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  1. I'm still on FM 14 due to a save i really can't give up on ..in year 2026, lots of regens i've invested a lot of time and effort into.If it's okay, i'd like to share some of the players.
  2. I will definitely check those out when i wake up tomorrow, it is really late in brazil atm.I've always thought that playing "strikerless" could be one of the ways forward as far as tactics go, or at the very least an option.I was always skeptical about incorporating that into FM, though.Mainly because (like i said a few times already) i do not really like how players ocupy space on the pitch within FM.It has improved leaps and bounds but it is still something that needs more work, imo.Keeping that in mind, i always thought it difficult to implement a style that relies a lot on good player movement and awareness in terms of positioning on the pitch in relation to other players.I can easily see the midfield getting congested and players "stepping on each other's toes" in past FM incarnations. I might give it a go at some point though.The reason i think it may be the way forward in football is that you do give up a LOT for that extra man up front there that often times does not contribute as much as an extra midfielder.Just like in the old days you would have the libero position that kinda wasted an extra man and was finally removed due to goalkeepers evolving in their role.I feel like the traditional striker could be on his way to becoming obsolete like that, similar also to the traditional pacey striker up front (now an inside forward).
  3. This looks a lot like a 4-3-3 from quite some time back with 3 forwards. If the SS players drift wide (which i expect they do to some extent), it could also resemble the regular 4-3-3 in terms of positioning on the pitch (when attacking, particularly) but more vertical and more crowded in the middle.But yeah, interesting..and it might overload the defenses, in large/small part (?) to the AI being poor at times, specially in being pulled out of position (the full backs in particular).
  4. Sounds interesting, do you ever have problems with the midfield getting too crowded in terms of how your players ocupy space ? One of the things that annoys me about FM the most is how poorly the players ocupy space within the pitch at times, though it has gotten better.
  5. I think roam from position/move into channels AF or Poacher will do just fine for that.Just keep in mind that all the pieces of the puzzle are connected.If you change the striker's behaviour, it will also change things for the AM/IFs indirectly.I can't know what is going on within your tactic, how you are scoring goals and how the player movement is, in general.If you change your striker to these instructions and set up the AM with a support duty, you might see the striker move around more and the AM will either jump into the box (due to the space the movement from the striker will create) more often than you'd like, or less (due to being support and not attack)..or just enough.It might make it harder for your IFs to find space if he is moving to the sides, dragging the markers with him, but it might leave more space in midfield at times.Gotta experiment with it and keep an eye on things.
  6. I see. I guess if it works that way within FM, it relies a lot on the poor defender AI that tends to get pulled out of position quite a lot and quite easily.Still, in the end, you will have a guy (or more) from central midfield spearhead into the box, and it will probably be a trequartista or an AM/A which is just a forward starting from a deeper position.IFs in the end are also just forwards starting from a deeper position that cut diagonally.Same players that used to play the AF in the 4-4-2 days are now doing literally the same thing they did before, just from slightly farther back and to the left/right.Personally, i prefer someone on the striker position, even if it is a false nine, i feel the space is filled better within the pitch, even if he just free roles or circles round the box.
  7. Well, it will ultimately accomplish the same thing.For example if you use a trequartista in a position that is not a striker it is pretty much the same thing as he will be in the box as much as an advanced forward with lots of roaming. Clarifying : what i meant was that someone needs to fulfill a role of box presence or threatening the box.
  8. You can probably set him up as poacher or advanced forward with roaming from position/move into channels.Generally a lot of mobility and a lot of creative freedom should do the trick.
  9. First of all, those strikers you mention are the kind that work best playing solo and playing other teammates in such as the wingers/forwards. They can score just fine but i think they are even better at getting the opposition team worried about them and thus leaving it easy for them to pass and score. They are also good in the air so i would expect some crosses to get some goals by them.Besides, if you are playing them in rotation they will have less goals scored overall.And if you are playing them together..well..that won't be a good formation, generally speaking as they are strong center forwards and won't mingle too well, necessarily. They can work, but it is a bit of a waste.I'd say keep cavani and lewandowski and lose giroud (despite the fact he's alright, the other two are world class.) Don't play them together or in the same team and instead play them in rotation based on condition and injury status.Use them to score and create chances.Your team will win more and that matters more than the goals scored by the striker.
