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  1. I'm half way through the first season and currently sitting in 5th which is amazing. I'm using FM touch for the first time so I don't know if that's easier or just a coincidence. I've gone for an attacking gengen pressing formation switching between 442 and 4231. I got McKenna in at CB as the defenders were injured and Joe Willock in on loan. I'll share my formations when I get back home as I don't have a SS on phone.
  2. So since I've been on here the 4-4-2 has evolved. Olmo signed and has been playing as a modified CMA which has helped greatly in breaking the lines and has helped with the 5 up front. The BBM wasn't doing enough of this. I've started varying the full backs as I was finding against teams that played wing backs (especially Wolves) the IWB was leaving me too exposed on the flanks. Generally now if I am playing against a team with a wide player that I deem a particular threat that full back is now moved to a more traditional full back or wing back to help defend that flank better. Or I occasionally let Tierney overlap Rowe if I don't need him to overload the CM. In terms of the wingers, Smith_Rowe automatically comes inside due to his traits and finished season 2 with 14 goals and 9 assists, and Nelson had 6 goals and 20 assists. The two Advance Strikers isn't ideal but with the attributes for acceleration, pace, off the ball and finishing Auba and Lacazette had it seemed like the best way to deploy the pair of them especially with the number of 1 on 1s they generated as a result. (Lacazette finished with 25 goals, Auba with 22 and Halland with 15) Auba has been sold to PSG and Lacazette will be if I get a decent offer in for him due to age and wage. Strike force for next year is Halland + another. The current back up pair are Gouri and Nketiah was hoping to add in Martinez from Inter but he has decided I'm not for him. Open to a deeper lying striker on the left but Dybala has moved to City and Firminio to PSG. If Lacazette moves on may move for Chalov. The pics below are my current tactic and the position with the ball. The one change I'm considering to the 442 when I use it is making Smith-Rowe(ML) a full fledged inverted winger and sitting him narrower and allowing Tierney to bomb on outside him but I think if I was doing that I'd need to ask Olmo (CMR) to be more defensive or I risk being outnumbered.
  3. So I was recently reading a Michael Cox article about how the best teams in the Premier League in the last few years have all attacked with 5 players. Different teams have achieved it with different combos. Liverpool and Chelsea with a front 3 and their wing backs providing width, Man City with their wingers staying wide and De Bruyne and Silva acting almost like no.10s. You ultimately end up either a 2-3-5 or 3-2-5 at transitions. It is all based on theory that you should have an attacker in each stripe on the attached diagram to maximise your use of the pitch etc. Do people try and incorporate that theory into their tactics and if so how does it look in possession? I'm using a 4-4-2 with inverted full backs, but it means I don't really have a 5th player in the attack, not sure if I should either invert a winger and include a wingback (would work down the left with Smith-Rowe and Tierney or the right with Pepe and Bellerein) Or I could keep with the IWB and Wingers in which case what role should I use for a CM to get them more involved in the attacking phase? I've got an Asymetric tactic but it seemed to struggle against the bigger sides.
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