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  1. Pago Youth - Not Quite The Worst Team Season 2013/14 Finances | General Info | Facilities | Transfers League Table | League Fixtures | Cup Table | Cup Fixtures Not much to say about this season, we lived up to the media prediction of 29th in the league. We were simply outclassed by everyone. Surprisingly, a lot of games were close at halftime, either 1-0 or equal. We simply collasped after the break though, as the skill difference was too high. Squad Key Player - Ash Howley Youth Intake [center][b]World Premier League Results[/b] Position| Team | Won | Drn | Lst | GF | GA | GD | Pts | ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1st | Real Madrid | 14 | 2 | 3 | 35 | 18 | +17| 44 | 2nd | Barcelona | 13 | 3 | 3 | 38 | 20 | +18| 42 | 3rd | Dortmund | 10 | 5 | 4 | 29 | 20 | +9 | 35 | 4th | Juventus | 9 | 6 | 4 | 40 | 24 | +16| 33 | ------------------------------------------------------------------ 18th (R)| Napoli | 3 | 5 | 11 | 16 | 29 | -13| 14 | 19th (R)| AC Milan | 3 | 5 | 11 | 17 | 31 | -14| 14 | 20th (R)| Corinthians | 3 | 5 | 11 | 18 | 36 | -18| 14 |[/center] Next Season Hopefully improvement is on the cards next season. We turned semi-pro, so hopefully we'll attract a higher class of player. If not, I'll continue to improve the facilities at the club and try and bring in talented youth players. [center]Pago Youth Adventure | Seasons | League | Predicted | Finish | -------------------------------------------------------------- | 2013/14 | World Development League | 29th | 29th | --------------------------------------------------------------[/center]
  2. Pago Youth - The Beginning of a Struggle Pago Youth take to the field as one of the stronger teams from American Samoa. They have won the FFAS Senior League four times out of the last six years, equalling the record held by PanSa for most league victories (though this could be false as 14 of the seasons on the ever relaible wikipedia have unknown champion). IN the 2012, Pago Youth went undefeated in the FFAS Senior League, ending the season with a 12-2-0 win record. Their stadium, while small, also has a beautiful backdrop. That's about the end of Pago Youth's accomplishments however. American Samoa has historically been the weakest side in the weakest region of football. The national side holds the record of heaviest defeat in an international game, losing 31-0 to Australia. The clubs sides fair no better. In the OFC Champions League, no side from American Samoa has won a game, even the recent dominant force Pago Youth. Some years, the team that qualified do not even compete in the Champions League. Overall, American Samoa is the bottom of the barrel in terms of footballing prowess, and it will be a long while before this nation can compete with the likes of New Zealand and hope to qualify for a World Cup. --- Liechtenstein superstar-turned-manager Sebastian Schneider will lead the Pago Youth as they look to compete in the FIFA World League. Looking through the squad (after signing greyed out players), the two that stand out to me are Ricardo Antonio and Ash Howley. These two are the best players I could find within the squad. Antonio looks a decent centreback and Howley looks as though he has a few goals in him. Overall, the squad is short on quality, and the lack of viable transfer targets will hinder progress in the first few seasons. Luckily, the board seems willing to upgrade the training facilities, youth facilities, youth setup and junior coaching budgets to help produce American Samoa's next superstars. Along with this, I maanged to find one player that could improve the squad in Paul Khan, along with a coach who has fairly decent mental attributes. All in all, however, I can tell this is going to be a rough season. I was thinking of making this a youth only save, but I think that would make this pretty much impossible. Instead I'm going to mainly focus on my youth, but recruit when necessary. At the moment, it doesn't seem like I have much choice about recruitment anyway
  3. This looks ridiculously fun, been looking for a long term save for FM14. Think I'll start this with Pago Youth from American Samoa, and bring in Liechtensteiner Sebastian Schneider from my Ruggell FC youth save to represent me as manager Will do a proper introduction later, but I'll definitely be offering the greyed out players contracts. Completely blank squad. This shall be fun
  4. Liechtenstein 2032 Review Senior Rankings | Fixtures | Qualification Group Fantastic year for Liechtenstein, with our quarter final appearance at the Euros getting us to a high of 15th on the world rankings. Our world cup qualification isn't going as great as I would have hoped, but I'm confident of getting 2nd by the end of it. U21 Manager | Fixtures | Qualification Group No wins, I guess it's due to me poaching all the great players for the national teams! U19 Manager | Fixtures| Qualification Group Same as the U21's, not much of a chance against the strong youth nations. [center]Liechtenstein World Rankings |Season | Points | World Rank | Difference | |------------------------------------------| |Start | - | 119 | - | |2011 | 184 | 145 | -26 | |2012 | 103 | 185 | -40 | |2013 | 161 | 137 | +48 | |2014 | 72 | 187 | -50 | |2015 | 49 | 202 | -15 | |2016 | 66 | 197 | +5 | |2017 | 26 | 206 | -9 | |2018 | 15 | 208 | -2 | |2019 | 37 | 205 | +3 | |2020 | 15 | 208 | -3 | |2021 | 34 | 203 | +5 | |2022 | 27 | 204 | -1 | |2023 | 45 | 204 | 0 | |2024 | 65 | 198 | +6 | |2025 | 65 | 195 | +3 | |2026 | 98 | 177 | +18 | |2027 | 334 | 91 | +86 | |2028 | 476 | 58 | +33 | |2029 | 648 | 43 | +15 | |2030 | 623 | 41 | +2 | |2031 | 841 | 25 | +16 | |2032 | 978 | 22 | +3 | --------------------------------------------[/center]
  5. Cheers man! Good to be playing this game again as well. Really enjoying it! ----------------------------- FC Ruggell 2032/33 October - December Review October 2032 October was a brilliantly month for us, as we began to have a resurgence. 3 wins in 4 games in the league, and a fantastic win over Palermo in Europe gave us immense confidence of progressing in the Europa League. Schneider is just as brilliantly as when I left, the veteran notching up 8 goals in 6 games. November 2032 November was a bit of a reality check for us. Palermo paid us back for a win over them by thrashing us 4-1 in Italy. IN the league, we suffered 3 losses in 4, a reverse of October. Our losses to Thun and Aarau were particularly tough to swallow, as we should be beating these teams. December 2032 Thankfully, we ended the year well, with no losses in December. We secured top spot in our group in Europe, as well as getting revenge against Thun to push us to 5th on the table. League Standings This season is really showing our defensive frailties. This is further compounded by the fact our star centre back Oliver Hopp is wanted all over Europe, by AC Milan, Juventus, Malaga and Everton. I hope we manage to get a good defensive youth intake soon before this problem gets worse. Europa League GroupEuropa League Knockout Phase We get top spot, but we probably won't go much further. Juventus is one of the toughest teams to play against. If we manage to get a miracle win over Juventus however, we should get to the quarter finals, as our potential teams in the 2nd round are relatively weak.