  10. You need someone in the striker position on the pitch, even if he doesn't play a traditional striker role.False nine is an option as are others.Otherwise, i think you could have a good starting tactic.
  11. If you set Parejo to trequartista, he will run into the box a lot, often with the ball at his feet.He will basically play like a striker.Not what you are looking for i think, specially with parejo.If you want him to hang back more, i would say go AM with support duty but personally i think AM with A is best for this as it might provide you more presence in the area when you need it.I am assuming your inside forwards/wingers are doing what you want so i'd suggest tweaking your striker's duties.If he is simply too static, he might not be scoring as much as he could, but he might be causing the defense to focus on him and he might play balls for your IFs and even the AM.Is he doing that ? is it what you want ? You could have him play a more mobile type of role where he tries to lose the markers more and get into a scoring position more.If i remember parejo well, i'd say he would be better as support and not attack.Personally i prefer the AM with an attack duty, but both are fairly valid.For what you are saying, you might want him to play support.
  12. They will be better tacklers if they are more adept with both feet.That is mostly it..also, their overall stats will be lower the better they are with both feet, but you should know that already.It's like that with all players.Distribution will be affected in a minimal fashion.
  13. - The notion of having an offensive full back and a defensive one is logical because you need one to stay back and provide cover.Both full backs going too far forward can leave you too open. ( i am talking about this sepparately from your connection between the FBs and IFs/wingers) - If by 4-3-3 you mean DM-2CM-2IF-1ST : Yes, your CMs will delay getting into the box as they are positioned further back/down the pitch and it will take time and (depending on your tactics) build up play to get into the box. - With a 4-3-3 like i've mentioned, you will infact not have many players in the box unless both your IFs are on attack duty (at which point you will generally have 3, with CMs coming in later).One on support might not cut it.With your tactic, you will rely a lot on build-up-play to get goals or alternatively a direct/counter-attacking style.Somewhere in the middle might not work too well. - You should not need to worry too much about cover on counter with a DM and 2 central defenders.Leave one full back on D or S if you want to be extra safe. Personally i've found that this tactic works well as a build-up or counter-attacking tactic.It underperforms for me when i try to play attack-minded with it.
  14. If they are more defensive-minded players then yeah, you could do that.It would give you a bit more security and potentially less lost possession.However, in my experience the difference between what a defensive DLP or a support DLP tends to do is defined more by their attributes than by the defend/support duty.The only potentially big thing would be if a defensive DLP hang deeper on the pitch, which could alleviate the lack of DM, but i did not experiment enough with it, most of my DLPs had a bit more to contribute.Going with support makes it feel more of an universal choice.
  15. Hello everyone, i have had a lot of success with a tactic i've been using so i thought of sharing it with the rest of you.As the title suggests, it is inpired by the german national team, but not necessarily the one at this world cup.Think more of the times they used Ozil as an attacking playmaker. I made this tactic with the idea that i wanted to see free-flowing football that was exciting to watch while trying to keep possession in mind but not with it as a primary objective.I wanted a tactic that would be able to play a traditional #10 (think zidane) and would play a lot of through balls and slice the opposition defense.On the defensive side, i would try to keep things tight, primarily relying on deep lying playmakers to stop any loose or counter-attacking balls, with the full backs and even the goalie assisting higher up the pitch.Whenever the opponent starts trying to play possession football, the idea is the team slowly circles them and forces mistakes. I've played with this tactic and have had success with it from season 1 all the way to year 2025 (polished it along the way).It is easier to have success as you advance through the years in the game, but i have done very well with it in the initial years as well.What teams is it meant for ? Generally meant for strong teams that are contenders for la ligga/EPL/ETC.It's meant to take a team like that and convert it into dominating both domestically and on the european level while playing very exciting football. Main weakness ? the lack of a defensive midfielder can hurt you at times, the space between midfield and defense can be tricky but i've done my best to make up for that.Most goals that you will get scored on will be counter-attacking long balls to the flanks leading up to a goal or at times the defense can space out and