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  1. With the greatest respect to coquelin and butland I wouldn't consider them top players and as such you can unsettle them and not get pipped by the computer. Another player this was a problem with in the past was Hugo LLoris, In game they would want serious money for him but he ended up making a rather unremarkable move to Tottenham for about 10mil (i think) I'm also pretty sure he was not out of favour at Lyon given he is Frances number 1. In all I think the game focuses too much on making it so you can't buy whoever you like, which doesn't really seem to be the case any more IRL, where a fairly minor EPL team like QPR can lure players from top teams. I'd like to see future versions of the game focus more on the team building and settling of players once they were bought rather than making the transfer the tough part.
  2. I agree that these problems are mainly with high rep players.
  3. I don't think it is that unreasonable for the game to simulate a real life change, after all it was only a few seasons ago that Tevez started "out of favour" at Man City. I wasn't asking that they predict these changes but asked whether now it is clear that it is very easy to tempt players away from French clubs for much lower than they are valued that this should be mirrored in the upcoming patch. Also a player is not worth what you are prepared to pay, they are worth what SOMEONE is prepared to pay. In this case the computer often shells out 20mil on these players which we can now see is not representative. Yes you can unsettle the player and lower their price but with high profile players like this the computer will simply pay more than you.
  4. Given the recent transfers of players like M'Villa and Remy, does anyone else think it might be time to look at the transfer values in game?
  5. It may be something to do with that, but I am talking about ai on ai games so surely they could adapt their tactics to man utd or does the computer not have this ability?
  6. In the last 2 games of football manager (2012 + 2013) I have found that Man Utd are really good against all teams but especially the big clubs. They constantly beat Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal by 3+ goals and everyone else by 5+ goals. I wondered if anyone else has this in their game or if it is maybe something I am somehow doing? It's not that I think that they should be bad, far from it, but I find the results a little hard to believe especially against Man City given the results against them last season. By the way this is on multiple saves across the last 2 games so its not them getting lucky unless they have a hidden stat to get really really lucky.
  7. it sounds like a bug, Does it happen if you exit out and reload the game? Also have you tried clicking the reset button in case there are some filters on that you can't see. Does it happen with just this scout or others as well? Have you tried getting him to scout somewhere he has permenant knowledge of, probably England, then when you get the news saying he is done the next day click to view the report there, then if that works try to access the same report through the scouting menu.
  8. I generally like to send my players to where I know they will get games. I also like to look at the facilities of the club they are going to if its a long term deal. Some lower league clubs have good facilities and so I tend to look for a balance between the two.
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