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  1. Sometimes, do you think, I should try it on positive mentality? No, but I will try it. Thank you, I´ll keep that in mind.
  2. Here is my new tactic. The Mezzala has ticked on "dribble more". And this are the results, since I use the new tactic.
  3. Thank you, the guide is great, in German I would say "it opened my eyes". Now, I am trying to make it work with a 5-3-1-1 Formation.
  4. I just can´t manage it. Anyone here who managed to create a working counter tactic? In which the ball is quickly transported forward after winning the ball? The formation wouldn't be that important to me, although a tactic with 3 or 5 players in the defensive line would be nice. I hope everything is easy to understand, as English is not my mother tongue. Thanks in advance.
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