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  1. SC Freamunde Season 14 - 2034/2035 Transfers - Past Positions - Best XI - Finances Season Summary - 1st - Promoted as Champions! Ended last year asking for no second season syndrome, got an absolute shocker of a promotion as we won our first title with the club after 14 years. The season began brilliantly, as between the League Cup and the league we won our first 9 games of the season. Things then naturally became more inconsitstent but we were able to remain on top for a while. Eventually Estoril did take over first place but we were never more than 5 points behind th
  2. And the U19s are the best in the country, guess I should give some of them a shot!
  3. SC Freamunde Season 13 - 2033/2034 Transfers - Past Positions - Best XI - Finances Season Summary - 9th Amazing first season back in the 2nd tier for us as we record a top-half finish and a record points total in the division. With 5 at the back we had enough solidity, and also managed to find enough goals to get wins. By the halfway point of the season we felt reasonably safe, and mathemcatically secured safety with 5 games to go, which allowed me to throw in some youngsters thinking of next season, as well as change to a 4-4-2 tactic I'm considering. And it was
  4. Yikes off the field event having such an effect is rough. I know I had a player who's bravery went from 13 to 1 after breaking his leg, but at least that happened in a game.
  5. Really hoping the very handy prospect is different from the left winger from Lixa (and ideally a right winger). First time in a while without a golden generation.
  6. That's unfortunate @Padders, the corner counterattack had to have incredibley frustrating. Fingers crossed you're able to turn things around!
  7. SC Freamunde Season 12 - 2032/2033 Transfers - Past Positions - Best XI - Finances Season Summary - 2nd - Promotion! Promotion at the end really hides what was a very strange season. We started on fire, winning 7 and drawing one of our first eight games, which included 7 clean sheets. My doubts that maybe we weren't good enough for promotion quickly dissapeared. Only to then come back as we only managed 5 points from the next 9 games as we fell down the table. Some improved results got us back into the top 6 and the promotion fight, as did a change to a 5-4-1 tactic to
  8. Just a little preview of my season as I write up the summary...
  9. New intake is in and ... well it's ok. Nothing stellar compared to some of my other intakes, but there is definitely some talent here.
  10. Another good preview, fingers crossed the midfield guy is top-class. Very happy that one of the green lines was not wasted on a keeper too
  11. Great response there to the relegation @Padders How is your squad quality looking? Do you see players with the potential to push you up to the top 4?
  12. Unlucky there, best of luck with the next one! Where do you plan to go?
  13. I do a bit of both. If I find a tactic my players seem capable at I'll stick with it unless I begin to see some big flaw in the games. When I got promoted to the Second division I saw my fullbacks were being overrun constantly so changed from 4-3-3 to 4-5-1. Noticed the center of defense was a bit too weak so changed the DM from BWM to Anchor man. Then the season after saw we were struggling to score so changed to 4-4-2. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (I did just get releagated ). My view is if you can get good performances from a tactic give it some time but if you notice an iss
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