any chance we may have against Kuban depends on him being in top form. So now that we've got that out of the way, let's see if we can earn promotion!!! Kuban 2-1 Fakel We were lucky. They dominated the match from begging to end, and probably should have won by more. But after a first half in which they made the game seem like a rout in the making, I managed to inspire my players who came out with everything they had determined to make the series interesting. And that was when Alexandr Chekalin scored his 100th league goal for the club, a possibly vital away goal that meant we were heading into the home match with only a 1 goal deficit. Fakel 2-2 Kuban For 10 beautiful second half minutes, Fakel were in the Premier Division. After dominating the first half throughout and coming close more times than I could bear, we finally took the lead in stoppage time with the man himself, Alexandr Chekalin, scoring to put us momentarily up. And then we began the second half like we began the first, pushing on and we got a reward just 6 minutes later, Chekalin once again scoring. 2-0 to Fakel. I couldn't believe my eyes. And fully deserved too. But then Fate decided it wasn't our time. In the 55th minute, Kuban equalize the series on aggregate through a brilliant free-kick. And then in the 71st they got the goal that secured them another season in the top flight from a corner. Set pieces had robbed us of something, that atleast based on our second leg performance, we deserved. The pride I felt for the team didn't change with the result. And as they say, "We'll go again". Russian Cup: Fifth Round An alright showing for us in the cup again, winning against a lowly side after playing a mixed team and then bowing out against a Premier Division team. Nothing truly remarkable from our performances in either match, as we got the expected results in both. Youth Intake Quite an intake, leaving 6 tags. Notables are Anisimov, who came into the squad and even played in the play-off second leg, and Chitaia, who played well during the last few games at right-back. Anton Abakumov - YP7a (AMR/MR) Not the best player right now, but if he can develop that pace, and some good technicals, he should be part of the first team soon enough, competing for those precious right midfield minutes. Sergey Anisimov- YP7b (DC) Already good enough for the first team, and its easy to see why. Strong in the air and with decent enough stats for tackling and marking, just what is needed for my deep line limited defenders. Artem Svanidze - YP7c (GK) A good goal-keeper already, I'm hoping he will be the future starter. That eccentrity will provide for quite some interesting plays for sure, but hopefully he can be more Higuita at Wembley than Higuita vs Camerun! Zurab Chitaia - YP7d (DR) Another player who already looks good, and I was pleased with how he performed when given the chance. Has quite a future in front of him. Pavel Plyaskin- YP7e (ML) That crossing stat looks very tempting, and despite the competition for left midfield that is currently happening, if he can improve his physicals he could have a real chance at making the spot his own. Gennady Kuzntesov - YP7f (ST) A player who I really like the look of. With a bit of work on his pace, I hope to turn him into more of an advance forward than a target man, as I really like how his technicals are spread out. Key Players Alexandr Solodkov - YP2b (DC) First season as club captain, and what a season he had for us. Pavel Gerasimov - YP3b (DC) First season as a starter for Pavel and he performed admirably partnering Solodkov. Alexandr Tkachev - YP2a (MC/AMC) Our best midfielder without a doubt in the world. He makes the team tick, making smart quick passes forward to our forwards. While he doesn't have many assists, he is vital for the way we play. Mars Yurjev - YP3c (ST) A season of redemption for the young striker, who after only hitting four goals last season led the team until a late season injury, scoring 15 and making 16 assists en route to winning the Russian First Division Young Player of the Year and Russian First Division Players' Select awards. Truly remarkable response