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  1. Was thinking about it for ages, but eventually the cost of it all was going to be too much. My brother is going though and has tickets for the 3 England group games. Not too bothered about it at the moment - but will no doubt be extremely jealous in a months time.
  2. I think the maximum away end capacity is less than 3000 anyway so I assume you've got the whole allocation. Seen that a few Newcastle fans on Twitter have been banging on about how many of your lot are going to be raiding the Holte End. I guess a lot of your fans are going to the game with the thought that there are going to be hundreds of depressed Villa fans that they will be able to mock for 90 mins now that we've been relegated, but it looks like the Aston Villa Protest Group are trying to organize some kind of party atmosphere (link) so will be interesting to see what happens, think most of the Villa fans accepted relegation before Christmas anyway to be honest. Personally see the game as a win:win situation for us, we lose and it means you are more than likely going to stay up, and therefore makes our promotion push (maybe? ) next season slightly easier. We win and potentially help relegate you again which to be fair would be quite funny.
  3. Assuming we have given you the full allocation (i don't know if we have?), it can't be increased due to season ticket holders sitting in areas that are right next to the away end.
  4. Fixed. They were saying the same thing during the analysis on Sunday.
  5. Could have at least put 'The Only Way is Klopp!'
  6. Would anyone here be able to get a couple of tickets for me for a Liverpool home game around October/November time (or whenever after that really) for my missus' dad and brother? Obviously me not being a member means I've got basically no chance of getting tickets!
  7. Do people honestly fall for these 'ITK' accounts still?
  8. Well actually Benteke himself told me that Dortmund would definitely pay £30m+ for him if they had to so unlucky.
  9. Well it was Benteke's agent that confirmed there was interest from Dortmund, but okay.
  10. They spent £15m on Reus didn't they? They've just sold Gotze for over £30m and with Lewandowski possibly on his way out as well there is no reason why they wouldn't spend that much on a player to replace him.
  11. He wouldn't join Liverpool when there are teams like Dortmund, At. Madrid, Spurs and Arsenal all reportedly interested. Do you actually think he would join you over any of them 4?
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