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  1. Premiership Glory Clan 2013

  2. The Underdogs

    AMC- Wilkes signed for 4.5mil ST- Gunn came through the Academy ST- Montari signed for 4mil
  3. The Underdogs

    LB- Radtke signed for 5.25mil DMC-Bertrand signed for Free MC- Hall signed for 675k MC- Dissa signed for 200k
  4. The Underdogs

    Meet the Team- Derby GK- Surac signed for 2.6mil RB- Torres signed for free DC- Lucenti Signed for 1.3 Mil DC- Vastenhouw signed for 1.5mil
  5. The Underdogs

    Paulo - Derby Well after being robbed of the Championship title and throwing a hissy fit Ive got the hunger back. In the end it wasn't all bad I managed to get promoted to the prem after finishing 2nd in the champ. And after signing only 1 player during the summer a CB for 1.9mil everyone including myself thought we'd struggle and after losing the 1st game 8-1 to man city I thought I'd be in for a long hard season, after the first few games performances picked up especially at home where we have been almost unbeatable. Fast forward 27 games into the season I sit on 29 points 27 of them coming at home and only 2 points!! taken from away games which is something I need to sort out as I have a lot of tricky home fixtures left and were not quite safe yet. hopefully the boys can get to around 34 points which should see us survive in the premiership for 1 more year. That's all for now ciao.
  6. The Underdogs

    Paul - Derby Well after almost year out of a job I was finally given the chance I deserved (most clan fools predicting id get a league 1 job) my patience paid off as soon as I declared interest in the mangerial position at derby they swiftly gave their manager the boot and hired me instantly, they were bottom of the champ and on an 11 game losing streak but I felt they have alot of potential aswell as having some time to turn things around. Fast forward to the last game of the season I was just above the relagation zone just needing atleast 1 team below me to lose, thankfully joh stopped m'boro getting the win and and I stayed up by 2 points in the end after a hard fought draw against Jamie's reading. On to the new season the media are predicting us finish 24th so it looks like it will be a long hard season hopefully we can just about stay up.
  7. Premiership Glory 2011 Clan

    First Season Summary Paul - Yeovil Well after completing my apprenticeship managing in non league football an experience which I learnt a lot from, I felt the time was right for me to step up. So obviously upon finding out I was being headhunted by the Prem Glory managers association looking for young, hungry talented and ambitious managers I jumped at the opportunity an immediately agreed to join the clan. It was not long after they worked their magic put in a few good words and before I knew it I had an interview with my beloved Yeovil Town F.C who were impressed offered me the job, I did a little dance, smiled and signed the contract. Board Expectation- Promotion Media prediction - 7th (Final Position 8th) Fa Cup expectations - 2nd round (reached the 4th round) Finances: Transfer Budget - £0 Balance- -£500k Wage Budget £19.5k p/w (recently upgraded to £21.0k p/w) Onto the job at hand I quickly set about looking at the squad, seeing who were and weren't worthy of new contracts to try and free up any small wage budget I could for loans, free transfers etc, but due to taking over the club about a month or so into the season there was'nt much I could do in terms of long term loans as the previous manager decided on signing mickey mouse & co, so had to settle bringing in a few short term loans most importantly a Goalkeeper and a Centerback to strengthen my weak defence aswell as a striker to add some firepower. The season started well taking the club from 14th to 6th with 7 straight wins winning MOTM in my 2nd month in charge unfortunately the team couldnt keep this form up once a few loanees left, and with no window open to replace form and morale started to drop along with performances, It wasnt all bad I went on a Fa Cup run reaching the 4th round only to lose 3-1 away to Reading (missing a pen when 2-1 down). There's not really alot to say about the rest of the season the team was hovering in and out of the playoffs only to miss out on the last playoff spot with the last game of the season. All in all the season went ok I look forward to the new season with a fresh start hopefully my new signings settle in well, and if the team performs as I think they should and with abit of luck we could be up their fighting for promotion at the end of the season. Adios.
  8. Legends still in the game.

    Jari Litmanen
  9. Player searching

    You use common sense and judge based on their stats, aswell as a few other things.
  10. Do you put a GK on the bench?

    I usually take the risk with no sub GK, I rarely pick one but if I do It's for the really really important games.
  11. completely unrealistic

    Yeah you losing 1 out of 38 games in the league is realistic too right...
  12. Rivaldo

    I just signed him on a free in the second season for my newly promoted Championship side Yeovil, I got him in the january transfer window for a hefty £1,600 pw http://img515.imageshack.us/f/rivaldo.jpg/ he's performing pretty well too, a downside he can usually only play 45mins.
  13. Does anyone know Ibrahima Bakayoko's? he was pretty godly, think it was on the same version too
  14. damn thats a huge fail he only has to be at the club a few months paying his wages and they wouldnt make any profit at all
  15. Young Boys

    I thought it was funny