from him. Alexandr Chekalin - YP1a (ST) The club vice-captain finished the season on fire stats-wise: with 3 goals over the 2 legs of the play-offs to finish with 21 in the season (personal record) as well as 11 assists. He is the club's top league goalscorer of all time, having notched 102 strikes in 225 games. Without him, a promotion push would have been a lot harder, and I hope he can lead us once more next season as our fight for promotion continuous. Previous Youth Prospects Alexandr Chekalin - YP1a (ST) Alexandr Tkachev - YP2a (MC/AMC) Alexandr Solodkov - YP2b (DC) Sergey Vasiljev - YP3a (MC) Salim Gerasimov - YP3b (GK) Mars Yurjev - YP3c (ST) Marat Khudiev - YP3d (DC) Vladimir Merenkov - YP3e (ML/AML)-NO LONGER AT CLUB Vitaly Popov - YP3f (ST/AMR) Dmitry Zhirny - YP3g (DR) Zaur Cherkasov - YP3h (DM) Andrey Popov - YP3i (DL) Dmitry Tseryuta- YP3j (DC) Anatoly Gibadullin - YP4a (MC/MR) Denis Suleimanov - YP4b (MC/AMC) Igor Milovanov - YP4c (DM) Humberto Arenas - YP4d (ST) Igor Kasimirov - YP4e (ML) Maxim Tseryuta - YP5a (DR) Maxim Kurdanin - YP5b (MC/AMC) Arthur Dimitriev - YP5c (MR/AMR) Pavel Gerasimov - YP5d (DC) Ruslan Zhuravlev - YP5e (DM/MC) Dmitry Meshkov - YP5f (MC/AMC) Denis Kiselev - YP5g (MR/AMR) Gennady Rybalkin - YP6a (DM/MC) Vladimir Mukhanov - YP6b (ML/AML/AMC) Shamil Gadjiev - YP6c (DC) Surprising Youth Prospects Igor Timofeev - YP1 (MC) Didn't partcipate much this season due to some insane salary demands for most of it that made me push him into the fringes of the team. Eventually he lowered his demands, and I was able to secure him for another year, in which he should be more prominent. Adam Meshkov - YP3 (DL/DR) Another season as first choice, as the prospects can't seem to overtake him. Might struggle to remain at the club. Off The Pitch... This year we will say good bye to our last remaining players from the original squad (excluding a regen youngster) in Vladimir Tatarchuk and Fedor Djatchenko. Tatarchuk leaves us as he has decided to retire following the final game of the season. He wasnt getting into the team lately, but his importance for our first few seasons cannot be underestimated. For starters, his final appearance was his 251st league appearance, which is the record for a Fakel player. And it is no surprise to me that he is one of four players to be listed under favored personnel. Meanwhile, Djatchenko leaves us after I chose to make Salim Gerasimov our starter and he got an offer to join Big Boys Lokomotiv Moscow. I wish him luck in his next adventure, as no less could be wished for a player who managed 225 league appearances for the club. Two very important players of past days leaving, as now all of our squad will be U-23. Goals From Last Season Play-off challenge ACHIEVED!!! Integrate youth players into First Team ACHIEVED!!! Have a cup run FAILED!!!!! Improve Training Facilities FAILED!!!!! Goals For Next Season Promotion, nothing else Improve Something if Possible
  9. After a long hiatus, I have decided to re-open my Fakel Voronezh file. And after re-reading my updates, I have been motivated to continue onwards with the challenge. For those of you who haven't seen my progress, the updates start in pagge 8 and last until page 12 A quick overview: of my positions for the first 6 seasons (in a 20 team league where the bottom 5 get relegated): 14th, 11th, 7th, 7th, 7th, 7th With 5 games of the regular season left, and possibly 2 more play-off games, I hope to update today or tomorrow on my progress, as well as cathcing up with how all of you are doing!
  10. Ooooh! Chernomorets! I have a personal rivalry with them, we are always competing between the two us and we are both constantly over-achieving!
  11. Good luck bgo! Have fun in Russia, I certainly am having fun!
  12. Congrats on everything and thankyou for making such an amazing database again! MasterOfSuspense: Will the logos for the lower teams be available on the steam workshop?
  13. Sorry about my lack of updates, been busy and will continue to be for the remainder of the week, (with a possible update in the middle). Next week should be more calm, so I am hoping for a few seasons worth.