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  1. Genuinely looks worse (well, certainly no better) than when we had the OTF Top Spin 3 tour on the PS3 back in like 2009.
  2. Ridleys

    So, who’s going to Russia?

    Was thinking about it for ages, but eventually the cost of it all was going to be too much. My brother is going though and has tickets for the 3 England group games. Not too bothered about it at the moment - but will no doubt be extremely jealous in a months time.
  3. Hoping Haye knocks his head off.
  4. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

  5. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

    Good session for Judd. Him vs Higgins should be a good match.
  6. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

    Yeah Alan McManus is probably my favourite tbf.
  7. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

    Lisowksi has had a good season so far and it's good to see that he's finally showing why he was so highly rated a few years ago.
  8. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

    of course.
  9. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

    Chance for a 147 here for Bingham.
  10. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

    The problem with Ronnie is that he still has such a '**** it' attitude when he's behind in matches and I hate the way he comes out after matches that he's lost and pretends that he doesn't even really care. Clearly he is the best player in the world when his mind is in it (and you'd expect it to be for the World Championships) but that's not to say that some of the other players are easily good enough to beat him on their day. Selby has had a bad season overall by his standards but looked in very good form when he won in China earlier this month and he loves these long match formats. Looking beyond Ronnie and Selby though it really is wide open.
  11. Number 4 in the 19.50 at Tramore is currently as low as 11/8... from 40s (!!!!!!) this morning. Has form figures of: F Interesting...
  12. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

    Hate the way he sits there as well with some smug look on his face like he's not even bothered. At least look a little bit interested ffs.
  13. Ridleys

    The Snooker Thread

    Definitely looking a little complacent. On a side note, is there anyone worse than the Ronnie fanboys who shout 'COME ON RONNIE!!' every time an opponent misses? Also applaud every single shot he takes. It's embarrassing.
  14. Ridleys

    Amazon have ruined my Christmas

    How did Scrooge end up scoring a goal? The Ghost of Christmas passed.