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  1. So, I discovered what was causing my issue from stage 0 to stage 1 - under League Settings for All Groups, I had "Other League Stage Flags --- Don't randomize the team order when scheduling the league." This caused Promotions instead of Qualification for stage 1, and the tournament ended there after stage 0. Problem is, I'd like to not have randomized fixtures and would like to play the games in the order as I have set the teams up as 0, 1, 2, 3. Is there any way to get the game to stop randomizing the fixtures of the group in another way??
  2. Actually one trick I’ve found that helps influence the likelihood of an international call-up is raising their home/world reputation. You can try maxing those out at 200.
  3. That's a good shout but not it. I see the teams that finish 1st or 2nd in the group are "promoted" rather than "qualified." Problem is, I don't know where that would be - I have qualified checked. I haven't gotten to the squad selection part, but I think I'll just have to manage the teams I want to and let the AI choose the selections for the rest of the teams. That's strange that you only have 22 players of that nationality but they aren't all getting selected. Is the game making fake players to fill in?
  4. Weird...it seems like I have the same settings but the difference was your Stage 1 and Round 0 names were identical. Changing that still didn't work for me. I've reached out to an editor for some help, will keep you posted. In my file, I have (I think) the 1A v 2B, 1B v 2A set up for the round of 16 if you want to take a look at it: WorldCup2006.fmf
  5. I'm glad there are two others at the moment having this exact, frustrating problem.
  6. I believe you need to go to Team Pool of the second stage (Stage 1) and "Get Qualified Teams from Stage" under type and then the stage number (0). This got rid of that warning about 0/16 teams. However, when actually playing my tournament in the game, mine stops after the group stages, even after validating. So, tread carefully with my advice.
  7. Hello - I’m doing the same thing in a recent topic on this forum. I was getting this error too, but managed to solve it. Unfortunately I am away from my computer now but can help you out later. You can download my file in the topic “can’t connect World Cup stages” or something like that in the meantime. You need to have the teams populate Stage 1 from Stage 0 - sorry I can’t remember the details!
  8. Thinking it has something to do with this but I can't get the right arrangement...any help would be appreciated.
  9. To provide a little more context, it seems like the tournament should continue after the Group Stage, but it doesn't
  10. Hello - Thanks in advance for any help. I have re-created an old World Cup (2006) to go along with The Mad Scientist's 2006/07 retro database. I have successfully re-created the groups and the knockout stages, but the tournament ends after the group stages (seems like the teams in each group are getting "promoted" rather than "qualified" for the next stage). I can't tell what I'm doing incorrectly but I've tried many different ways but the tournament is not going from Stage 0 (group) to Stage 1 (cup) for the life of me. It verifies correctly but does not work in-game. My file is atta
  11. Why would you need to download the tactic? Everything you need is in the post. I really like the attacking aspects of this tactic, but the defense is a little loosey-goosey for my liking 😄. The halfback should be dropping much deeper, you would imagine, covering the distance between the two CDs. I haven’t used the HB in the last few iterations of FM because of this.
  12. Can I move Ajax to the Bundesliga while keeping Jong Ajax in the Dutch 2nd division and participate in the Dutch (not the German) Cup?
  13. Is it possible to create a 32-team "World Cup" as a new national tournament, but use 32 created club teams from one made-up league edited to reflect the 1998 World Cup (that way I get all the rosters correct)?
  14. I just ignore it. I don't see the big gap in between defense and midfield because your defensive line should be very high, thus eliminating space. Plus, the DLP drops into that space anyway.
  15. I was using pr0's transfer updates and my own custom database. I wouldn't have made any changes to the league, so that's why I was confused. Good to know; I spotted it early and started a new save with less databases and it is fine now.
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