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  1. Annihilator666 - Lancing - Season 10/11 - Sussex County League Division Two League Table Top Scorer Best Player Didn't really make any progress this season. Finished a couple of positions lower in the league, but did make it through a handful more rounds in the cups. A couple of regens came through at the start of the season and went straight into the first team so hopefully they'll develop nicely.
  2. The FA Trophy and early FA Cup rounds take about a minute to process on my machine so unless your PC is ancient it should be OK...
  3. Annihilator666 - Lancing - Season 09/10 - Sussex County League Division Two League Table Top Scorer Best Player Not much to report this season. Was woeful in the cups and did OK in the league. The consortium that was trying to take over pulled out but my chairman is still looking to leave the club.
  4. Up to February in my first season and doing alright in the league, but not great. However, just got a news message that a consortium is putting together an offer for the club. Should be interesting to see what happens (as long as they don't replace me as manager lol).
  5. Figured I'd give this challenge a go for a bit of a laugh. Will probably end up getting relegated in the first season. Meet the new manager of Lancing! EDIT: ahh, relegation isn't possible. Excellent.
  6. Freddy Adu? Still young IRL, but his career is going nowhere fast....
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