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  1. I can obv see who is doing my game, but any way to view who is doing the others?
  2. Toronto FC finished first in my game and everyone knows they are brutal lol
  3. The refs always ending the game exactly when it should has to stop as well. The refs actually have an attribute of time keeping and they also have an attribute of pressure, so they should be allowing more or less time in a game based on that, it shouldnt' be exact.
  4. I like to start there as well so hopefully this is fixed.
  5. Well it would certainly make sense but I wouldn't understand the mechanics behind it.
  6. So the game basically says that up to 24yrs old a player can improve attributes wise. How big of a difference does improving training grounds, using the proper training for a player, and good staff make? Is there one aspect that is much more important than the others?
  7. It is a FOOTBALL MANAGER game, part of being a good Manager is the tactics. If you don't care to actual coach your team, then why not just sit back and watch the games and not manage a team at all?
  8. Yeah but people would harly find that surprising when they consider the talent on Belgium.
  9. You did not just make that comparison. Belgium is a potential darkhorse for the upcoming world cup, an insanely talented NT. While it would be surprising for them to win the whole tourney, it would def not be impossible.
  10. I have never tried. My point is that if I could, I'd quit playing the game. Do you think that is realistic in any way? If someone could, it would clearly be exploiting issues in the game, not from some skill level.
  11. Without cheating? If someone did that without cheating, I'm never playing the game again. lol
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