a long ball to a pacey striker can get the best of them.Getting the right central defenders (not about class, more about attributes here) mitigates this a lot as does the right goalkeeper.As for set pieces, i know a lot of people like to set those up themselves so i've reverted them back to defaults. Without too much more ado, some screenshots : team lineup : http://imgur.com/4LSX0NP general team info : http://imgur.com/4LSX0NP,CGPsxmu,uYJygOY,M4yTLXX,jpzrGXz,tbXEp2v#1 team instructions : http://imgur.com/4LSX0NP,CGPsxmu,uYJygOY,M4yTLXX,jpzrGXz,tbXEp2v#1 assists/goal screen (stats) : http://imgur.com/4LSX0NP,CGPsxmu,uYJygOY,M4yTLXX,jpzrGXz,tbXEp2v#3 Fixtures screen (new season, ignored friendlies, Assman was handling those) : http://imgur.com/4LSX0NP,CGPsxmu,uYJygOY,M4yTLXX,jpzrGXz,tbXEp2v#4 A little more on individual player instructions and the kind of players you want. Goalkeeper : Any good goalkeeper will do but one one ones/reflexes are good to have in order to beat the odd breakaway striker. I play my goalkeeper as a sweeper keeper, kinda trying to imitate manuel neuer but having a hard time incorporating that quite as well into FM.Maybe you need to have Neuer or someone like him in order for it to work best.Rushing out would be a great attribute to have as well. Full backs. You don't need amazing wing backs here, but instead good supporting full backs work well.Decent physical stats in terms of agility/acceleration and pace as per usual for full backs.Positioning is also good to have as is bravery and concentration.Jumping reach would be a great bonus.These are kinda the dream stats but good solid full backs will do just fine. Central defenders. I prefer well-balanced central defenders here.They don't need to be amazing in the air, 13 or 14 will actually do just fine.They will need a bit of pace to make up for the lack of defensive midfielder and to keep up with the pacey strikers, so look for that.Marking,positioning and tackling are always key as is anticipation but pretty much all central defenders have those at a decent level.Concentration is good as well, but once more, good central defenders have that.Look for balanced physical stats most of all.It is okay if you have a Mertesacker in your defense, just make sure you have someone like hummels, boateng , sakho or varane next to him. Deep lying playmakers.These guys are the anchors of your team, they are the players that will probably shine the least as you need them to cover for your attack.Ideally you want someone that has a good balance of offense and defense.In terms of defense, you want okay tacklers most of all and positioning.Good physical stats are a plus, specially jumping.In terms of offense, you will care most about passing, first touch and even creativity, as they will launch a through ball here and there.The best one you could ever get is Pogba, but plenty will do well here.Ramsey, Wilshere come to mind.Even the more defensive ones will do well.Khedira, Vidal, Illaramendi etc. AMC (#10) - This guy is probably the heart of the team offensively. You will want someone technically gifted that can get deliver good through balls and also has good movement off the ball with the ability to finish.Players like Isco and James Rodriguez should do extremely well here.I've also had a wonderkid called guido vadala that became a legend in this position.You want someone with a good skill in passing,creativity and flair (around 17); those will help him assist your team.However, he also needs to get into space and score, so you will want him to have at least 17 in off the ball, and a good balance in finishing/composure.If he has 12 in finishing as isco did for me but 18 in composure, it is still okay.If he has pace and/or is good in the air, that is always a plus.First touch is key for him, as it is for all of the team in general with this tactic. Inside forwards - Very straightforward on these. You will want players that can get into space and score, that is the most important part.Pace, first touch, off the ball and finishing are the most important attributes here.Everything else is a bonus.I've had players like Jese do amazing in early seasons getting european golden boy with ~8.00 ratings.He is good but he is no cristiano ronaldo yet still did amazing. Strikers - I've had most success with strikers that do well in the air as well as good at finishing.Alberto cerri is one of the best i've had in this position but any good striker can do well; i've had a striker with 9 jumping do well (but he had amazing stats aside from his jumping). Morata has had 8.00+ average rating in my first seasons if i remember correctly.Anyone can do well here, but being good in the air will help a lot.Dream scenario would be high attributes in jumping and finishing/composure with about 15 in passing/creativity/decisions/teamwork/strength/first touch.Dribbling is not too important but of course always a bonus. I will try to polish this post a bit more once i post it, feel free to ask anything, i'll try to oblige. Download link : http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/551170/FM-rar.html
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