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  1. End of Over 163 (11 runs). *****ys Satanic Sledgers: 1131-4, runrate=6.94 Lead by 1061 runs. (Plumtree CC 70-10) Ince 43-0-270-1 Wight* 267 (203 balls) Hadland 364 (326 balls) Last Wicket: Lowndes lbw b. Jannie 141 (FOW: 598/4) Playing a bot team, just making sure it goes 3 days...
  2. Managed this 0 ITS youth pull today: Dharmadasa Sandanayake (1939195) RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, respectable batting form, respectable bowling form, fresh fitness. A steady player with worthless leadership skills and worthless experience. Plays For: *****ys Satanic Sledgers Nationality: Sri Lanka Age: 17 Years Old Battrick Rating: 3,465 Wages: £984 p/w Stamina: worthless Wicket Keeping: worthless Batting: worthless Concentration: worthless Bowling: respectable Consistency: feeble Fielding: worthless I transfer listed him if anyone's interested, I don't have any nets
  3. And that's the end of the match. *****ys Satanic Sledgers won by 122 runs. End of Over 63 (Maiden). winnitscratch 1st XI: 220-10, runrate=3.49 (1st Inn: 303-10) Trail by 122 runs. (*****ys Satanic Sledgers 408-4 dec & 237-10) Hall 13-0-56-4 Mapie* 0 (1 balls) Last Wicket: Ansell c & b. Hall 60 (FOW: 220/10)
  4. End of Over 30 (2 runs). winnitscratch 1st XI: 104-4, runrate=3.47 (1st Inn: 303-10) Trail by 238 runs. (*****ys Satanic Sledgers 408-4 dec & 237-10) Tsietsi 9-3-19-1 Horsfield* 2 (5 balls) Ansell 15 (23 balls) Last Wicket: Farrell c. Boyd b. Oupanyana 34 (FOW: 98/4) It's going well today, their best batsmen are out and I should be able to take 6 wickets from here...
  5. End of Over 25 (Maiden, 4lb). *****ys Satanic Sledgers: 100-3, runrate=4.00 (1st Inn: 408-4 dec) Lead by 205 runs. (winnitscratch 1st XI 303-10) Thomas 2-1-1-0 Lowndes* 7 (19 balls) Lake 43 (81 balls) Last Wicket: Hadland lbw b. Kewell 7 (FOW: 80/3) I'm hoping I can get a lead of 275-300 before the end of the day, then declare early tomorrow to try and bowl him out.
  6. End of Over 29 (5 runs). winnitscratch 1st XI: 121-3, runrate=4.17 Trail by 287 runs. (*****ys Satanic Sledgers 408-4 dec) Boyd 7-1-28-1 Clingan* 12 (20 balls) Ansell 0 (1 balls) Last Wicket: Farrell b. Boyd 46 (FOW: 121/3) Picked up a wicket with the penultimate ball of the day.
  7. End of Over 24 (2 runs). winnitscratch 1st XI: 99-2, runrate=4.13 Trail by 309 runs. (*****ys Satanic Sledgers 408-4 dec) Tsietsi 6-2-10-0 Farrell* 35 (39 balls) Clingan 3 (7 balls) Last Wicket: Berry b. Oupanyana 51 (FOW: 96/2) Last wicket was their best batsman, hopefully I can bowl them out cheaply from here...
  8. End of Over 58 (9 runs). *****ys Satanic Sledgers: 270-3, runrate=4.66 Thomas 4-0-25-0 Neil* 102 (108 balls) Lowndes 13 (12 balls) Last Wicket: Hadland c & b. Kewell 29 (FOW: 239/3) Lost the toss, but my oppo put me in to bat, which is what I wanted anyway. Declaration target is set to 400, hopefully I can finish the match in 2 days as it's an away match but their batting line-up looks pretty strong...
  9. Only one pop this week: Tristan Horton - 17 yo, BT Rating=6,458 RH Batsman, RFM Bowler, respectable batting form, strong bowling form, lively fitness. A steady player with competent leadership skills and worthless experience. Stamina: competent Wicket Keeping: worthless Batting: competent Concentration: respectable Bowling: abysmal Consistency: worthless Fielding: feeble
  10. Easy FC and OD wins this week at home against bot teams. Gate receipts of over £100k for the first time in the OD match too...
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