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  1. Hey Kurt, I wanted to ask you, what's your position on the "try through ball often" PPM (what you called "killer ball") for the inside forwards positions and the right advanced playmaker ? I understand you consider this PPM conflicting with the left central midfielder as it's on attack duty, but what about the other positions ? I know the possession % could suffer a bit but could the attack benefit from it ? Thanks buddy
  2. Hey buddy, how did you go with it ? I know the football played is nice with high possession but how did you go in terms of results ? Thanks Wkd
  3. Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it. Windows key alone or "win + tab" didn't work for me. However, thank you very much Samuel. Win + D works perfectly. I just needed "win" alone up to FM17, but I'll just use the "+D" for this edition Thanks again guys
  4. Thanks guys, you're legends Tried the "control + tab" but didn't work unfortunately However, the "alt + tab" command gave me the possibility to do it. It opens a window in the game interface, where I can choose between different screens while holding the alt key. One of those screen is the desktop It will do, but just to know, do you have to do the same ? Before, it was quite easy : just pressing the windows key and I was straight to the desktop. Now, windows key or "ctrl + escape" opens the apps page in windows 8.1 where there is a desktop icon. But when I click on it, it sends me back to the game, as if the game interface became the desktop. It's not really practical if you go back and forth from the game and your desktop for other duties (even surfing on the web). Is there another way to set it ? Or everyone has to go through this process ?
  5. Hey guys, silly question. In the previous games, I had the possibility to go back to the laptop desktop by pressing the windows key on the keyboard when I played football manager in full screen mode. It was the case up to FM17. In this edition, impossible for me to go back to the desktop when I play the game in full screen no matter which key I press. Does anyone know if this is possible and tell me how to do it ? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, he's good buddy, but his name is Kimpembe, not kipele Actually, I believe he'll turn a beast IRL, watch how he controlled Messi in the first leg against Barcelona in 2017. He's very strong, composed on the ball, technical with ball in his feet, good vision, anticipation, quick. On the other hand, he takes too much risk sometimes, and has to be more mature and stay calm at any moment. The last game at Nice, he lost his temper too many times with Balotelli provocating him. He needs to get experience and he'll definitely turns to be future PSG's captain. I believe he'll developp better than Varane or Umtiti, even though Varane seemed to have a higher potential at start. He reach a plateau and is too depending on Ramos' performances. He reads the game very well but is not "angry" enough, something that Kimpembe seems to have on top of his fantastic technicals and defending abilities (built under David Luiz then Thiago Silva tutelage) ;-)
  7. Kimpele??? Hahaha, yeah this kid turns out well, a good defender this Kimpele... lol (You made me laugh buddy )
  8. Hey guys, In June 2020, the France Olympic team is looking for a manager. I apply for it and get the job. The competition (U23) is meant to happen between the 8/08 and the 28/08. The 18th of July, I confirm the list of players I selected, then see that France is looking for a manager after firing Wenger (eliminated from Euro Cup in semi-finals). Now, if I apply and get the job, I'll get it straight away and won't do the Olympics. If I don't apply, they'll hire another manager straight away. My question is: is there a way to take the France manager position, but still do the Olympics before it? France doesn't play any matches before September, and the Olympics will just be for a couple of weeks in August... Thanks
  9. I guess it depends of which part of the world you're coming from: - UK/Australia: weekly - US: annually - Rest of Europe: monthly - Rest of the world: ? Being part of "rest of the Europe", I set it to monthly because this is how we're paid and it talks to me (annually too but I don't like contract negociations in annual terms). And as Cougar said, the finance screen is on a monthly basis.
  10. The events with Lyon were just a symptom of their problems, but has nothing to do with their relegation. There were big trouble between supporters and Bastia's board for political reason. Relegated from Ligue 1 to Ligue 2: performance reason (they finished 20th) Relegated from Ligue 2 to National (3rd division): their finances were in the red and have not been able to balance it before the deadline fixed by the DNCG ("french fiancial cops" for football) To make it simple, French football authorities make sure clubs are able to pay playersand staff wage or they can face relagation sanctions (cf: Turkey, Greece, some Spanish clubs... known to hae big delay to pay wages, even NOT pay at all). Bastia declared bankrupt and lost their professional status. They are now in National 3 (5th division) and have an amateur status.
  11. Or you can remove the previous saves from your save file, it did the trick for me. Let's say you previously played with Arsenal, and now start a new save with Real Sociedad (still using your same coach profile), move the Arsenal save OUT of the save document (and create a new document somewhere else to store it). I figured the hall of fame seems "attached" to the saves in your save file, and is always recreated even after you deleted it. It was the case in FM16 too. If you do that, start FM with your Real Sociedad save and you'll see the hall of fame (with your achievements as Arsenal manager) has been reset
  12. Thank you very much ilkork, you're a legend mate!!! I appreciate you really taking quite some time to answer properly... Your advices will certainly help some users here. And even though I play this game from the CM series and pretty much knew about those points, I had absolutely no idea that you ended up paying more in several months installments. While making an offfer on the transfer page negociation, I always saw the estimate payment per year but always assumed that it was solely a planning of spaced out payment of my offer, nothing else. I never calculated the 1 to 4 years amounts to pay and realize that the sum eneded up being more than my actual offer... Thanks again my friend, because I'll have a total different approach from now. Like you, I enjoy very much the financial aspect of the game... I'd appreciate if a mod or SI can explain what is the extra 17.5M when paid with installments compare to no extra when paid full at once on your 60M player example. Taxes? Loan? Bonus to the selling club? Penalties paid to whom?
  13. Thanks ilkork for your answer. Indeed, to have this monthly income an try to stay in the positive is the reason I mainly sell with 24/36 months installments. I am Paris FC (3rd French level), and am just getting promoted in Ligue 1 in 3rd season. As you may understand, I didn't buy one single player and only focus on free transfers/end of contract players, and sell as soon as I have interesting offers. My priority at the moment is to focus on making money, improving training and youth facilities, then I'll switch to buy interesting transfer listed players, like I do in general for low budget teams and get to europe then. I am not concerned by the FFP yet. You mentionned relevant points, and I agree with most of them. My question was really about the correlation between the taxes you pay at the end of the season and your selling transfer method. How come? I don't see why you pay MORE in taxes? Tax is what you pay to the state/government. Interests is what you pay/earn (according to your balance) with the bank. You obviously know that but I want to make sure there's no confusion. Your statement would be true in terms of interests if you paid this transfer with a loan (and pay more due to interests). It's actually the opposite if you consider the interests you generate in your bank balance account. If I take your 60M player tansfer example, in let's say an 80M balance, only 15M goes out of your account each season: - season 1: 80M - 15M (first 1/4 of the 60M transfer sold on 48 months installments), so bank interests calculated on a % of the 65M remaining in your balance - season 2: 65M - 15M = 50M... etc... The more in your balance, the more interests earned. This is opposed to a straight 60M cash payment leaving you with 20M remaining in your balance, so a less interests generated. That's correct if you refer to the previous point about the bank interests (nothing to do with your wage budget). And it's actually one of the first rules in business, when possible is always being paid the soonest and in full, and always pay delayed or in several times, to keep the cash flow. Now I try to know if this is benefitial to implement it in FM. This is advantageous in terms of bank interests (so making slightly more money), and in terms of increasing your transfer budget. But what is the side effect to use this in terms of TAXES (that you pay to the state due to making a profit)? If you are being paid 60M for a transfer on 48 months installment, do you pay taxes on 15M each year? On the 60M for the 1st season? Cheers mate PS: I'm so far of 60M transfer players, and wish it was the case so I would not have to worry about these details
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