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  1. Definitely slipping or poor balance, it happens quite often IRL vs quick players as n°6. Nothing strange here.
  2. @Emmeth Creativity is about passes, in fact it is one of the playmaker's core attributes Flair (in Italian "fantasia) is something like you're saying.
  3. Obviously it's a bug, but I don't think it will be fixed, I suppose they're working on FM15.
  4. As it will be in real life in Italy, is there a way to remove them from the game? Thank you
  5. Ahah nice idea, I'll join you!! Gabriele Guasti, 27 June 1982, Italy (Orbetello, GR) Thank you
  6. I had a tycoon takeover in FM12 with Hertha in my 2nd season. They suddenly improved training structures, extincted all the loans and gave me the opportunity to build a top league squad reaching Champions League quarterfinals during the following season.
  7. I'm trying 4-DM-3-2 for the first time in my 2nd career (1st one I play Hertha) that I've just started with Watford. AF(a) DLF(s) W(a) REG A(d) WM(s) FB(s) CD(s) CD© FB(a) Control (home) Standard (away) - Fluid, a solid and short passing oriented philosophy when possible, more direct vs stronger teams. Sometimes I switch some duties AF(a) DLF(s) WM(s) AP(a) A(d) W(a) FB(a) CD(s) CD© FB(s) I usually play with a more attacking fullback set to come up with my wide midfielder set to stay narrower, help the possession in the centre and eventually cover the space left by AP here. Anchorman gives protection and the DLF comes deeper to get the ball. 8 matches so far, 6w 2d (1 penalty win). Team usually plays well with good possession and many shots on goal. Any suggestion?
  8. 10 games from the patch, ME seems to be truly improved. Last games I had three 0-0 and a couple of clean sheets, never happened before. Bad clearance from corners and near post goals are gone, but I can see that every opponent is using zonal marking in corners, why?
  9. I don't know why my U19 players don't play any matches. My U19 matches are played 99% by grey players. Anyone experiencing this?
  10. Because opponents find a way to beat your tactic. You have to change something, just like IRL.
  11. Disallowed goal right now for me, it was good. They sometimes make mistakes, as IRL.
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