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  1. In my current save as Galatasaray , it's Bursaspor. They've scuppered about 15, 20+ game unbeaten runs of mine. Only beaten them 2 times.
  2. Highest selling fee for a player

    In FM12 , I got offered £46.5m by Barcelona for my Argentinian regen. He was the best player i've ever had. Never seen a transfer for more than that in my own saves.
  3. If it progresses your team and allows you to win stuff, then it's good I suppose. (As long as you stay in budget) If your spending lots and not getting any success from it, then it's not so good.
  4. Gonna have my usual long-term Manchester United save, but im gonna plough years into saves with PSG, Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladbach. That will keep me entertained for 6 months. Then I'll move onto a journeyman save or two.
  5. I suppose you could use the editor to up the debt ? Not 100% sure what result this would have in-game, but I imagine it would result in players being sold by the board (?), Almost no transfer budget (?), but with the same demand of success.
  6. Over the top wage request

    Meh, I never give in to this sort of ridiculous wage demand. Either let his contract run down to see if the wage demands go down due to not having long left on his contract (and risk losing him on a free), or sell up now and get a tidy fee to re-invest into the squad. I never pay a player over £80k a week, and if they demand more, and won't budge, they're gone. Every player is replaceable.
  7. As above, I think simply playing quite a few freindlies with you're new squad will help them to gel, and it shouldn't be long before they are a well oiled machine. Most changes I've had in a single year is 8 out and 19 in (11 Youth Players) at Barcelona in 2061. Played about 10 friendlies, and the team hit the ground running, no problem whatsoever.
  8. Has He Really Lost It That Much.

    On my previous save, he stayed at Man Utd until 36, then retired. I was Barcelona, and tried to sign him on multiple occasions, but he never wanted to play for me
  9. Tycoon Takeovers

    On a save I finished about 1 month ago, Valencia got a tycoon takeover in the 2072. They had been flirting with relegation each season since their promotion back into La Liga in 2064, but rather sensationally, managed to avoid the drop even when it looked inevitable. Anyway, some Mexican (iirc) businessman took control and started pumping tonnes of money into the club. New stadium and facilities announced in the first 3 years, as well as significant investment in the playing squad (about £400m over about 4/5 years). They got a top manager, a regen called Manuel Velasquez (or something like that) who had led Man Utd to 8 titles in 11 years (as well as 3 CL's, 2 WCC's, 7 FAC's, 5 CC's + 8 CS's), and they never looked back really. I was the manager of Malaga, and they bought 4 players from me over the 5 or so years with a total bill of about £130m (of which, my chairman released about £40m :@ ), and they have gone on to pretty much dominate European football since the takeover. Their first title was in (iirc) 2075, and in the next 10 years, they won 8 league titles and I think 5 CL's. I gave up trying to challenge them, because, it was impossible for the squad and finances I had and so I left to go back to League 2 Cheltenham Town, who I had at one point, got to the CL final after winning 3 successive PL's.
  10. How many replay matches they lose

    Yeah, kinda takes the challenge away from the game. I know that when I miss out on the league by 1 point, because my team took it too easy in the final fixture, I want to come back stronger next season and wipe the floor with those who pushed me all the way in the season just gone. Not keep reloading the game until I win... Each to their own though, i guess. If some people get enjoyment from never falling short because they constantly reload, then it's their right to do it.
  11. Highest Match Confidence?

    In my current save, I've just had 89% confidence for beating Everton 5-0 at home (playing as Manchester United) , but only 61% for beating Real Madrid (top of La Liga by 7 points) 2-0 in the quater-finals of the Champions League first leg? Dunno about any other fans, but I personally would feel better about the RM result, given it's importance :/
  12. Now, this is just a first season screenshot, but I thought it was weird enough to include here... Newcastle and Everton both relegated in the first season?? Fulham and Wolves in the CL places? Tottenham 11th? Looks like this save is going to be an interesting one...
  13. Football Manager: The 80's Era

    I heard some people have made "historic" databases in the Editors hideaway. Have a look there, and you may find what you seek.
  14. Got bored

    Would you be open to moving to the continent? Taking a Segunda team to the top of the Liga BBVA can be challenging, as can moving up through the divisions in Italy.
  15. FFP in Fm13?

    I would love to see it brought to the franchise. Would add another level of thought to squad building for the player (and the AI!!). If you could only spend 70% or so of the profit you make, taking away dividends (IF you make a profit in the first place), then it would surely add incentive for the player to keep alert to what is happening in their game? One bad season where you miss out on Champions League qualification (No prize money / TV Money) could mean you have to sell 2 or 3 of you're star players to offset the loss, and have to rebuild the core of you're team again! Having £20m or so taken from you're income could prove pivotal if you're working with very fine margins. So yeah, it's a must for me.