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  1. Started a save with Lyon, never managed outside of England or Spain, and I know Lyon are held in quite high regard round here Aiming to play with a 4-2-3-1 wide (but not deep), and signing either French players or players that will qualify as HG. Here's the squad so far: GK: Lloris, Hartock DL: Cissokho, Helan / Gassama DC: Otamendi, Boumsong DC: Cris, Lovren DR: Reveillere, Clerc / Aurier MC: Toulalan, Makoun / Gonalons MC: Kallstrom, Bodmer AML: Bastos, Ederson AMC: Pjanic, Grenier AMR: Ait Fana, Govou / Clerc ST: Lopez, Gomis / Tafer Also have James Rodriguez, who'll be able t
  2. search the forum's for wolfsong's guide to team talks. i've been using for about a week (irl), and morale is higher than ever and it gets at least an extra 10-15 points a season now my question! about arrows again... my formation is a 4-2-3-1, with a backwards diagonal arrow on the right centre mid, pointing to centre DM, and i usually play xavi or yaya toure there. my only problem is that instead of him running back when we lose the ball, i want him to sit in front of the defence when we attack, so he can sweep up any counter attacks without the defenders needing to break position. is ther
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