  6. So, uh, you'll never guess what's back. FC Ruggell 2032/33 July - September Review July 2032 We started the season with a couple of relatively easy Europa League games, besting Bosnian side Sarajevo and Bulgarian side Litex. The league was a different story however, as we lost to Zurich before drawing St Gallen, to start the season with a single point. August 2032 Our league hardships continued into August, with Basel beginning the month by destroying us 1-4. Sion also kept us win less with a 1-1 draw. However, we were able to shape up slightly for the rest of the month, picking up 2 wins a loss from the remaining 3 games. Europe was solid for us, advancing to the group stage once again. September 2032 September was a strange month. When we won, we won big. Really big. However, none of those games came in the Super League, so we were left again without a win for the month, losing out to Xamax and Zurich once again. League Standings 2nd last is not the best way to begin the new season! We've shwon that we do have talent, beating current top spot Young Boys 2-0, but the rest of our games in the league have been pretty bad. If we can somehow capture our European form for the league, we could easily finish top half. Europa League Group 2 wins from 2 leaves us top of the group. We'll have a tough time with Palermo, but I feel we can advance from this group. ------------------------------------------ Ok, so it's been a while since I updated this (little bit of an understatement there). Basically, I had a few things go wrong for my family and I at the end of last year, and FM was the last thing on my mind. Then, I started university at the beginning of this year. Now that I've transitioned well into this year, the urge to play FM came back! Picked the game back up about a month ago. After a few seasons in Brazil (really fun league, highly recommend it), I finally opened up this save for the first time in around to a year. Turns out I was already halfway through September when I left it. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with this for a little while now! I lost a few of my files relating to this thread (player total games/goals and stuff to that effect), but I should be able to get back into this whole updating thing.
  7. Just thought I'd pop in here and take my name off the list, I have been way too busy to play FM and I don't see a time in the foreseeable future I'll be able to. Good luck to everyone playing Rest of the World though, do us proud
  8. More trophies for Milan! Who has the most league titles in Italy now?
  9. Glad to see this back, missed this thread a lot! Solid season so far, you've opened up a nice gap at the top
  10. CSKA Great season, the Russian Premier league can be a tough one to crack first season. 9th is massive.
  11. I wonder if any clubs will ever come close to you in the league, it seemed like Glentoran were making massive strides a few seasons back.
  12. Caught back up with this, great work Romanista and Rancer! Hopefully ManUTactician can push for promotion to get us into league football before them English
  13. At risk of sounding like an echo, you should qualify from that
  14. Great to see you still dominating! I wonder how close Sola will get to 2000 by the end of his career
  15. Cheers mate! Started playing the save occasionally, made it through to the last week of August at the moment. My life should start to ease up soon, so we can all get back into the Liechtenstein action
  16. Great work winning promotion! Hopefully the top flight won't be too rough on you.
  17. Just couldn't stay away, could you? Looking forward to seeing some more Milan dominance
  18. Wow, some movement since I last looked in here. Great work landing the Madrid job, though that was a bloody awful lot of money to spend in your first season! Still, did the job well enough, winning the treble. Tight season so far, but with that game in hand you should hopefully go top!
  19. 3IAR, Rest of the World (Unless if you want another England player to even it up a bit ) Don't have too much time at the moment, but I should be free by the time my turn rolls around. I'll let you guys know if I can't do it Sounds like a lot of fun!
  20. Great work winning the league with Heerenveen!
  21. It's funny, I've seen so many complaints about it around these parts, but it's never actually happened to me! I must be one of the lucky few Might have something to do with the reputation of the club, the players, the league or something though, I'm not sure. Anyway, great work on another fantastic league season BWG, topped with winning the World Cup Awesome to see Sola break the 1000 goal barrier as well!
  22. Decent work in Scotland, it seems like it was a tough system to be promoted in. I was going to say that the move to Betis might prove to be great, building them up to be a giant of Spain, but that one didn't end too well Things going a lot better in Greece now though Interesting to see AEK predicted about mid table, and Olympiakos aren't doing flash hot either, how long has it been since either won a league title?
  23. Wow, great seeing Tobermore win the Champions League!
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