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  1. Yeah CM 01/02 Narrow tactics, no full backs! Mark Kerr, Kim Kallstrom, Joao Paiva, Tó Madeira, Dionisis Chiotis, Julius Agahowa, Taribo West (free), most of the super swedes and super greek names escape me now however. Used to be able to go up with Wolves and win the league in season 3. Unbelieveable stuff.
  2. I had the totally opposite problem, The Durham City chairman decided to build a new stadium when we weren't even filling our current one, plunging us massively in debt. I was not a happy camper.
  3. I checked the rules on FM, must've been confused, could swear it had goal difference at the top. That makes sense, thumped me 3-0 at their place, I beat them 2-0 at Molineux. Thanks people
  4. My goal difference was 0, Juventus' goal difference is -3. We are both on 7 points, how have they qualified in 2nd and I have been given the boot in 3rd? I wish I could screenshot, but when I try, it seems to be taking a screenie of my desktop, and not FM.
  5. Probably more down to the clubs reputation, as in, finishing in the PL which is higher than Bundesligas rep has something to do with it. Could be wrong and the Bundesliga could be top league on your game now, but thats what it would suggest to me
  6. I have just resigned from The New England Revolution to take over the Northern Ireland job. They were already way out of the qualifying run in for the most current World Cup. Last two games of 2022 are against Peru (away) and Colombia (Home) Northern Ireland are currently 70th in the World Rankings Peru are 54th Colombia are 40th I lose a close game 1-2 to Peru. A NI player states in the press that "we were expected to be beaten quite easily, by a lot of goals, but losing 2-1 is almost as bad as we were so close". Okay, I understand that, makes sense. I lose 4-3 to Colombia. My Assistant Manager tells me to blast the team after the game, in the team talk as we should be beating teams like this. Really? They're 30 positions higher in the World Rankings! NI FA are unhappy with the loss to Colombia too. Does this sound strange to anyone else?
  7. Or, I havent't done international management since FM 07, but on that game you had a "national pool" of already shortlisted players to choose from. Is it not the same on 12?
  8. This is the one time, I would advocate using Genie Scout. You can search for English players ranked on their CA value.
  9. Got to the Champions Leage final with Queens Park once on 2007. Lost 4-2 to Everton.....................Hey, Everton could be classed as underdogs!!
  10. Yet a Liverpool supporter? Tut Tut, lol. Being a North East Lad (Middlesbrough), it was a toss up between them and Whitley Bay.
  11. You just have to power through it mate. Had the same problem with Durham City, except mine went from 6200 down to 250. One season later and I still havent recovered, had to sell a stwar player or two aswell
  12. Being in 2022, I haven't seen much of a change in the Old Guard within the Premiership yet. The only team that sticks out, is the team I got to the Championship, Durham City. Other than that, there isn't really any major changes. Utd, City and Chelsea are all still battling for the Title, Liverpool have clinched it once or twice, and Arsenal have became a club that do well to get into the Europa League. Definately no big surprises yet.
  13. Same as the other guy, I posted this in another thread. Hope it helps. "In my opinion, you've gotta take a risk. Get a Team Meeting organised and try and pick out the right answers to drag your teams morale up. If you have a good captain, get him to start the talking in the meeting, he'll give you a good idea where to go with your responses. Anyone who isn't affected, try a little private chat, using their personality as a measuring stick on what sort of answers to give them. You can be a bit aggressive with jovial and determined personalites, kid gloves for the temperamental lot, you know how it is. Is there anyone in need of a rest? Not an immediate fix, but giving your better players a few weeks off might help jadedness, under "View Club" "Allow extended Leave" your physio will recommend if a player needs a rest and for how long. Could be your tactics, try tweaking them to fit your players a little better? If your playing a narrow game, and you have a right midfielder who has great crossing and ball skils, use him. Having a good header of the ball on set pieces, the right set piece taker and penalty takers is worth a good amount of goals to your team over a season. Try a few mind games in an upcoming match, Ive found playing down your teams chances against a higher rep opponent, and then motivating them with a "nothing to lose" team talk could get them fired up. Check their mentality during the team talks, sometimes an individual talk when someone is down on confidence can work well, especially if its a younger player. Drop the bad performers for a few games, and tell them so too, you might get a renewed player once he is allowed back into the first team, avoid going on hiliday if you do this though, as your AssMan doesn't pay any attention to the fact you've dropped him and will play him. Always, always have a "Park Bus in front of goal" tactic to defend your leads in the last 10 or 15 minutes. I go with a flat back 4, anchorman, 4 midfielders and a striker. Defensive mentality obviouslyl, hardly any forward runs etc. Whack counter attack on and long ball to your flanks for clearence. Also, I have an ultimate "go for broke" tactic Ive saved when im a goal down, make sure you have some versatile players on your bench, I cannot stress enough to people how useful it is to train players to play in other positions, obviously be sensible with it, don't be trying to make Balotelli a Centreback lol. But if you have a right winger, and his left foot isn't too bad, then it'd be rude not to train him to play on the left wing wouldn't it? *EDIT* Oh, I'd recommend not training a player in another position until after he hits the age of 24, which is roughly when he stops developing quickly. Might be just me, Ive never heard anyone say it affects their development, but new position training takes up 10% of their schedule time. So its likely it does. Just a few suggestions, you may have already tried these, apologies if you have."
  14. I've always thought it was the "Makelelé role", I of course could be wrong, Ive had a Def Mid player with that PPM before, I'll be honest, I didn't see how it made him any better to be fair.
  15. If you're enjoying it, then you're successful. There is no pot at the end of the rainbow in this game remember, its more of an experience, I don't listen to the braggers.
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