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    The sheer depths of hell watching pineapple games

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  1. I think a freeze button is a must have to make this editor worth while
  2. I would say the challenge of breaking the Donetsk/Kiev dominance would be the way to go, so my vote would be for Metalist
  3. When did you get the offer? If its in the last third of the season the option to join at the end of the season wil be available
  4. Merry Christmas from sunny Australia folks! it's already 14 hours in and probably 14 pints in but hope you all enjoy your festivities !!!
  5. Schweinsteiger on a free, bosses my midfield and an al round beast
  6. I had a young kid from Mongolia in my journeyman save, took him to every team i went to - I thought I was doing him a service by learning different cultures and languages, signed him for free to OFK Belgrade, then onto PAOK then Sparta Prague, Ajax and we both finished up at Dortmund, 12 consecutive league titles in 5 nations and over 150 goals scored lead him to be on of the best midfielders id ever had
  7. First thing, Im assuming your on another computer otherwise your V is playing silly buggers with everybody!!! a quick tip for you, google the alphabet, click on a website that has an alphabet copy a v from said website and paste the v to where you need it to in game, my A button on my laptop died on me and I used to use this simple way of searching
  8. I think more then Likely he is playing the regular game, and has thought that he could use it
  9. Hmmm interesting, I honestly think there is enough want from the community to introduce something like this or if not maybe just through your team tactics pre match saying only designated players to take penalties etc
  10. Would it be hard to implement a pop up of some sorts say player a is on a hat trick, would you like home to take the spot kick or would your prefer your regular spot kick taker to take it??
  11. So as Nomis07 I dispute everything because im a firebrand in the same breadth as robbie savage, roy keane and vinnie jones (makes my manager sound rather tyranical) so to the point i was issued a touchline ban with final game of the season, I was in third place 2 points behind Chelsea on top and 1 point behind Manchester City...story now goes that man city loose their final game to everton who were in 4th and move one point ahead of me and equal with chelsea, chelsea lose against Leeds who pull a rabbit out of their hat to stay up on the final day sending fulham down...I am watching on from the touchlines and am up 3 nil against brighton, my best defender its injured but is able to stay on, now his rating hits 62% and my AssMan finally makes a substitution but the twit pulls of my striker who has two goals and an assist, my defender is clearly shaken and makes a mistake boom goal to brighton, Im pleading with the football gods that he gets subbed, one is made and my left winger is subbed for a DM, I am getting frustrated now, my defender makes a howler of a mistake and boom 3-2, now I am getting very angry, said defender brings down a player in the box, referee calls for a penalty, he gets a yellow card and boom he's now properly injured and has to be replaced, so he comes of for my awesome young re-gen wonderkid defender who has been a rock in all of his games played this season, so I figure I should be safe, they score the penalty and Its now 3-3 Im feeling okay because we score 30 odd percent of our goals in the final 15mins and bang we score 4-3 to us, my young gun defender loses his mind and hacks their player in the box - bang penalty 4-4, 5 mins to go my goalkeeper comes off his line for a routine cross collection, clashes with a player goes down, they score 5-4, blow goes the whistle...game over, season over, first league title over.... Love this game but hated that particular one... to rub salt into an already gaping wound, my contract was up at the end of the season, we had a very quick board takeover, I was sacked and promptly replaced with the Brighton manager....very upsetting, but I shall have my revenge as I have just taken the Brighton job...cue evil laugh.....
  12. Ive noticed that if I have two players names in the team of the week that a third player who didnt play in the match is also named in the team of the week, has anybody else had this issue? not a very big one but still! otherwise I think this may be the best FM to date
  13. I have just experienced this and the selling club responded something like - we will not be drawn into responding to your offer at this moment, so I guess its either to gather an immediate response or wait and see kind of thing
  14. Hmmm perhaps it lies in my AssMan, perhaps he's a useless git
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