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  1. If I were you, I would consider creating a direct tactic. Counter mentality perhaps to start with. First, I would make them play narrower and deeper to invite pressure and free up space to exploit. Second, exploit the flanks to direct those balls to your super quick wingers. Your striker should be strong rather than quick to finish the moves. If playing with two strikers, then another one could be an Advanced Forward or even a Poacher. Also quick.
  2. Why don't you share your tactic with us? Maybe somebody can help you. Don't panick!
  3. Interesting. Then this makes things even easier. I could just set the Balanced/Average schedule for the whole season (and an appropriate Invidual Focus for all my players), sit back and relax.
  4. Do you mean that dedicated fitness training during pre-season isn't actually needed? Only to play lots of friendlies? I've always had a sense that high fitness training in the summer is essential.
  5. I'm talking about FM2015 if that's what you are after. During pre-season it's important to get the fitness levels up. Accordingly, I set my General Training focus to a Very High level of Fitness. No individual training for that period. It's also important to learn tactics, thus Match Training goes to 50% to lower the high level of fitness training and develop a good understanding of tactics during the pre-season. I train only one tactic at this point until my team are fully familiar with it (Fluid). I also schedule plenty of friendlies to allow for match experience. If I spot too many injuries, I may lower the General Training to High. Preferably one-two weeks before the season kicks off, I go from Fitness to Team Cohesion as the General Training focus. I may also change the Match Training to Teamwork if possible. I keep these focuses until my assistant manager says in his reports that my team have a "strong understanding" which mean a high level of team cohesion. During the season proper I have kept it pretty simple. Most of the time my General Training is just at Average and the focus is set to Balanced in order to train a bit of everything. Since I prioritize player development, I lower my match training share to 10% after a couple of weeks into the season. Then I also assign individual training to my players which is often their playing role in my tactics (or a single attribute if they badly need to polish a certain attribute). This level is also kept at Average to ensure that my players are not overworked. The only exception are my younger first-team players (21 years and lower) who have their Individual Focus level at High to develop them while they are more likely to improve. That's it!
  6. That's all very interesting and inspiring. I've made up my mind to use only fullbacks in my new FM2015 tactic in order to have a little bit more defensive cover on the flanks compared to wing backs. My most successful tactic to date used WB/a - IF/s on the left flank with Very Fluid team shape. Sadly, we conceded far too many goals from that flank. If I remember correctly 40-50% of all assists against us came from this wide left area and were often because of my marauding wing back on Attack. I'd also want to know your team shape. I think you were playing Control to get that nice possession game. I'm the Control guy, too! Team shape-wise, I've been playing Very Fluid (with Arsenal), also tried Fluid but didn't like it too much because of the gap between more attacking and more defending players. Now I'm thinking to actually try my luck with Flexible philosophy + More Expressive. This team shape would see my individual players act more according to their roles and duties if I'm right.
  7. A very nice OP and congratulations on your success! Since I'm still playing FM2015 and won't be upgrading any time soon, do you mind if I ask... 1. You seem to be using Flexible team shape for your Plan A (dominance). Why did you make this change from Very Fluid? 2. Have you tried your counter-attacking system on FM2015? Thanks!
  8. I wanted to congratulate you for your very first post. A good one!
  9. Thanks! So, no hard and fast rules, in fact. I'm a big fan of the 4-2-3-1 Wide formation. I'm currently playing with a CM/d - CM/s midfield pairing. One is a holding midfielder and another provides defensive support. This has been adequate for me so far. Oh, one more thing: if you combine fullbacks with IFs, is it necessary to assign your fullbacks to stay wider? Some people do that.
  10. Do you mean that it's perfectly fine to have the following wide partnerships: FB/a + IF/s and FB/s + IF/a? I've always had the feeling that inside forwards sacrifice too much width, thus they must have a wing back behind. I've used the WB/a + IF/s combo recently and the main problem for us has been getting back in position to defend.
  11. I'm collecting some ideas from this thread to develop a better FM 2015 tactic myself. Since you are using FB(A)'s to provide width, do you find necessary to add to their default instructions to get get operate wider? The thing is that I've mainly coupled inside forwards with wing backs.
  12. Sussex Hammer, since I have very little experience with this formation, I'm not the right person to offer tactical advice. In general, however, and from my own experience I can tell you that as far TIs and PIs are concerned, less if often more. I've had more success with 'less-refined' tactics. So, you should definitely avoid overthinking and overdoing. This is a very nice thread you have here and I just wanted to offer you some encouragement. Keep at it, you will make it!
  13. This would be a superb feature to have! In reality it's more like a dream since the game has no way to know the kind of football you aim to play. Without that you're only left with suggestions about passing accuracy, crossing effectiveness, numbers in the middle, etc. But the idea is good!
  14. When I first looked at your formation, my first idea was that your 4-2-3-1 Wide (a formation that I've played a lot and like a lot) is for possession and dominance. But no, you're playing for counters. These two - your formation and desired style of play - are very difficult to combine together. If you want to take in pressure, perhaps move your two central midfielders to the DM strata. It would certainly make your tactic more robust. Since the Counter mentality is ideal if you want to sit deep and look to soak up pressure from the opposition before looking to break with fast, direct attacking football, I wouldn't change that. I agree that some TIs and PIs could be "re-evaluated". Best!
  15. Sorry to write again. Does anyone know more about my previous post here. Really important. Thank you!
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