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    I did expect other teams to approach me differently. But after playing against a host of Europa League standard teams in pre-season, and playing in the same fashion, i decided against making any changes. I couldnt see much weakness after buying a spanish holding midfielder in Javi Garcia to start taking over from Maresca. I played one up front and had Fernandez and Rondon as my main two to choose from with Juanmi with backup. the likes Baptista and Buonoatte were there if i was desperate too. With Santos i wasnt always sitting pretty on top but was never lower than 3rd throughout the year.
  2. Would like you opinion...

    They worked first season with this Malaga team though, as well as the other teams ive listed. But after about a season nothing clicks.
  3. Before i start im not aiming to try and make excuses for not getting a long term game rolling but would like to hear your opinions on this... Ive been playing Football Manager for years now, brought it every year and love playing it. Every year ill have a career that is successful and lasts for about 10-20 seasons. But with FM 12 ive still not been able to get a game going. The best ive had so far was my Malaga save... Completed a season and finished 3rd, obviously behind Barcelona and Real Madrid. Had a good defensive record and scored an average amount of goals compared to the rest of the teams in the league. Heading into pre-season i completed all my transfer buisness early: OUT: Ruud Van Nistlerooy (Free - wasnt first team and scored no more than 5 goals all year) IN: Javi Garcia from Benfica (£9m) and Labayd from PSV (Free). Obviously i needed to make no tactical tweeks or changes after my first season, but ended up being sacked in February (season2) lying 17th in the league :S I adjusted things and nothing ever worked, so i dont have a clue what the reason was. It has been the same with every other saves ive started since...Blackpool, Santos, Leeds, Sheffield W. So the question is, have you seen yourself do anything different playing FM12...than you did playing FM11? Have any off you experienced the same thing? Or is there something im missing? Any suggestions welcome.