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  1. There's a thread on here somewhere about the best way to set the game up, the poster suggests having a few countries running then tick "players from top clubs" in all continents . It works out well, I am at work at mo on the dog but can post a link up when I get home.

    I would love to see that thread again

  2. I know these threads have been around a million times but the tech world moves fast. My laptops is a Dell Inspiron 1545 and runs FM crap , it is noisy as hell when running FM and

    driving me nuts ( that's not the only problem of course but its FM related) So I want to buy a laptop for around £500 and this forum has always given good advice before so I ask you

    know what would you buy? apart from FM I use my laptop for basic stuff. Thanks for any contribution

  3. who's playing lower leagues!? KEEP THIS THREAD ALIVE !!

    A couple of gems

    Name:Alex Lewis

    Age: 24

    Position(s): DC

    Ideal Role/Duty: Centre Back

    Current Club: Unattached

    Country: England

    Work Permit: No

    Transfer Fee: 0 £350 pw

    Club & League Signed For: Tonbridge

    Name: Ger Sweetman

    Age: 20

    Position(s): DR

    Ideal Role/Duty: Full Back

    Current Club: Unattched

    Country: Ireland

    Work Permit: No

    Transfer Fee: Free/ £70pw

    Club & League Signed For: Tonbridge

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