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  1. just a few little tweeks 1)When looking at a players history you should have it instead/aswell a place to see all of the players goals from all competitions because if a player scores say 5 goals in the FA Cup final he really has nothing to prove for it in the History. 2)Maybe just maybe out of your (the managers)wages you could have a flutter every now and again on a game or a competition,but might not work because it could take too much out of the managing side. 3)Too many bizarre red cards imo ie.a player head-butting someone,i mean how often does this really happen? 4)maybe have a pitch invasion at the end of a game ie.the last game of season when you have managed to survive the drop or once you have won a competition(remember west brom and leeds when they stayed up) 5)Part exchanges in transfers rarely happen on the game and the chances of a "swap" should be higher 6)2d manager lookin busy at side of the pitch could be good 7)should also instead of having to download skins should have a variety from the game preferences. 8)everyone will ask for more and more media comments because it gets boring at the start of every game. 9)was thinking of saying something bizarre and realised what i was about to say(dont shoot me) slightly heading towards saying "womens football teams" arrrrgh crazy talk. 10)maybe an award ceremony in 2D after winning/losing a competition. 11)before manager of the month/year/player of month/year and so on maybe should see the nominees for it before its decided. And Finally seeing Crewe Alex to win the premiership would be brilliant lol nly joking
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