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  1. Best app I've ever paid for or downloaded! The only thing I'd like to see on the next version is more nations active at the same time. That said I know that if you think it will work the chances are the development team will perfect it. I know you can't go into specifics and its early days for the app, but has it been well received so far? I've started playing this at the gym as well, addicted much?
  2. Bought and now playing. Its awesome, thank you to everybody involved in creating and testing the game. Fantastic work!
  3. I would expect both games to be extremely similar if not exactly the same. Either way I can't wait :-)
  4. Its got all the decent leagues so I'm happy. Roll on Wednesday!
  5. Thanks for the info, I'm not sure what leagues iOS has, never owned anything apple, not my cup of tea. Looking forward to dominating the prem with Truro haha
  6. One last question from me. Can I play as my local team Truro City who play in the conference south?
  7. How difficult was it in the end to move it onto Android? I'm intrigued lol, even though you were playing us the entire time. I'm just curious how you got around the different versions each manufacturer has of Android?
  8. Haha very sly mark, roll on Wednesday!!! What time will it roughly be available from?
  9. So when we were all pleading on the android thread, the crafty development team were already hard at work on it?
  10. Ah sweet that'll be good for when I'm bored at work. Will I have to pay for it once or twice?
  11. Omg mark and the development team you are GODS! Will it work on my galaxy tab 10.1? If not I have my desire HD! So pumped for this!
  12. IMHO I'm not sure why i'm so anti apple, could be something to do with most of the people i know that own Apple products being complete douche bags, and can't accept that they are not the best phones on the market. I think once Android 4.0 rolls out across all decent Android handsets maybe it would make things that little bit more universal, that could potentially enable you to really look into rolling out like a 5-10 game demo? Using only the English Premier League? I do think a demo rolled out onto the higher end phones just like Sky have done with the SkyGo app could be a pretty good idea, target the Sony Ericsson, HTC and Samsung brands seeing as they're the most popular and see how it takes off? I understand that you are a small team and are committed to delivering the best product you can on your current supported platforms and i do fully respect SI for that. I just really would love to play FMH on my Galaxy tab 10.1 or on my Desire HD. Here's to hoping someone from Sega reads this and realises the huge potential for the Android platform, and would give you a little more budget to play about with Android. As i've said before, i'd be more than happy to BETA test anything you threw at the Android platform, although i'm probably at the back of the queue for that lol.