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  1. Hi, may I know where went wrong? The font below the player picture how do I correct that?
  2. Your examples aren't best examples m8. These phone/tech/IT companies do not release a brand new product in days or weeks. New Model Phones at the fastest in months or a year. Procs every 2 or 3 years. iGPU every year or 2 years. So it does not make sense to compare the examples like how you release tactics. You release tactics as often as one changes underwear may be a better comparison. Also, if you compared Windows Release to you releasing tactics, I think you have supported and agreed with me. Windows is like 1 main/base tactic, the one and only one until years later a new windows comes out. The patches/fixes are Mods and tweaks but the main/base tactic IS THE SAME. But yours aren't the same, you release new tactics every other day, so funny how you should compare windows with fixes/tweaks, and phones/procs/igpus with the rate you release your new tactics. Frankly, if you come out with a new one, each month or every other month, that sort of freqency, seems acceptable. Many other tactic creator here have one main/base one and have Mods/tweaks and updated versions according to FM patches update. Somehow, those tactics tend to be more well developed and efficient and popular. Yes, you do release new versions but you also release New tactics like how we change underwear I was talking to couple of friends over lunch the other day, we all play FM and some frequent SI forums for tactics. One mention of your name, a friend of mine said "oh, that ttf and his tactics, well, some of his tactics are not bad, quite good, but he's a joke, half of the forum seems to be filled with his tactics and next week he will come up with a new one and say it's better'. I am sure some of us echos the same sentiments. You also will have supporters who wants you to release as many as you can, but I suspect not many of those does LT saves over 10 seasons or more using the same tactic. Some of us do want to continue to use the same main/base tactic seasons over seasons, 10-20 seasons with the creator updating and improving the same tactic as SI patches and updates FM. Those group of players may well be extremely frustrated with you i presume, May I say but don't quote me. dkouv probably feels the same as me but he pens and constructs his feedback to you better while I tried to make you see the picture very blunt and crudely. Personally I have tried quite a few of your tactics. Let's not talk about the old un-updated ones. Recently I tried Supremacy System. I find the base 4-3-3 to be more consistent than 442 and products better results. I tested Perfection on 2 online games past days, slow online games and managed to get in 10-15 games each, just plugging in. I find that it does well against Big teams Big opponents and give me unexpected good results against them. I also do not concede like water and pick up balls after balls from my net. Oh yes, the team which I played is Crystal Palace. One game, I went in with terrible morale and the team on a string of terrible losses, I managed to bring the team to mid table before the host goes missing. Another was on the back of 3 losses 1 draw 1 win, I went in and went on 7 wins 2 draws which included draws over chelsea and man city plus wins over Liverpool and went 4th before the host went missing too. Yes, I chose no password online games, random ones to join and test it to ensure it is realistic and zero cheating. Following this, I am tempted to give it a full run on a career game, at least a season or two, on one of the bottom 3 teams in epl, probably not West Ham. But your West Ham results are quite unbelievable and not sure if achievable. If I do make it over a season or two and I am impressed, you will see more feedback. Meanwhile, I have a Q. In your own testing, How big a difference would that SS instead of an AP for AMC be, comparing v1 and v2. What do you use on your third slot.
  3. To each his own. His thing may be to your liking But it may be confusing the hell out of many others. But to me, it says and tells me one thing by the amount and how frequent he open threads and posts new tactics, that he himself does not have one tactic that he relies on and tweak and improve to the best of his ability to make that one the best, But often creates many others without alot of tests across different teams and then say each new one is better or whatever, is just like he creates and throw to us to test when all he does is show some pics, with one team or another and then comes another new tactic new thread.
  4. Nothing is stopping them to try it. You don't feel that way, doesn't mean I feel the same. My opinion stands. I felt his post is redundent and useless. With intention to demean and shows his class. You don't agree so be it and stfu. It's not your problem, it's mine and his then. I am not TS anyway.
  5. I am wondering, TTF. Why have you been so very often, coming up with a brand new version or tactic claiming it's the best and better. Some are not even a few days old, thread wise and so many threads and tactics are yours, all over. No doubt one or two are pretty good BUT I think you ought to be less fricky minded and decide what is best, what is suitable to post and not lead users on a merry go round with tons of better and best tactics of yours all over the forums. 2 post above, one could simply see the comment. another tactic? weather you have been becoming a laughing stock to some of us or perhaps some of us know your pattern and is starting not to take you seriously, your reputation is at stake the more tactics you release, some in days... For me, after trying a few of your tactics, I know that you have been tinkering too much, releasing too much. Some are decent, results wise but Sooner or later, we are gonna get sick of you and another thread and another tactic of yours. Come on, ask yourself, you have this new perfection, 2 more ongoing supermancy and pure insanity and tons more down the same page. How to take you seriously? What are you trying to tell us? Quality not Quantity. PS. Mods - I feel there is a need to limit threads opening by same Users like TTF all over the tactics upload forums like this. If one could count, there could be at least 10 on this page with 3 recent ones claiming to be best. edit 12 i counted, TS is such a laughing stock and so frinkle minded.
  6. I guess many of us who have tried this would disagree with you. Personally I think you just shot your mouth off without playing long enough with it. Frankly, your oneliner useless comment is not helpful nor does anything to help TS with proper feedback. Distasteful and shows your low class self to demean the new tactic. I have tried all 3, original invincible, marcelo tweaked and this new one over a few teams and at least 2 seasons. Most of the feedback and results posted by folks who give it a good run is accurate and true.
  7. Something, somewhere over your side must be wrong. Because I do not get the 3-4 CCC that you claim to get either every game. It has been defensively solid for me so far. But I am in my third season with a solid gelled team. I reckon I will start a new save to try and see.
  8. Well you must have bad lousy management and motivational skills then. I've plug this in and played and won 10 games in a row before drawing 1 and then winning another 4 before a loss.
  9. I think I have to restart my save. I never encountered this during my few long term saves over the year. I have tried giving my ramdisk the maximum allocation but it didn't work. I tried to verify game cache in steam and it did download a few files but also didnt get it resolved. I removed some logos and stuff I added recently but also fail. Then I thought it was the ramdisk issue and went to remove it and used a bigger virtual memory allocation under C drive but then, my steam failed to load and it didnt work despite installing and uninstalling doing backups to the right file. Somehow, it still links itself to B drive, the ramdisk. I thought I had programs interfering with Steam not loading and tested out by uninstalling some but it wasn't. I installed back msi command centre for it's ramdisk and then after a reboot and second try, steam managed to work again and I had my steamapps and userfiles replaced back in and now FM 2014 is back working again BUT I still get this no memory message at my current long save, which means I have to restart. Weather it was affected by my graphics or logos, I am not sure because I only added some logos and facepacks since my previous long term save. When I check my task manager, the fm process, it is random but all over 1gig which was suppose to be fine. Anyone here ever faced this memory issue? and resolved it? http://i58.tinypic.com/2cpbapw.jpg
  10. 4 games on v2 so far, many chances, goals come BUT it leak goals (LFC, with reina, johnson, carra, agger, insua defending) 5-2 5-2 3-3 5-4 pretty bad in defence
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