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  1. Apart from the fact that most of the homegrown under 22 are not registered, the AI does not have at least one under 22 substitute and keeps moving the only eligible one from the starting eleven from position to position even with 40 condition because he is only allowed to change with another under 22.
  2. I selected my AMR and AML to mark tightly on their ML an MR but looking at the match engine they are tightly marking the DL and DR instead of the ML and MR. The opposition clearly has ML and MR not AML/AMR. Please assist
  3. Dinamo has made a lot of transfers in and out in the last month. Will they be reflected on the league rules fix update?
  4. 1) I started a season with Farul and I couldn't start the match because I needed to have 3 players homegrown at Farul. The rules for Liga 2 show at page 75 paragraph 10 that 3 players need to be homegrown in nation but not at club as it is currently in the game. "10 Echipele din Liga a 2-a sunt obligate să folosească efectiv, pe toată durata jocurilor din campionat, cel puțin 3 jucători sub 22 de ani formati la nivel national (nascuti dupa data de 01.01.1997). Dacă unul dintre jucătorii menționați este eliminat din teren, echipa în cauză nu este obligată să introducă în teren un alt jucător din aceeași categorie de vârstă." source: https://www.frf.ro/wp-content/uploads/file/Pdf/ROAF 17 iulie 2018 CU 200718.pdf Please correct the rule so that it will require 3 under 22 players nation homegrown instead of club homegrown 2) SSC Farul is now FC Farul as Marica won the brand, fused the team in 4th league with the one in 2nd and also got Ionel Danciulescu as a General Manager. It should use the old team id with it's reputation and history, not the newly created one source: https://www.fanatik.ro/marica-a-investit-primii-bani-la-ssc-farul-18557111 https://www.digisport.ro/fotbal/liga-2/ciprian-marica-anunta-schimbari-importante-la-farul-dupa-umilinta-cu-u-cluj-536297
  5. Update 14.3 doesn't contain Current Abilities and Potential Abilities updates, at least not in Romania. For example, at Steaua, Piovaccari and Adrian Popa are top goalscorers of the team with 6 goals each in real life but in the game are among the weakest of the team, with attributes identical to the summer window when Piovaccari came by loan. Furthermore, Chipciu is a striker, a "false nine" in the current system used by Steaua and appears as "awkward" in the striker position in the game. Best regards, Remus
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