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  1. There is already an FM app for the handheld device available.
  2. This has been the case for a number of years now that the press conferences in FM get more and more repetitive as you get further into the game, what ways could SI make this feature a more enjoyable and less repetitive aspect of the game?
  3. the old look is much more easier to use as well, wish they could change it back.
  4. If I were to purchase the game and activate it through steam, do i have to be online on steam or could i do this using the offline mode? reason for this question is because I can't access steam online whilst i'm at university. Thanks
  5. Is there any information on when the FM15 demo will be released? Thanks
  6. Christoph Kramer is back at Leverkusen in this update, he is in the second year of his loan at gladbach in real life and should still be there in your update.
  7. you should probably start at a big club with lots of resources, this would probably be more beneficial to you for getting grips with the game.
  8. the record is set by whoever achieves it first, I think that is fair enough.
  9. Its a skin for the full version FM, classic already has the instant result button.
  10. If you're being linked to jobs, there is a strong chance that you'll get it if you apply.
  11. It's a skin I downloaded which includes the instant result button.
  12. about 4 hrs per season on FM, although this is with using the Instant Result button and also with only about 15k players loaded, so im expecting it to take a bit longer once I get a bit further in.
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