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  1. Awesome career and a shame it came to an end, but its better to go out on a high than risk going out on a low. I find it funny how the chairmen will fight with you and go as far as willing to sack someone of your statues just because of a stadium upgrade row, I bet in real life no chairmen would risk sacking manager with such success because of the upset not only in the team but also caused by the fans (maybe something to be looked into for FM2015). Really enjoyed reading your road to success and your struggles to keep pushing in the championship and the early days in the premiership, again a great career and a great read. I look forward to reading your next story now and if it is a journeyman career then that will make for some interesting club stories, good luck bud. P.S. Funny how the team with such high success is slowly stripped apart for the money, typical AI managers.
  2. Nice gate receipts and a very welcome boost to future increases in wages the club will offer you to expand the team. Bad news was the first 3 games, 2 loses and your in a fight with the relegation zone not far behind you. I know you'll get the results you need I just hope that been in the Euro Cup doesn't effect the teams performance in the Premiership.
  3. Awesome work, upgrades are all the rage this season (at least at Cambridge it is) hopefully with the youth upgrade you will see a few better candidates worthy of a chance to play in your youth squad. The stadium upgrade though is important for Europe, a bigger wage bill for the new season and more maximum attendance records to beat. A great season and a nice surprise at the end, you did an awesome job, seems Wycombe had a good season aswell. Be interesting to see how long Wycombe can keep it up though. Look forward as always to the next update, hope now with your improves status your able to attract many more players to the club and thus begin the building of the dominate Cambridge team.
  4. Really, maybe next season they will show the true abilities (kind of in the same situation with a striker who can play in league 2 but has the potential for league 1, got him on a free and now in January where he has played 28 games and only managed to score 12 while the was to be second choice striker has played 6 and scored 7. But his movements on and off the ball is the only reason for him still been part of the first team). Just looked at the prize money and wow a huge difference from 51k from 1st place in the championship to over 1 million from finishing last in the premiership but if you can finish 8th or above then that's a lot of money. I suspect in your mind your now thinking must finish in the top 5 because the money from 5th and above would be so useful and it would allow you to attract even more talented players which would obviously come in hand for getting the foundations put together for the push for European glory.
  5. 19 games 42 points and sitting 2nd, maybe you will have a slump at some point in the season (hope not) but if you do at least you are in a very commanding place and should be safe from any relegation battles. Your run though was awesome, those 3 new players for the first team have really made a serious impact which seems to have lifted the whole team and made them think they are a force to be reckoned with (nice to see). It took 18 games to finally loose a match and you come back the following game after loosing to maybe start the run all over again (we can hope).
  6. What a turn around a season makes, from fighting for your life in the league to been 15 points clear of the drop zone and more importantly 3 points clear of Man U who are 2nd. Really didn't expect you to be challenging so high up so soon, I honestly thought 8th place would be the best you would be able to achieve but once again you prove me wrong.
  7. Thanks bud, to be honest I started a save about 5/6 days ago picking Tonbridge and because I really am a newbie and suck I was shocked when I was doing well fighting for a place in the play offs in my first season, so I thought no that team must have really good players in and I want to struggle for a few seasons so I can see the improvements I'm making with new additions to the team and shout outs I use. So I abandoned the save (I honestly thought It was the team been so good) then after loosing my job at Newton in Wales I took the job as Tonbridge who was in deep trouble in the relegation zone and with most of there players gone I began rebuilding the team and we started to do well pushing the other teams and closing the gap to those ahead before finally stepping out of the relegation zone. It was then that I thought ok so it wasn't Tonbridge in my abandoned save that was the problem, it was me been able to play the game better and get the players to play the style of football I wanted them to play that worked. I know for newbies, people say start in a big club like Man City, Celtic etc while they learn the game and then look for challenges when you feel your ready. I think its better to take a small team and go with the flow, you learn what attributes to look for and you get to build on the team with better players, so you learn how to improve your team more easily and you have less pressure from the chairmen. Also in LMA I always started with a small team and took them up to the top, then when I would get bored I would do the same all over again till the game ended (yes bloody end date) at which point the game was put away and not played again because it annoyed the hell out of me. Seriously though, I will stick with Tonbridge and continue to build the team up and hopefully be able to say I built them into a power house that's won and is capable of winning many more trophies. So my advice to anyone that is new, take a small team and go with the flow, start a few new saves as a small team and only focus on the Skrill N/S. When you start to do well then decide what to do, I would personally suggest staying with the team and seeing how far you can take them.
