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  1. I can't believe it's already been a year since I've been this underwhelmed!
  2. FM11 : The Revolutionary Fulham Thread

    Started a game last night, having finished pre-season. Won all my friendlies convincingly with a ballsy 4-1-1-2-2, managing to beat Anderlecht and Napoli were the highlights. I'm fairly happy with the squad, there don't seem to be any massive gaps. Tight wage budget and low transfer budget mean I won't be changing much this season. I'm also going to try and be fairly realistic in my signings (i.e. not overload on 48 month transfers), and hopefully get some youngsters in as the number of U-21s is way too low. In: I've only signed C. Benitez (£1.9m) and Kadlec (£975k) as I wasn't happy with the low finishing amongst all strikers. Out: Gudjohnsson's gone back to Stoke, Kamara, Riise & Trotta left for £6m in total. Greening's gone out on loan too. I'd be happy to place in the top 10 this season, as I'm trying to build things slowly it should take a while to rejuvenate the squad, but I'm hoping that by the second season I'll be 'best of the rest'.
  3. Is it just me or do the opposing team tend to pick up a lot of bookings when you use this tactic?
  4. Started a save with Man Utd, and it's looking very promising so far, good tactic Zero Sea
  5. My tactic has hit a bit of a stutter; will give this a go
  6. I always buy players, never tried disabling the first window. However, I've always disagreed with the fact that you have the choice to have a transfer window at the start but you can't choose whether players start with injuries or not.
  7. First season so far - up to November Things are going brilliantly, much better than I expected. I started playing with a 4-5-1, which evolved to a 4-2-3-1, and I've now ended up at a 4-2-4. 3 games in to the new formation and I've had a 3-1 win away at Spurs, then 4-0 home to Bursaspor, then a 5-2 home win against Man Utd, so it's looking good given how tough two of those games should be. I think the Match Preparation has really helped with this, as the tactics stay almost the same, so as I've changed the formations from safer to riskier, the players are still quite comfortable with the tactic. Premier League Currently top by 6 points, having only dropped 4 points, drawing against Man City (away) and Chelsea (Home). Scored 38, conceding 10. I felt like I hadn't been tested that much, although now we've held our own against Citeh, Chelsea, United and Spurs I'm feeling better about that. Champion's League Got off to a shaky start with a 2-2 away draw vs Bursaspor, but have won my following 4 games, with 1 to play against Werder Bremen, although I think we're guaranteed top spot. Outstanding Performers Chamakh has been my best player so far, with 11 in 13. RVP and Arshavin have also been banging them in with 10 each, and Koscielny has 5 goals already (no set piece set up either!).I've stayed true to life and been playing Fabianski in goal, and he's been solid enough, although the whole defence have been brilliant so far, very solid. Transfers Managed to secure the signings of Lukaku (£8m), Sanogo (£7.25m) and Kevin (£2.4m) to come in January. Will probably get rid of Bendtner to accomodate the two youngsters. Fixtures so far: http://i528.photobucket.com/albums/dd329/rougess87/Nov.jpg
  8. Got given £16.5m, and I overspent in the transfer window so I guess whatever you spend then gets taken away in November. Happy with my first team atm, so will be looking at Sanogo and Boubacar with that money, possibly Kevin as well.
  9. Thought Arsenal would be a nice start to FM11. Playing a 4-5-1, only signed Rodwell and Paolo Henrique. In hindsight, I'm not really sure why I signed Henrique, as I intend to try and get Ramsey, Wilshere and Fab all playing together. Toying with the idea of Cesc as a DLP atm. League gone well so far 1-0 away at West Ham, 3-1 home to Blackpool. Pretty easy CL group too: Werder Bremen, Basel and Bursaspor
  10. When you delay knee surgery so the three weeks you have to take off work line up perfectly with the release of FM
  11. Good idea, there should be a thread for everyone's opinions on the demo
  12. Adam Boulding - Leaving Dreams Behind

    Docks, it's good to see an update, but I can't help but think you'd be better off sleeping at that hour!
  13. Goalkeepers Scoring

    That's pretty special, I've never seen a keeper score an intentional goal, although Akinfeev picked up a pretty special accident for me once.