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  1. Is it just me or do the opposing team tend to pick up a lot of bookings when you use this tactic?
  2. Started a save with Man Utd, and it's looking very promising so far, good tactic Zero Sea
  3. When you delay knee surgery so the three weeks you have to take off work line up perfectly with the release of FM
  4. Started a save with Lyon, never managed outside of England or Spain, and I know Lyon are held in quite high regard round here Aiming to play with a 4-2-3-1 wide (but not deep), and signing either French players or players that will qualify as HG. Here's the squad so far: GK: Lloris, Hartock DL: Cissokho, Helan / Gassama DC: Otamendi, Boumsong DC: Cris, Lovren DR: Reveillere, Clerc / Aurier MC: Toulalan, Makoun / Gonalons MC: Kallstrom, Bodmer AML: Bastos, Ederson AMC: Pjanic, Grenier AMR: Ait Fana, Govou / Clerc ST: Lopez, Gomis / Tafer Also have James Rodriguez, who'll be able to cover anywhere in midfield. ATM I think the squad is slightly inflated in some places, ie full back, as well as inexperienced, ie AMC and FB again, but given my knowledge is so low I'm willing to risk youth and put it down as part of the learning curve. Any suggestions for possible signings would be welcome, but you'll also need to suggest who I should sell in that position as well
  5. The changes I would like to see will improve the experience of turning a small club into a big club, which I know a lot of FMers do. The first change that needs to be made are Season and Match Day Tickets. I turned Fulham (admittedly not the smallest club) into the biggest team in the world. But the ticket prices didn't change at all, despite building a new stadium and winning the EPL and ECL several times. I understand that it might be hard to implement the changing of ticket prices, but I feel this is an important issue that needs to be addressed in order to maintain realism. The second change is rather similar. Sponsorship deals. In the same Fulham save, my sponsorship deals rose greatly, but still didn't reflect that of the biggest club in the world, and the time it would take for the sponsorship income to match that of Man Utd and R. Madrid would be a lifetime. In all my FMing experience, the only new deals I've seen appear in game are related to new stadiums, and I think that SI needs to look at clubs striking multiple sponsorship deals.
  6. Looks like I'll be busy reading this tonight Cheers for this, hopefully it'll help me create something special
  7. I would like the ability to set the target man supply options to "not X". For instance, Rooney has Heading = 10, so I don't want the players to play it to his head as the chances are he'll lose out to a centre back. But I want his supply to vary so "Mixed" is the only option. I would like to have a "Mixed but not to head" option.
  8. Pretty sure this has been mentioned before somewhere, but I'd like to be able to swap positions, rather than players, in my tactics. At the moment, the swap positions option means players will switch with each other. What I want is hard to explain without just using an example: I'm playing a 4-3-1-2, where the 1 is an AML, the 3 is MC-MC-MR. Say I want the winger (ie AML) to drop back to midfield (ML) and the midfielder (MR) to push forward to a winger (AMR). Ideally this means my team reacts to attacks on one side of the pitch, but remains relatively defensive on the other side. All I think needs to be done to implement this is change "Swap Position" to "Swap with Player" and Swap Position becomes the above function.
  9. He was linked with Chelsea for ages and was pretty close to joining IIRC. Wasn't always as loyal as he is now.
  10. Option for rounded or decimal ratings in Preferences would be best to be honest. That way everyone's happy
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