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  1. I agree with both, but in all fairness at the time of creating this post I was managing Tonbridge Angels and my scouts were both amateurs and had terrible stats, if i relied on them for signing players I would have been struggling! lol Signing youngsters for 15-30 million is ridiculous, but at the stage football is at now, football is bonkers!
  2. I think it's really important, if you try this, that you actually climb the league slowly. Winning the league in successive seasons from the Blue Square South to the Prem will probably cripple your finances. I love the idea of producing youngsters (no paedo) without ever having to buy a player. Anyone heard of the san marino challenge (can't remember the club name)?
  3. Decent staff, Johan Cryuff is a steal as an assistant, there are some very good ones out there, Ajax have some good staff!! Yea Money is fun, I like throwing crazy money at BIG players but I find if you start off with that much freedom it makes the game get boring too quickly. Usually I'll give myself a challenge for the first file, then maybe the second file usually being a lower league team, last time I was the mighty Tonbridge angels (predicted bottom of Blue Square South) then third file maybe do the whole Liverpool thing. Whats your dream XI for FM13? I want Gareth Bale! Saw him live a few weeks ago, he was unreal!
  4. I guess the other options you can go for are either: A) Use the random button and go with whatever team you get B) Start with a very low team and build the team up so that its how you want it C) Start a game with no real players D) Think about what you want, immediate success? a loada money because you love buying players? No money, but good players? No Money and a **** team so you have to get in some great loans or frees? Or do you want to try a team you know well? or a league you know well? or the opposite? This is why I made my decision in 30 seconds. If it doesn't work out. Move on.
  5. If it was up to me, I'd bring Scholes back too. Jamie Carragher on the other hand......
  6. My Bad. Corrected. His record for them: Appearances 3 - Goals 2. Roy Hodgson take note.
  7. Hi Guys! TheAlmightyMoses here If you were like me and just can't choose from the vast number of teams in the game and have questions like:- Should I be an awesome team? Should I be a rich team? Should I be Rangers? Should I be Newcastle Jets so I can manage the best player in the game (HESKEY!!!) Should I be a lower league club, how low should I start? Don't spend three hours choosing your team. Try the countdown challenge and pick your team in 30 seconds. It's a rollercoaster of emotion ha ha ha! Heres my attempt! TRY IT YOURSELF Like comment share SUBSCRIBE
  8. Maybe we can make a couple of episodes. Suggest two teams and maybe we can see how they play against each other? I was thinking more of 15 - 20 goals not 5-0 ha ha ha
  9. Didn't notice this thread, but its not the same. This is more of a challenge thread.
  10. Ha ha I like this. I went to see them play man united live a couple of weeks ago. Gareth Bale and Sandro were actually World Class. I would have Bale in there somewhere FOR SURE !
  11. Here's My example (joke team) to inspire. Idiot's XI GK: Jens Lehmann: Watford? (Not Sure) RB: Pascal Chimbonda : No Idea CB: Jon Terry: Chelsea CB: David Luiz: Chelsea LB: Ashley Cole: Chelsea RF: Arjen Robben: Bayern Munich CM: Joey Barton: Queens Park Rangers CM: Lee Catermole: Sunderland LF: Luiz Suarez: Liverpool ST: Mario Balotelli: Man City ST: Emile Heskey: Aston Villa Subs : Bryan Carraso (No Idea), Nathan Eccleston (Liverpool), Victor Anichebe (Everton), Wayne Rooney (Man United), Andy Carroll (Liverpool), Ched Evans (Jail), Phillip Senderos (Memory is Poor, he on loan from Arsenal?), Gattuso (Some italian minnows), Carlos Tevez (Man City), El Hadj Diouf (Blackburn?), Marco Materazzi (Not sure) Tactic: TheAlmightyMoses - Genuine Old School 4-4-2 - Si Games Community
  12. With the new beta for FM13 out this weekend I want to send it out with style. The Idea 1. Make the ultimate dream team and use the best tactic. 2. Play a terrible team. Hammer them. Record it live. 3. Post the video here. How can I help? Funny you asked. Send me your dream team player list (and suggest a tactic) in the format below. 23 players (first XI min). Position: Name: Club (at Start) E.g. Striker: Heskey : Aston Villa Tactic: _ _ _ _ _ from website _ _ _ _ _ I'll pick a team and shoutout the winner in my video.
  13. I'm Gunna treat it like the full game, you can continue your save, add leagues if neccessary. Why wouldn't you treat it seriously? How hard will it be to take the rangers job?
  14. Yea I know, but I was letting in like 3 goals a game. But I did win every league up to division one without getting relegated and winning the only cup I entered. So not as bad as I sound Do you have FIFA13 (PS3)? Maybe we could have a game?
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