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  1. No conspiracy, I'm just saying sometimes it's harder than others (if not impossible, as my instance) to win a match, while sometimes it's pretty impossible to lose it. That's it.
  2. I would not be that harsh, but somehow in bold you just did it fine
  3. I agree it's one match but every reload shoud have their own odds about the match because one second later of reloading it will be a different career, starting upon changing formation from reload to reload. By the way I think you should respect a little more someone else's opinions. We here to talk and to discuss, not to say the universal truth.
  4. It's not a competition against someone else, I'm not saying I'm the best manager of the world and there's always someone better than you and it's true. If you say that is normal to have a winning team with a winning tactic that suddenly can't score a single goal in 10 replays vs a 17th position team so I think you're right and I'm not going to go on this thread, everyone will keep its own opinion, all in all it's not vital importance because simply I don't use to replay games.
  5. Do you think that during my 10 always-losing-reloading games I never tried to change something about tactics, using almost any of them that usually work, and team talks that leads to green reactions? Of course I did but nothing changed. So I assume my zero goals in 10 games as extremely bad luck and my assistant's 3 goals as good luck, it's the only way I could accept it.
  6. That would be obvious if I weren't talking about scoring in the first minutes of the match, where no subs or brutal adjustmenets happened. Is it so hard to say it's somehow strange?
  7. If I give MY tactics, MY instructions and MY starting players to my assistant and he can score 2 goals in the first 30mins, while I haven't been able to score a single goal in 10 replayed game of course is because I can't be a valid manager. If you say that I can't win due to pre-game situations, why my assistant can do it, scoring goals with my tactic in the first minutes while I can't? Once more I don't want to say there are evil forces, I just want to understand why an unnatural situations happens.
  8. Seriously, man? I'm not a newbie, if I concede goal in the first half for 10 replays, it simply can't be the assistant, unless he knows HOW to beat the ME in that kind of almost-impossible-to-win matches, rather than how to beat the opponent with logical instructions. Otherwise how could have it been possible for me to finish in 4th position in my first Hertha seasion, if I hadn't known how to beat a 17th position team, 10 times without scoring a single goal? I don't think there's a superior force that prevent us from enjoying the game, I just think that sometimes match calculations goes in
  9. Ok, so 10 reloads never scored a goal, went on holiday for 1day and I won 3-0. If you think it's fine then I'll go to bed happy. Good night guys, see ya, I'm really tired today ahah
  10. Meanwhile I played my 9th and 10th game, conceded 4 more goals and scored ...zero. I think I have to accept it, I don't want to stay here til tomorrow EDIT: Went on holiday for 1day with same tactics and players .. won 3-0. How can we say everything is ok?
  11. I always accept the result and move on, today is an experiment gaming day due to this thread.
  12. Ahah I'm experiencing it right now: Hertha, I'm 4th against Amburg 17th, played my match for the 8th times, no way I can score a single goal. In total we should be something like 13 goals vs ZERO. It's my tactic, the same tactic that led me to draw vs Bayern and win vs Borussia ps: remember it's a game even if somehow frustrating
  13. Even if they are not different games but THE SAME MATCH replayed, there are random facts that occour minutes and seconds AFTER the match has been restarted, so every match cannot be identic to the previous, so I still say that results have to be different. Two or three seconds after THE SAME MATCH has been replayed, they will be different career. No doubt about it.
  14. You're technically right, but we all know that it would not be possible for Celtic to win 17 times against Barcellona. Be honest
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