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  1. SRL88-I think thats the only successful Team Talk I've ever had. cerud-Thanks, it helps when the team agrees that they are not playing well B.W.G-Thanks, unfortunately out form went away at the wrong time deltablue-Thanks!
  2. 2011 Estudiantes de Altamira Apertua Playoffs Well That Didn't Go Well 2011 Liga de Ascenso Apertua Poor play saw us exit the Playoffs in the first round. In the first game Necaxa went down a man around 30 minutes in with the score 0-0 and then we were later granted a penalty around the 70th minute with score still 0-0. A missed penalty and 3 goals later and the return leg was near hopeless and we failed to deliver.
  3. 2011 Estudiantes de Altamira Apertua Final 5 Games Hot Streak Into the Playoffs 2011 Liga de Ascenso Apertua I held a team meeting before the 1st of these 5 games and sparked a perfect record through the final 5 games of the stage. The goals flowed and our defense was strong enough. We have been drawn against Necaxa in the quarterfinal of the playoffs.
  4. Set with one game remaining in the season.
  5. deltablue-Agreed, the games are quite exciting with a lot of back and forth action Reddiablo-haha, its always fun to see what interesting coincidences there are with names.
  6. 2011 Estudiantes de Altamira Apertua 2nd 5 Games Up then Down 2011 Liga de Ascenso Apertua Its was an up and down path over the middle 5 games of the season. Our first two games saw us move up into 3rd place, but a loss of form and 3 losses sent us back into 8th place. The drop in form coincided with Junior Timbo feeling homesick and I gave him a leave of absence, hopefully he returns soon.
  7. cerud-Thanks, it definitely gave me the chance to work in a place different from the rest. B.W.G-Thanks! It's a great place so far. SRL88-Thanks!
  8. 2011 Estudiantes de Altamira Apertua 1st 5 Games A Decent Start 2011 Liga de Ascenso Apertua A decent start at the new club. Our offense is very potent with us having yet to be held to under two goals. Unfortunately we are not as strong on the other side of the coin and are giving up a lot of goals. A third of the way through the Apertua Stage and we stand just outside the playoff picture but it is still very close and we can definitely still make the playoffs stage.
  9. 2011 Estudiantes de Altamira Season Preview 2011 Mexican Liga de Ascenso Apertua 15 games in this stage then playoffs among the top 7 teams. Board Expectation: Apertua: Safe Position Clausura: Safe Position Media Prediction: 12th Preseason Friendlies Transfers Only on player in: Junior Timbo Other Key Players ST-Francisco Ibanez DL-Alvin Mendoza
  10. Estudiantes de Altamira Club History: On July 12, 2001, the expansion club Estudiantes de Santander announced an open try-out that was attended by hundreds of youth in Tamaulipas, wishing to form part of the club that would begin play in the Segunda División de México (Second Division). The club was officially founded on August 9, 2001. During the 2004-05 season, the club was promoted to the Primera A (now Liga de Ascenso), where they became a farm team to Real San Luis and later, Pumas UNAM. But their stay in the Primera A was short, and they were eventually relegated back to the Second Division after the Clausura 2005 tournament. In 2006, the team changed its name to Estudiantes de Altamira. It would be almost 5 long years before Altamira returned to the Liga de Ascenso in 2010. This, due to the fact that the teams that reached the Second Division championship that year (Universidad del Futbol and Chivas Rayadas, respectively) did not have the right to be promoted. So, Estudiantes de Altamira took their place. The team crest represents the important resources in and around the port city of Altamira (the anchor, the ship, and the factories). In the foreground, there is a ship's steering wheel. The navy blue and white colors symbolize the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. (taken from Wikipedia) Club Status: Year Founded: 2001 Status: Professional Reputation: Continental Nickname: Los Estudiantes Fierce Rivals: None Other Rivals: Correcaminos The Stadium: Estadio Altamira Location: Altamira Year Built: 2003 Capacity: 13,500 all-seater Owner/Rent: Owned Facilities: Corporate: Fairly Basic Training: Adequate Youth: Basic Junior Coaching: Adequate Youth Recruitment: Fairly Basic
  11. I've narrowed it down to Pacifico, Poli Ejido, and Altamira. All give me room to add to the team with their wage budget. I'm now considering if I want to manage in Mexico, Colombia, or Spain.
  12. The Rise of the Cerud

    Great work in Russia while I was gone! (Does your new team have hearts in its crest? O.o)
  13. One Day We'll Basque In Glory!

    You should have Sola work on his marking, he is quite poor in that stat Great job so far this year.......again
  14. acidmoney-I brought that upon myself didn't I? Well done