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  1. Sorry for the delay, I've just uploaded the savegame called "GabrieleGallagher - Hertha BSC.fm" You can notice here that these players from 1st team "Julius Kade - Sinan Kurt - Palko Dardai - Dennis Jastrzembski" are set to available for Hertha II but they don't actually play (they don't get match fitness and tiredness). Btw regionalliga, where Hertha II plays, it's not activated but their matches are simulated and their regular players get fatigue and on on. Thank you!
  2. Hertha save, I put some of my youngsters into first team and made them available 90mins for Hertha II playing in regionalliga (not activated but simulated). Hertha II regular players usually get match tiredness and so on, while the youngies don't, as if they're not playing.
  3. I've seen many 10-50-100-200 years projections and in every situation Italian teams almost disappear from Europe. in particular Juventus is fairly underpowered compared to foreigns teams, and it's not that likely they will sell good players around as usually happens in FM.
  4. Column width keeps getting wider, as shown in the pics.
  5. Ok it seems we need to untick the preference to "Highlight Important Panels on Overview".
  6. They keep reverting back also after today's patch.
  7. Definitely slipping or poor balance, it happens quite often IRL vs quick players as n°6. Nothing strange here.
  8. @Emmeth Creativity is about passes, in fact it is one of the playmaker's core attributes Flair (in Italian "fantasia) is something like you're saying.
  9. Obviously it's a bug, but I don't think it will be fixed, I suppose they're working on FM15.
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