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  1. I'm not 100% sure if this will work but it's worth a try- if you download a vpn app (i use betternet) off the app store, you should be able to access the UK version of the app store and get it that way. As I said, I am in England so I only know for certain that it works the other way around (to access the US store). Hope this helps!
  2. I agree completely, there are alot of things I don't like about the Classic version (I have only just played it for the first time because I got a Vita), but one of the massive pluses is that there is no familiarity. If they just added a few more aspects of the full version into classic (Maybe at the start of the game you choose which parts to have?), I would only play FMC.
  3. I agree with Possums, that some aspects are harder. I have just started an FMC save for the first time (Going away for a while so going to get the Vita version in a few days), and already I have noticed that it is much harder to affect players progression, unlike the full version where I can micromanage each players training. And I think part of the fact alot of people are having success on FMClassic is because they think it will be easier, rather than it actually being easier. Let me explain: I think of myself as quite good at FM, and my tactics vary from being very detailed, with lots of individual instructions and tweaks, to being very basic. I have come to realise that actually, unless you know exactly what you are doing, many tactics can be wrecked by trying to go into to much detail in the instructions. On FM14 I have struggled anywhere outside the top flight tbh, but recently I decided to use a very basic, classic 4-4-2 tactic. It worked wonders with Watford, and now i am using a very similar basic tactic with Oxford on FMC. So I think because people put less effort into tactics on FMC, it means less tactics are being wrecked by incorrect decisions, meaning more successful FM games
  4. I've already posted quite a few suggestions over at http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-discussion/114200-changes-new-features-you-like-see-football-manager-2014-a-2.html. But this is my latest one (And my favourite): I'd really like to see their being all different kind of managers, including you when you are offered a contract. So rather than everyone just being a "manager", there would instead be: 1) Head coaches - (Doesn't handle signings or any financial stuff (Which would probably be handled by a DoF.). He can't hire or sack staff either. He simply handles tactics and training. This wouldn't affect the AI too much, but when you are hired as a head coach it would. 2) Managers - The normal, as it is now. You handle everything you currently do on the game. 3) Director of Football - I'd also like to be able to be a DoF, handling transfers and finances, but not the actual tactics or training. Perhaps you could even decide, or suggest, which manager to employ?! 4) Interim Manager/Head Coach - Like Rafa Benitez, you would only be hired for a short term, and you wouldn't have as much say in future transfers. Depending on wether you are an interim manager or interim head coach depends on how much you actually have control of.
  5. (This was posted by me in the www.fm-base.co.uk suggestions thread) This game is already much better than any previous edition, regardless of what people have said, however these are the 3 things off the top of my head that I would like to see next year:- 1) Better scouting interface (Last year's was alright, this year's I don't get so just leave everything to my Chief Scout) 2) Better Opposition Scout Reports. They just aren't very good at the moment, and I'd like to see information on how the scout thinks the team's tactics look like (I am especially thinking of defensively here, I want to know how high their defensive line is, how much they press, what kind of marking they generally use, etc.). Maybe even have the scout's opinion on the team's strengths and weaknesses? (Much like http://www.whoscored.com do) (Screenshot of what I mean below) 3) Better media interaction. Still very basic and boring, every press conference is much the same and there aren't enough ways to interact with other manager's, teams, players, etc. through the media!
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