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  1. I have started a new save over and over, reinstalled but I can't continue, I can interact with any other screen but the continue button won't work either with space bar or mouse. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. So I've been playing all year in major leagues, today I started a save in Argentina 2nd division and when I move the cursor over a player in my squad or shortlist I click but it won't open and there is a small box next to the cursor. Can anyone please explain why this is please ? I really want to start a save in this league.
  3. Hi All, Quick question I hope someone can explain. When I go to board request and request to go on a coaching course I don't get any reply I just get to another screen where the only option is to exit? Why is this? Thanks
  4. Oh I see, thanks I'll take a look
  5. Hello all, Quick silly question... Can someone please quickly point out how to choose tutoring for a young player, can't find it on any of the drop downs?
  6. Hello all, Just a quick question about skins in FM20 So I have downloaded and extracted several skins to the skins folder, however when I go to preferences they don't show. Any ideas why this is please?
  7. Can anybody please help withn the instructions on how to upload a save please, Im still having the above issue. Thanks.
  8. Every save. Different leagues. original skin, different skins. I cannot see the instructions "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it."
  9. Hi Connor, I have attached screenshot. Thanks
  10. I have no board request panel, several saves tried.
  11. Good afrternoon folks, Just a quick question. When I go into board i see no board request panel, has it moved or whats the deal here? Thanks for any help given
  12. I'll make this brief....My game is getting stuck on 31st August transfer deadline day. I know its normal to take a while to get through but this is stuck. I've restarted many times. Any advice ?
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