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  1. Italy lost just 4-0 .By playing a diamond 4-1-3-2 against the most technically gifted team ever ,especially when they run fast with the ball .In the opening game ,Prandelli used succesfully a balanced 5-3-2 without ignoring his teams weaknesses .The result was fair and very satisfactory for Italy .By the way ,di Natale scored the only goal against Spain in whole tournament .Spain were punished only from Di Natale .But this player ,was misused during whole tournament .Cassano ofcourse was never competent .Apart from 2-3 gliimpses in whole EURO 2012...The reason wasnt the 3-5-2 ...The reason was that Prandelli overestimated his team so much ,that he ignored totally how Italy stopped Spain in the first match .The result was painfull .You will see soon my photos .The most interesting is how you apply this formation and not how you criticising it without even know how it works Be a little bit patient ,you will see plenty of material .
  2. Formations, fake words and interviews. That's the so called modern image for most of coaches in 2012. As soon as you hire a new coach, you over promote him, you arrange him several illustrius interviews by establishing his name before even begin to works. Antonio Conte is not this kind of person. He started his coaching lessons when he was still a player under Marcello Lippi and he never thought that he will be a top coach because of his glory as a player. He studied hard, he work several years in average clubs in Serie B and he was completely involved in the making proccess of becoming a "Serie A coach". He didn't base his carreer on the name that he made as a player. The most surpising of all is that he made intensive studies in psychology in contrary with most of young coaches who are not even involved in this very serious aspect. That's why Conte didn't melt under the termendous pressure in Juve. Because he had apart from an iron willed personality, a very strong know-how. He surprised everyone by changing formations radically. From 4-2-4 to 4-3-3 and lately to 3-5-2. But he didn't surprise the directors of Juve who trusted him for guiding Vecchia Signora again to the top. Conte made clear after January of 2012 that he will make his own Juve. He sold all the useless players, he made several up temer motivational speeches in order to guarantee an insirational atmosphere in the dressing rooms. He avoided big words and he create a legion of battling soldiers ready to conquer the top after years. Yes, 3-5-2 was the main reason of finishing unbeaten this season. Tight axes, compact lines and very limited spaces for the opponent. Exceptional transition game, especially on the defensive phase and very few gaps during the possesion play. The most important parameter though, was Andrea Pirlo. The Maestro from Brescia took an ideal role behind Vidal and Marchisio by guiding the midfielders in an exeplementary manner in the pitch by providing them his guidance and his vision. He was the second coach, by giving any kind of instruction for 90'. In the defence Chiellini, Barzagli and Bonucci helped each other ideally helping Juve to be solid and tight and all of us were starting to remember the good old days of Chiellini and Juve's past. After all, when Juve has a good team, is never losing the Scudetto. Vidal, Marchisio and Pirlo were the dynamos in midfield and Pepe, Lichsteiner or De Ceglie were helping a lot as wing backs. Giacherini was crucial also in several games and estigaribia also helped in some moments. Upfront, Matri and Vucinic had a very good second round, including some inspired performances from Pinturicchio Del Piero. Unfortunately, Buffon injured again and Storari never filled his gap properly. That's maybe the only down side in this season, including as well the lost cup final... However, by winning Serie A unbeaten you need to have more than a good side... You need to be the Iron Juve of Antonio Conte. Nothing Less. I can show you several pic of the formation because it's a little bit delicate. Don't use the wing backs too high and avoid to use short passing game The current formation that I attach becomes the original 3-5-2 in the terrain. Simply 5-3-2 when you attack it becomes 3-5-2 that's why I don't want to expose my backs Italy will play this formation in Euro 2012 and they will probably win the competition .Weeelcome kids ,weeelcome 3-0 . Bet your money in xavoiniesta and to hogson who is sleeping in the bench .He couldnt win the championship in scandinavic countries and you present this donkey face as a top coach .Dont ask me from holland ,another pseudo wenger caricature .150 passes till to shoot the ball .Bet for spain ,11 players of 1.15 height each one .Dont expect my response till the end of EURO 2012 .I will leave you in your illusions and imaginary world Get the tactic here&wake up 1000000% All Rights Reserved Sweet dreams ,as soon as you wake up from your fairy tales or nightmare ,make me a ring .I will may reply you . Weeelcome kids ,weeelcome 3-0 .
