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  1. Name: Duane DibbleyDate of birth (will be 17 at game start): 03/01Nationality & place of birth: English, SittingbourneStarting Club (17-18 EPL only): Swansea2 high technical attributes: Finishing, Long Shots2 high mental attributes: Determination, Work Rate2 high physical attributes: Strength, AccelerationUp to 1 PPM: Shoots With PowerFavoured club: TottenhamDIsliked club: Arsenal, ChelseaFavoured personnel (and why): Mauricio Pochettino (Manager)DIsliked personnel: Jack Wilshire, Jose Mourinho
  2. So, we hit January 1st. A bit up and down but I'm happy nethertheless. 4411 2DM Plays almost like a 4231 when attacking. The DMC spots sit higher when attacking with the both being on Support but I have instructed Sensi no to dribble with the ball, he just sprays passes around the pitch. Transfers
  3. Just about to hit the halfway point of the season with my 4411 2DM system. I had to start again as I had a PC crash. On the plus side I made the tactic better this time around and am doing quite well. I shall do a mid-season report this evening.
  4. OK. So I've gone for this kind of deal with regards to the tactic: 4411 (2DM) And here are my two transfers: Will report back when I've played a few matches....
  5. Had a quick load up last night. Sorted the staff, training etc. and will get cracking with some matches tonight hopefully!
  6. Haha, same here bud. Although I'm the only one in the office today so I needn't be so sneaky!
  7. 4411 2DM? I've got off quite lightly with this one! I'll get cracking after work this evening and report accordingly!
  8. In an effort to be more pro-active on the boards, I'd like to join in if I still can!
  9. I'm replicating Spurs in my save and have gone structured and control. both midfielders in the DM strata but one as a DMCD (Wanyama) and one as a DMCS (Dembele) with PI's of dribble more and get further forward. Striker is AF with APS (Eriksson) and AMCA (Dele) behind. Playing an SS behind an AF is kind of counter-productive as usually an SS would have a deeper striker ahead of him which would make the SS the main scoring threat. Playing an SS and an AF would almost negate point of the SS.
  10. When I get home from work I shall chuck up some screenshots. I play 4 at the back with the FB's on attack, Wanyama as a DMC(d) and Dembele as a DMC(s) but with gets further forward and dribbles more PI's. Alli in the AMCL as an SS, Eriksson as an AP(s) in the AMC spot and Lamela as a AMC(a) in the AMCL spot. Won the league easily in the first season. Kane top scorer, Dembele got the highest rating. Alli needs tweaking as he had a slack season. IIRC Lamela got about 17 goals I think.
  11. I played a season with him as an AF and he scored nearly 40 goals. He did however have Alli, Ericsson and Lamela behind him in a tactic that I was trying to get as close to Pochettino's.
  12. shall keep my eye on this one. Stone is my Mrs' home town so lets hope you do well! strangely enough i started almost an identical challenge with my home town of Sittingbourne
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