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  1. how would this tactic need to be tweaked if you were to use wingbacks rather than wingers?
  2. no worries Matt, thanks for that. its pretty similar to mine but i will try a few of your tweaks.
  3. Matt well done on a good season. would you mind posting a screenshot of your tactic and any instructions you used. i am doing well in my save, and have just moved eriksen into cm as AP/s. Dembele has been a beast alongside him.
  4. finished my second season as league champions! after finishing 4th last year i was just hoping to get another top 4 finish but i was 1st from day 1, winning the league with 2 games to go. Harry Kane smashed all the records this season. i had aimed for 38 goals in the league (1 goal per game) and he did just that, and i had to rest him for 4 of the games. he ended up with 51 goals in 51 appearances in all comps. he also got player of the year with ave rating of 8.06. I also had a very suprising run in the champions league getting all the way to the final only to loose 2-1 to chelsea. after getting through the group i treated the competition as a bonus and the draw was kind with first ajax and then benfica before getting barca in the semi. somehow manages to grind a 0-0 away and the kane nicked a goal at home to get us into the final. Kane scored 13 in the champions league finishing as top scorer. Depay as right winger and Lemela on the left scored and assisted all season, as did Eriksen. Dier, Bentaleb and Mason have developed really well, as have Onomah, Dele Alli, Carter-Vickers, Walker-Peters and Butland. the spine of team is looking strong for years to come. im looking to bring Bale back this season and Pogba is interested although i wouldnt want to drop Bentaleb or Mason.
  5. finished my first season on the latest pactch qualifying for champions league in 4th. but i won all the cups in a long season. i only lost 1 game up until January and then due to fixture congestion i ended up loosing only 4 altogether. i was winning games 1-0 but drawing a lot of away games early on, but after a few tactical tweaks i finally got Kane scoring again and got back on track. i played a 4411, with lamela as left winger and chadli on the right but both were injured most of the season, so townsend played on the left and jordan ibe on loan from liverpool player on the right, both were brilliant. i managed to sell vertonghen for 35m to utd, paulinho to juve for 9m, capoue to valencia for 9m and fazio to newcastle for 9m. i only brought in ashley williams for 5m and ibe on loan. in jan i brought munir on loan from barca. i deceided to develop kyle walker-peters and cameron carter-vickers from the start with plenty of game time and tutoring, both are rather 4.5 stars potential at the end of the first season. Dier has developed really well for me as have mason and beltaleb. (bentaleb rated 5 star potential) Onomah has also been developed but im thinking of retraining him as a winger. il be looking to develop delle alli in the same way this season. i sold adebyor for 8m he did really well for me with around 20 goals in all comps, and sold townsend for 33m to city i couldnt say no. i will try to develop patrick robert from fulham on the left wing as his replacement. i was thinking of singing james wilson on loan as cover for Kane, but baldini struck a deal with inter for Icardi for 15m so i took him. i brought depay to play on the right wing for 20m. i brought ashley cole for 300k to tutor walker-peters. i was looking to buy berardi and agreed 15m with sussolo but juve werent having it. so when juve completed ownership i offered again and the negotiated to 195m! no thanks. my only gripe at the moment in the my midfield lacks aggression and bite. i really like stambouli but he has not played as much in 4411 system and non of the other midfielders are as good at winning the ball back. Juve are interested in stambouli as well at around 15m. iv brought a few youngsters in to develop over time too. look forward to champions league and further developing the young players in the squad.
  6. i can never sell fazio, and i never have any faith in him when he plays. chiriches is a strange one, so highly rated in FM but such a poor player in reality. in a previous save he was immense for me and top clubs willing to pay £30 for him, i kept him around to tutor some players as his memental attributes are decent.
  7. Dier turned out pretty good for me anyway, as long as he gets plenty of game time and as you still have vertonghen he can tutor him. i wanted to build my defence around him so i threw him straight in the first team.
  8. its not just him in my save, iv been getting alot of injuries compared to previous saves. even kane consistently picking up knocks and getting injured. i dont think i had a fully fit squad at any time in the season.
  9. cant seem to sell the players as easily as i could before the patch. previously sold vertonghen for 45m and paulinho for 35m which set me up to keep finances very healthy as my signings were very cheap. i cant sell paulinho at all this time i would be happy for 15m. i dont mind keeping him but he wont get the game time to impress to generate interest, and if i do play him then it will reduce the development of bentaleb and mason who i want to throw in. i can sell soldado for £10, i kept him previously to tutor kane and it bumped his determination up, but with the update he cant tutor kane now. i think i wil have to play with the squad until jan and then ship a few players out then
  10. @lam what tactic/formation are you using if you dont mind me asking? its just that in recent versions of FM i have struggled to get the best out of my fullbacks. in the older versions it was never a problem for me as they would get involved with the play and contribute to the attacks and defend well too... i know recent FM's have had issues where most of the goals conceded are from crosses.
  11. agreed, one thing about kane in the game is how easily defenders can take the ball off him when he drops deep, i was looking forward to seeing an increase in his dribbling. his power runs and desire to win the ball back high up the pitch should have resulted in a higher determination too. is a new save required to implement these changes or will the apply to current saves?
  12. just finished my 1st season and won the league, fa cup and league cup! was knocked out of quater finals in the euro cup. i played a 4411 with neil taylor my only first team signing at left back. i sold ade in jan after he got sent off and disagreed with the fine i gave him but decided not to sign anyone just yet. cavani was available for £20m but his contract would have been silly. defoe scored 34 in all competitions for me. iv got lewendoski coming in for £15M, sold dempsey and bentley as they dont fit in to my system at all. im considering selling sig as i want to play dembele at amc and bring in a stong cm along side sandro or play hudd more. lloris was a star for me in goal, with loads of clean sheets. ave ratings was under 7 but thats mainly because he didnt have much to do in most games. dawson was my rock at the back and caulker is looking like a super star. iv got a 5 star regen cb aswell. bale struggled with injuries but still got footballer of the year and most assist in the season. there are loads of players that are transfer listed that look quiet appealing. neymar was listed but not interested...went to utd for 44m welbeck is available for 14m chichorito should be available soon as he only played 12 games last season javi garcia the list goes on. my scouts have also found loads of 5 star potential regens anyone else come across this?
  13. also bought him for spurs in the first season with no intention of playing him in the first team. spent most of the season developing in the reserves but a few injuries in the first team led to him getting on the bench. my coaches rate him as 5 starts! he came of the bench in 2 consecutive games to score against man city and arsenal...instant hero!
  14. i brought in neil taylor from swansea at left back for about 8m. so far he has kept ekotto out of the team. how much did you guys get falcao and cavani for? their wage demands are crazy but i am in need of a goal scorer.
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