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  1. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  2. Patch Error Help

    Had the same problem Just keep trying; eventually mine worked (after a restart)
  3. Roma took Gradi off me. Managed to get 875k for him though Finished the first season as Champions. Got 105 points Helgi Sigurdsson got 31 in 41
  4. In February of the first season, 10 points clear at the top Summer Signings: Jonatan Berg - AM R, £16k Stephen Rice - M RC, £1k Helgi Sigurdsson - ST, Free Joe Hamill - AM L, £6k Soren Jochumsen - GK, £45k Gustave Bahoken - D RLC, Free Jonathan Obika - ST, Loan Frank Matingou - DC DM MRC, Free Denis Tsoumou - DM MC, £10k Jan Signing: Kyle Bartley - DC, Loan (Brought in to replace Harry Worley) So far Calvin Zola's scored 16, Sigurdsson 15 Berg has 10 assists Patrick Ada has been superb at the back