  3. Run now to take your oscar award .Why you are sitting here to chat with all of these fools ?Go on ,Barcelona is inviting you to show them what you can(not) do . Clayton - claytonsgold . Duplicating accounts with different nicks .Nice ,but old fashioned
  4. I know very well what I say and what I mean .Click here to see what I mean by saying compact ,tight and fiery 4-2-3-1 .Without having your lines far and without making any gaps in the transition to defence .I have a clear idea on how to make an iron-solid tactic .
  5. I dont have a french flag to show you right now and I dont think that Montpellier is in Greece .Maybe you dont know geography . As for the infraction is the only common practise in neo-facism protestantic countries .I have play the game million times ,unfortunately you have not kick a ball in your life thats why you never accept someone else who is different than you .4-2-3-1 is not helping you to have adequate defensive cover because the defensive triangles between mc and dr or between aml and mc are very long . The same happens from the other side .Did you see recently juventus of antonio conte ?All the players are tights as pairs .Especially in 3-5-2 .Dont lick any more this pill of modernisation...Its enough
  6. All of these that you write is waste of time .I will give you some tips because I have played as a professional player and I know how to apply a succesfull 4-2-3-1 . Make the best pre season as possible Avoid slow players who are tall or old .Avoid to play with short passes .You become very predictable and your opponent is outplaying you easily . Dont push up because 4-2-3-1 is not helping you on covering your wings or your central axes .4-2-3-1 is suitable only for gifted teams which can use several attacking minded players together .Dont use players who are not mature enough .When you see players with less than 14 in concentration or composure you simply dont use them . In other words ,its a delicate formation ideal for teams like Real ,Bayern and maybe some for Zenit or Villarreal in their good periods .Atletico used 4-2-3-1 in a very well designed way...Half pitch pressing ,counter attack ,defensive mentality ,through the center attacks and almost long balls targeting Falcao or Diego . And because 90% coaches or fm players dont know it ,simply avoid using 4-2-3-1 .Even if your team is perfect ,in the defensive transition you will have to cover several empty spaces and you will need to cope with several individual mistakes from your players .4-2-3-1 is not a modern formations .It has been used at least 3 decades . Several teams in Holland made 4-3-3 of ajax different by using 2dmc or mc one player maker upfront them and wingers .Open up your eyes and take care of your choices . I have read whole thread but you are far away from getting the basic points of 4-2-3-1
  7. Who are you jaycar ?Did they hire you as a SI policeman ?Why you are so jealous ?You dont make anything else apart from judging eveybody ... Shame on you...
  8. One of the best 4-2-3-1 for FM 2012 .It works great for me
  9. Show us your working method .This is something that you cannot neglect .You need to combine the appropriate training schedules with the formations that you use .Tactics are not ready products from supermarket .Its not like drinking a beer and thats all . You cannot make all of you such irresponsible comments .Good or bad .You want fast food tactics with immediate results with every club .Forget it .Football is not like that .Even the kids of 12 years old know that tactics need to be modified and tested in order to achieve perfection .Barcelona is teaching in La Masia this kind of football since 70s .All these decades of maturity cannot be presented in just 3-4 FM tactics .Be smart and present tactics according to the club that you manage .Dont waste your time for secret all wining fast food tactics .Football needs hard work and dedication ,even in FM .If you cannot do all of these you are not for this sports .Punto !!!Millions of users who want ready multi winning tactics .Work and avoid the excuses ?Can you do it I dont think so .In the forthcoming years you will ask the forums to teach you how to set up a saved game ...The side effects of junks food .Now accuse everybody who doesnt give you ready eaten food in your mouth.
  10. Every tactic also needs to be adapted to the player's characteristics respecting the opponent as well Thats why this tactic has born many simmilar long time ago
  11. Lies * Lies .Show us result and methodology .Show us how you (dont) make training ...Listen ,your dirty game must have an end .You provoke everybody here and then you expect from him to say something spicy in order to ban him .I am indifferent in your comments .Stay in your misery and in your poison .You cannot prove something without having evidences .
  12. Exactly .Without Messi is an ordinary spanish team Sergioma you gave the answer of the year .Guardiola the best coach in the world ?Like it was michels . Messi and Cruyff are helping you to apply every bizzare formation .The rest are ...5-0 history
  13. What are you drinking in russia and you are so aggresive ?Are you making competition of angriness here ?
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