  8. I'm guessing he was trying to find good youth players to sign up for the future so they could replace his aging squad, something I use to do on LMA but with my backup players been the ones I was training. FM having both youth and under 21's makes it more easier to shuffle around while they are training for your 1st team. Never had a player decide he was worthy of a place on my first team before when clearly his attributes say otherwise, but will be sure to read more about personalities to make sure I can try to avoid such problems.
  9. Maybe a good place to start would be in the low leagues where setting up player roles etc are not as important and you can focus on the game and using the shout outs to help influence the way the players play. This in turn allows you to tutor yourself into what shout outs work best for your team. I have only have my formation setup, nothing else is done and have had a great time playing and found a few shout outs that really impacted on the team and made them push more for those important goals to secure our chance of winning the games.
  10. Awesome final day, loved the action and could feel the intensity building up as you scored to equalise with Brighton who sadly managed to score once more, but great news on both the Watford and Reading games. To be honest I didn't expect Reading to suffer such a big lose I thought maybe a draw for them, great news for Wycombe though who pounced on the chance to haul themselves out of the relegation zone giving them the dream ticket (at least for one more season). New stadium though is ready for the new season ahead and what a season it will be, the tough part of staying up is over. Now the challenge of getting the new players to gel while also been able to win matches. Hopefully most of the players will have gelled quiet a lot before the season gets underway though leaving you to focus more on the games than why a player or two aren't giving it there all. Adding to the great news the training facilities are to be upgraded, should help a lot with players been able to improve that little bit more and reduce the chances of injuries during training. But Blackburn lol, really. What was they thinking, you spend almost all season looking to the bottom 3 hopping to avoid been one of those teams stuck down there and they decide to offer you an interview afer not only been relegated from the very same league you have stayed up later to finish but also they was in 20th place, wow Blackburn living in dream land at the moment if they honestly thought you would except the job with them. Now though the fun starts for you and Cambridge, now the chance not only to cement yours and the teams place in the premiership but also chance to challenge the teams you and every LLM player dreams of challenging and most important of all qualifying for the champions league. Good luck bud, this will be a great season and one i have been looking forward to since i began following this great career. Congrats.
  11. Watford v Man City is good news, and might be what saves you however I'm the optimist and think you will have a good game against Brighton. I was wrong with my predictions of you winning against Southampton and Spurs then, it was Norwich and Spurs you picked up wins at. Good to see though, a shame you couldn't win or draw with Watford.
  12. Lol, I did that last night, didn't go to sleep till 4am just because I was 10 games away from having a chance to win the Skrill South. Good win against Wycombe though, and you are the one with a game in hand while Wycombe now sit in the relegation zone. How things can quickly turn around, 4 tough games coming up though. I fancy your chances against Southampton and maybe Spurs aswell, I think Norwich will be the tougher of the 4 clubs obviously Man City been the toughest of them all.
  13. From the looks of it you have to look down more than you can look up at the moment with Reading and Blackburn also having good months. Brighton and Watford seem to be the most likely to be fighting in the relegation zone. Just hope when Wycombe play Man U you win and so does Man U removing Wycombe's game in hand advantage they have over you. Hopefully you can win against Wycombe, 10 games to go, a few wins and some draws should hopefully keep you up but if you get relegated at least you know your team is capable of fighting it out for a place in the premiership, it just needs a little more strength which I'm sure you have already got some players in mind and your just waiting to see if you can take the risk of signing them or waiting till your return to the top league.
  14. Wow awesome come back, a good showing against Arsenal who you was so close to drawing with, but 2 very important wins in that month which has got to have helped lift the team a little seeing that they did so well February with just one lose to Man City which was obviously going to be the toughest game you could face other than Chelsea that is. More importantly your showing that the team isn't going to give up so easily and will fight for every inch and if given that inch then Cambridge are dangerous and will punish you. I wonder if the other managers are looking at their players thinking wow we're paying you triple what Cambridge would pay you and your not putting the kind of performances in that their player in the same position is. I take it other than trying to avoid relegation your aim is to also finish higher up than any of the teams that was promoted with you? (it would be one of my aims).
  15. Thanks Cougar2010, didn't look at it that way, I do look at the clubs history but not at how often they bring in new managers. Something for me to take note of from now on, last season I had a new chairmen come in after a successful take over and I was crapping myself. We was in the play offs at that point with our media predictions of 8th, so we was doing well some 5 points from 1st place with a game in hand. After the new chairmen joined it said he was looking to bring in a new manager from his own nationality (Ireland) I guess because we was over achieving at that time and continued to over achieve the chairmen had no choice but accept me as manager (I was lucky I guess this time).
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