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  1. seems support is hidden somewhere you'd not expect, that solved my issue http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441867-16-1-1-FMT-Squad-view-keeps-returning-to-default?highlight=view
  2. will you look into #2, one month had passed and no response, why do I make custom view when it goes into oblivion when I click something else!
  3. set acceptable asking prices on all players, that will discourage some low ball offers under auto value.
  4. click last negotiation, if not working then click reject offer and click continue, if not working go to your transfer center and cancel from there, then make a new offer, you can try adding player to DoF transfer list, if not working transfer offer will be canceled after transfer window is closed and you can try again in next transfer window.
  5. you have unreasonable expectations like if 80% of Saints' fans would go see Pompey match if out of a sudden both teams switch divisions they are ATM.
  6. see post #100, don't expect more than 12-15% for almost double price, spend those on bigger SSD or better GFX card. overclocking is an option too as you look @ "K" versions.
  7. even if you were allowed to built 200K stadium, there are no enough town inhabitants to visit your matches, some RL stats for attendance, town size is 8,6K: http://bulgarian-football.com/archive/2014-2015/ba.html - 442,7 on average
  8. how about installing Linux, ubuntu could work...
  9. you can't change tactics straight away if it's too far away from your current, add it as second or third tactic, train it for 2 months and use it in some friendlies first.
  10. FMT world is shallow, you can't run a game with huge DB, there is no reason to play FMT, unless you have slow CPU, as you can make FMT within FMC by offloading tasks to your non-playing staff.
  11. don't turn off antivirus, just exclude FM directory and fm.exe from AV real time scans.
  12. - they refuse to dribble wide ... cause they have a weak foot.. - get wing backs to exploit that wide open space, but you saw it yourself. - but they are forwards, not playmakers! - forwards are selfish, find the ones with bigger team work or maybe your striker don't give them options! - their finishing is bad because they are fast and/or lack composure, at top speed technique tends to fail most of the time...
  13. he is complete junk and will spoil your youth quality, if you want his country knowledge, just sign him for scout, that way you will have those countries added to your knowledge pool.
  14. go to team X profile and get u21 or u18 team report, you will get only results with players that want to join, you have to be within loan transfer window, after ?April? it does not work!
  15. FMT has lower number of players, limited training and non-existant development of youth players! media is a waste, it wastes your time - 14 questions pre-match, one in tunnel and 5 post-match, that makes 20 questions for 30 seconds each = 10 minutes wasted!
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